Amazon SES Email Marketing: Master Guide


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This article will explain the steps required to send your first email using Amazon SES. We hope it will assist you in your digital marketing efforts.

How does Amazon SES work?

Amazon.com developed a cloud-based email system called Amazon Simple Email Service to assist customers. You can send transactional emails and marketing messages to customers with relevant and powerful content.

What email platform should I use for sending emails?

Let’s dive into the details of these 9 powerful email-sending platforms that all operate under the Amazon SES umbrella.


Sendy is an affordable, self-hosted email newsletter app. It bridges the gap between Amazon SES, and self-hosted solutions, and makes Amazon SES more available.

Two ways to use Sendy are possible. Amazon SES is great if you’re using the newsletter service for work. It costs only $1 per 10,000 emails. That also means, bringing you features like bounce notifications/tracking.

Sendy is casually usable. You can import contacts lists via XML, create brands and campaigns, and send emails in HTML. 

Sendy focuses on usability and great design when it comes to sending transactional emails. You can send emails that are specific to your customers rather than mass-produced generic newsletters.

Sendy can integrate with many third-party applications like Joomla, Magento, and Joomla. Sendy lets you manage your subscribers and view detailed reports about your campaigns.

Sendy can also increase engagement with email marketing through incentives that are based on attention metrics like clicks and opens. Email marketing can have a greater ROI. 

Kobe Digital recommends Sendy as it is used in our company. Autoresponder can be used to send user onboarding and special day emails.

Sendy can also be accessed by our marketing team to organize email marketing campaigns 

Sendy has the best email service.

Email Octopus

Email Octopus allows you to send emails in another way. Email Octopus is another way to send emails.

Pepo Campaigns

Pepo Campaign’s first enterprise-grade marketing platform. integrates to Zapier (currently in beta phase), which will allow Pepo Campaigns integrations with Salesforce, Gmail, Zoho, and Zoho.

Pepo campaign allows you to automate campaigns and segment customers according to their actions and preferences. The transactional API allows for instant engagement with customers.


Moonmail is an open-source email marketing platform. It is built on a serverless architecture.

Integrations with Zapier and Shopify are possible. Provides reports and analytics.

Moon Mail will help you make sure that your emails get to your customers’ inboxes, and not their spam folders.


MailGet provides great email marketing benefits. It is also an affordable solution. Trusted companies like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and ISKCON use MailGet. It can be integrated with Zapier, Google Analytics, and other SMPTs.

This is a feature many email services have and includes a Drag and Drop editor. This provides information like the number of people that have viewed your emails and clicked on the links in them.

It’s easy to import or export subscriber lists. Email autoresponders can be used to send drip emails. MailGet Bolt offers the most professional platform for this service.

  • Real-time statistics
  • personalize your email
  • Reach email template library
  • Unlimited email
  • Use an advanced contact manager
  • report geography & device


Glock Software created EasyMail7 as an email marketing platform in 2009.

EasyMail7 can be used to send large numbers of emails within your company.

Zapier integration allows EasyMail7 to connect to multiple applications like Gmail, Google Docs, Salesforce, and Shopify.

You can;

  • Track your real-time stats
  • Email management and bounce handling
  • schedule your email campaigns
  • Personalize your emails with scripts

EasySendy Pro

EasySendy Pro is a great choice for email marketers with over 5000 subscribers.

It can integrate with Sparkpost and Mandrill.

EasySendy Pro allows you to use:

  • A micro-delivery method is an email delivery system that increases the number and quality of opened emails.
  • Email to a large extent
  • Personalize your email list pages
  • segment your email list
  • Advanced Autoresponders
  • Get real-time reports


Mautic lets you send personalized emails to customers with open-source marketing automation software.

Mautic provides a variety of integrations including Facebook, Instagram, and WordPress.

You can;

  • Design forms for your campaign
  • get detailed feedback
  • schedule your automated campaigns
  • segment emails use different templates
  • Show targeted, personalized content on email and web pages

Agile CRM

Agile CMS provides web engagement, social media integration, and mobile marketing with email campaigns.

It comes with a wide range of templates. ClickDesk and ZenDesk are available.

You can;

  • Use a collection of templates
  • Sort contacts based on their email opening score
  • To analyze performance, generate reports
  • use autoresponders
  • Get an instant notification from your customer when they open the mail
  • Social media buttons let you reach a larger audience

How can I get started with Amazon SES Account

1. Download the Amazon SES Console

Click here to open the AWS Management console. Go to Application Services and select SES. 

2. Verify your email address

If you send an email using Amazon SES, you must verify that you are the sender. Amazon SES Sandbox is a testing environment that requires you to verify the address.

  • Choose Email addresses in the Identity Management section.
  • Select Create a new email address.
  • Enter your email address, and click Verify This Email Address. Once that is done, Amazon SES will mail you a verification email.
  • Sign in to your email program to receive an email from the address you’ve entered. Open the message from Amazon Web Services to confirm ownership.
  • You can refresh the identity list by returning to the Amazon SES console. Verify that your Amazon SES console Email address is correct.

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3. Send a test email

Congrats! Congratulations!

It’s possible with:

  • Use the console
  • Use The Simple Email Transfer Protocol interface
  • Use API.

Send a formatted email using Amazon SES Amazon will format your email to suit the display rules. Raw emails can be sent with Amazon SES.

Let’s begin with a simple format to show how to create HTML-formatted email messages.

  • Select Send an email test to Amazon SES by clicking the button to the left.
  • Enter the following values into the Send Test email dialog box. Then choose to Send Test email.
  • To – Enter your verified email address.
  • Message Copy the following text, and then paste it exactly as shown in the box.

Copy the message text in the box and delete any blank lines before the “Subject” line. This will ensure that the received message format has been correct.

