5 AliExpress Product Research Tools To Improve Productivity


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We know that it can be difficult to find products for your online store, especially if you are new to the industry.

We can guarantee that your sourcing success is trending, hot, winning or whatever you like to call it! Your store’s success or failure can depend on the quality of your products.

AliExpress is a popular destination for E-commerce merchants to search for these products. It is believed to be a paradise for low-cost products that can become a huge success with marketing. It isn’t easy to find these hidden gems.

We have 7 great AliExpress product research tools! These tools can be used as a combination of paid and free tools. We have you covered even if your budget is limited.

Let’s start exploring right now!

What are the AliExpress product search tools?

AliExpress product search tools make use of AliExpress data to locate the most-sold items on AliExpress.

These data could include customer engagement, feedback, reviews and wishlist. This data will be very helpful in identifying the top-performing products on the platform.

AliExpress is the best place to do product research.

AliExpress was founded in 2010 and has grown to be one of the largest online marketplaces. It sells nearly everything today, including electronics, clothing, home goods, and jewelry. AliExpress is a popular choice for merchants because: 

  • This site allows them to source virtually any item.
  • They can contact manufacturers directly to get products at a lower price and sell them for a greater profit
  • AliExpress listings feature many great photos and detailed descriptions.
  • It serves more than 190 countries around the globe
  • AliExpress makes it easy to manage a dropshipping company by charging no upfront fees.

AliExpress’s product research tools will help you discover new product ideas and provide insight into the needs of customers. 

You have a brilliant idea to sell pet supplies. Many of your friends love them. You can assess your idea with the most effective product research tools and determine if there is a need. You can use the current price to determine how much you should spend on items in order to make a profit.

This will allow you to target new customers, increase your prices, modify your products’ designs, speed up shipping times, and create engaging marketing campaigns and ads. There are many things you can do to make your business stand out from the rest. You can make these changes quickly with the AliExpress best product research tools.

7 Best AliExpress Product Research Tools

We want to start with this part first.

You don’t have to use a paid tool in order to find the best AliExpress products. If you have the budget, paid tools can help you find AliExpress products faster and easier. It all depends on you.

1. Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is the first product research tool to get an AliExpress tool. This will give you a lot of options to sort products.

These are the products you can sort:

  • Category. This filter shows only products that have been scraped from this AliExpress category.
  • Recent orders. This filter is for products that have a limited number of orders.
  • Price. The minimum and maximum price can be entered.
  • AliScore. It uses its own formula to determine the product’s “strength”. Naturally, the higher the score is, the more valuable it is.
  • Competition. AliExpress counts the number of buyers who are interested in an item. This determines its competition. More competition could be caused by a lot of buyers on AliExpress. The lower the number, the better.
  • Growth Rate. This will display the increase in sales rates over the past 7 days. Higher scores are better!
  • Recent Orders. This shows how many orders the product has received in recent months. This indicates how popular the product is.

You can also type any keyword you wish to filter. Be aware, however, that some products might not be relevant because they include that keyword in their product names.

Niche Scraper currently charges $39 per month and offers a free trial account. You can get a few searches for free in each category with the trial account.

Visit Niche Scraper

2. Sell the Trend

Trend is an innovative product research tool that offers so many features it will blow you away.

There are many options for sorting and filtering. You can filter products that are priced above a certain dollar amount or have received a certain number of orders. You can also sort whether the item has a video or not.

We love that Sell The Trend can display a graph for each product. The graph provides useful information such as how many customers have placed orders over time. This means that you should look for items with graphs that are going up.

The best products are those where the graph does not show a flat line and that seem to be going up and upwards. This shows that AliExpress is in high demand for the product.

Sell The Trend’s current price is $39/month. If you pay annually, you get 2 months free. For anyone who doesn’t want any risk, there is a free 7-day trial!

The Trend

3. AliExpress Dropshipping Center

AliExpress Dropshipping Center (or AliExpress Booster Program) is a tool AliExpress developed to assist merchants in finding products, analyzing products and looking for suppliers. Sign up by following the link.

This tool is available to anyone, even dropshippers. Sign up today for the program, it’s completely free! You can access all the tools even if dropshipping is not your primary business. After activating the tool, you can access this product discovery tool within your AliExpress account.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center provides two options for you to choose from:

Tool 1: Locate AliExpress products for sale

This tool is a great way to conduct product research. This tool includes three tools that will make your life easier.

  • These are the most popular products. This tool will show you which products are most popular at any given time. This tool will only display hot products from AliExpress and not your area.
  • Search by image. Upload an image of the item and AliExpress will search for products matching your image.   
  • Sponsored products This tool will display items from suppliers who paid AliExpress for them to appear on this list. You can find great ideas for products that you can sell online by looking at the first page.

Tool 2: AliExpress product analysis

This tool can be used if you have a product you wish to sell but aren’t sure how it performed. The data can only be derived from one product linked to in the link. You might find other suppliers selling the same product and making a profit.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center

4. Asify

Asify Chrome Extension is available for free.

AliExpress’s product search tool can help you find a variety of products. Although it looks similar to the AliExpress Dropshipping Center you will find a lot more information on the AliExpress product pages.

Asify allows you to see the time that an AliExpress seller has been trading, the number of orders they are processing and the sales volume for AliExpress products. It is free to use, as we have already stated. It is only required that it be used on a browser that supports the Chrome Web Store.

5. Thieve.co

Thieve.co lets you see what’s hot on AliExpress, and provides you with a lot of ideas for product searches. Sign up for a free account to see some amazing AliExpress products. You can also filter the products by category to see items that fit your niche.

Here’s an example of one of the first products you’ll find if you click on “Electronics”, and then click on Trending Products.

Thieve.co initially offered a free version, but they now offer a paid version, Thieve Supply. Thieve Supply costs $29 per month or $99 per year. Pay annually to save 20% The company does not offer a trial of Thieve Supply.

6. AliShark

AliShark can be considered one search engine for AliExpress products. They don’t offer many tools; they are focused on one tool with as many filter options as possible.

What filter options does AliShark offer with its product search tool? There are many options! Here are some examples of their filter options.

  • Filter by source. This one speaks for itself. It initially received data only from AliExpress. But now it receives data from Banggood.
  • Filter by niches. You can filter by niche. You can also press the “All” button to see a variety of products.
  • Filter by top nations. It will show you products most commonly sold in France and the US, for example. This is a great way to get an idea of what products are most popular in a particular country.
  • Filter by shipping method. This filter allows you to show only items that use AliExpress Standard shipping or ePacket shipping.
  • Filter by country to filter. This option is great if you want to only see products shipped from one country (e.g. China or the US).
  • Filter by price. You can choose a minimum and maximum price for the product. You can, for example, leave the minimum price blank (which is $0) and set the maximum price at $30. AliShark will now show you items with a maximum price of $30. This is a great way to sell lower-priced products on your online store.
  • Filter by total orders. Filter by total orders, not price. You can limit the maximum number of items you want to see if you don’t need them.
  • Filter by daily order. Consider that you believe the minimum daily order should be 10. Filtering allows you to see products with more than 10 daily orders. This filter is great if you don’t want to see products with no daily orders.
  • Filter by votes. Filter by votes. This allows you to filter by how many reviews the product has received on AliExpress.
  • Filter by wishlist. This filter is similar to the filter by votes option. However, this filter allows you to filter by how many people have added the item to their wishlist. The more people who are interested in this item, the higher the number.

There are many filter options available. We think it’s worth taking the time to try them all and then seeing all of their combinations. AliShark currently charges $20 per month. However, they offer a 1-day trial for $1.

7. ZIK Analytics

ZIK analytics is trusted by thousands of users each day. It’s a market research tool that helps sellers to find profitable products to sell on Ecommerce marketplaces. This website offers more than an eBay product search tool. It also has an AliExpress research tool.

ZIK Analytics will give you a snapshot of the market for each product. It is possible to view the number of listings, how many products have been sold, their average price and the total sales earnings in dollars. Historical graphs are also available.

ZIK Analytics allows you to filter by price, votes and rating, shipping methods, sales, or shipping methods. You can also view data about the supplier’s performance, find out what is selling well, or get additional product ideas for your online shop. You can quickly determine if a supplier has been around by looking at their revenue, seller ratings, and how long.

ZIK Analytics currently offers three pricing levels.

Starter Plan: $14.98/month for the first month (billed monthly); $20/month ($240 annually).

  • Tools for eBay research
  • AliExpress research tools
  • Webinars & Training
  • Chat support

Standard Plan: $29.98/month for the first month (billed monthly); $40/month ($480 annually): This plan includes everything in the Starter Plan plus:

  • Database of wholesale suppliers
  • 500 best-selling eBay items
  • ZIK Pro professional plan
  • Ali growth scanner

Enterprise Plan: $44.98/month for the first month (billed monthly); $50/month ($600 annually): Includes everything in the Standard Plan plus:

  • Turbo scanner

The bottom line

This blog post is over! These were the top 7 AliExpress product search tools. We hope that you have found many great tools to find excellent AliExpress products.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve used any other great AliExpress product search tools, or if there are any questions. Good luck with all that you do! We are confident that you can do it!

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