Subject: Amazon SES Test 

MIME-Version: 1.0 

Content-Type: text/HTML

More information about Amazon SES can be found in the Amazon SES Development Guide.

  • Log into the email client to view the email address that you sent. If you cannot locate the message, you can search the spam folder.

You have completed your first email with Amazon SES. !!

  • Learn how to get started with Amazon SES by clicking the YouTube link.

Set up transactional email with Amazon ES & Sendy

So far, we have learned that transaction emails can also be sent via Amazon SES. This includes email notifications for password changes and user registration.

If you’re looking at external solutions like Sendy, sending marketing emails to large opt-in lists is an option.

This section will cover the key features of Sendy that allow you to set up transaction emails with Amazon SES gateway. Amazon SES is a raw email gateway and has many features such as email templates and personalization tags.

Integration with Sendy can be a great way for you to reach your email marketing goals. To finish the setup and integrate Amazon SES. Sendy can then be used to send transactional emails.

Add custom fields to your email lists. These custom fields can be used for business purposes and can be used to send them transactional emails or call them.

Once you’ve set up the custom fields for your email list, it’s possible to create the email templates you need.

What happens when emails are delivered via Amazon SES

Want to learn how to make email programs successful? This article will show you how to use other tools to make email programs successful.

Email delivery is difficult. You can mention your content, email list, and target recipient

This article will discuss some important points and give some tips to improve the chances of your email reaching its intended recipients.

The term email program has been used many times.

Let’s start by understanding how to email an email. How likely is it that your email will reach its destination?

Want to learn how to make email programs successful?

Terms that you need to know


Internet Service Providers (ISPs) host email services for subscribers. B2C (Business-to-Consumer) emails are sent from addresses hosted by ISPs. Yahoo!, Gmail, and Comcast are examples of sites that fall under this category. The ISPs decide whether an email is spam across millions of mailboxes. They have a huge impact on the feedback of many recipients.

Corporate Systems

You may have heard of B2B (business-to-business) systems. This refers to a corporate system, which is an independent-hosted email system that employees, students, government agencies, and certain non-profit organizations use. Host email services are also available to manage inbound mail systems. The rules for spam prevention are often set by the IT department or defaulted by the email-receiving Mail Transfer Agent solution (MTA), like Microsoft Exchange.

Homegrown Systems

If a mailbox isn’t managed and maintained by an ISP, IT department, or other IT staff, it is most likely that it is being run on a personal server. This is a non-standard set of rules that can be easily modified by the owner. The infrastructure layer is responsible for most of the protection against unwanted mail.

It is essential to identify which class you are sending your messages to ensure they reach their inboxes.

Respectful recipients are the best! Anyone can send emails, but only those who respect the recipient will be able to deliver them.

Important metrics to deliver an email

Email Bounce Rate

The bounce rate of an attempted delivery is the status that was refused. This information can then be used to obtain feedback from the receiver.

Recipients may generate hard bounces as well as soft bounces. Soft bouncing is temporary sending problems such as “mailbox does not exist”

They can either be synchronous or unsynchronized.

Amazon SES doesn’t allow you to receive hard bouts simultaneously. 

Soft Bounce definition

Hard bounce definition

Complaint Rate

If your email is marked as spam by the recipient, the ISP will record the complaint. Amazon Web Services will forward any ISP complaints through feedback loops to you. 

Content issues

The content of an email is what communicates the message. You can also use content filters such as Symantec’s Brightmail and Google’s Postini.

Amazon SES uses a content filtering technology that detects and blocks spam messages before they are sent. 


1. Now imagine you are getting an email

Ask yourself before you send an email. Do you want it to be in your inbox? “

2. Consider Your Industry

Some industries have poor email practices. 

3. Have a look at your Domain, and From the address

These are essential for maintaining the reputation of your ISP.

4. Authentication

Domain authentication, Sender ID, and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) are required.

These authentication methods provide credibility to your sending domain by verifying email recipients received it from the correct domain. DomainKeys IDified Mail (DKIM) is used to sign outbound emails. It confirms that the content was not altered during transit from sender to receiver.

5. Be sure to carefully create your list.

Be cautious when collecting email addresses. Many people will give fake email addresses and the ISP will consider them irresponsible. Double opt-in is another way to avoid this.

What is the difference between single opt-in and double opt-in? 

Amazon recommends that you avoid allowing user-defined inputs to be sent to Amazon SES and the ISPs unchecked. Spammers may also fill out forms with the content they want, but email recipients won’t notice. You are responsible for sending only high-quality emails.

6. Compliance

Be sure to comply with all laws and regulations regarding your email practices.

7. Keep your bounce rate below 5%

This percentage is necessary to demonstrate to ISPs that you have a clean list. Although this percentage can change according to industry trends it is still acceptable for email marketing.

It is not a good idea to send an email to an address that has had a hard bounce. A password reset ).

The Amazon Simple Email Service Developer Guide allows you to specify an address at which bounces should be sent. 

8. Keep your complaint rate below 0.1%

This is to prove to ISPs that your emails are valuable. Don’t send the same email as the complaint to the same recipient.

9. Create relevant and powerful content

Boring, sales-oriented emails are not what people like. Be aware of the language you use

It’s a good idea also to verify URLs in emails against blacklists. You should ensure that you have pages to back them up.

Email marketing is important if done correctly. Learn more about the factors that affect whether your email reaches its intended inbox.

Now you have total control.

  • Making your email program better
  • Amazon SES
  • Sending emails and other features.

Did you know that you can send a verification text to every person identified by popups? You can see our recipe Send Confirmation Text To Each Collected Lead via Zapier

We wish you all the best with your email marketing efforts!

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