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YouTube Creator Studio and YouTube Studio are two of the most popular tools for YouTube creators. You may be familiar with YouTube Studio or YouTube Creator Studio, but do you know how it can be used to maximize your return on investment? We’ll start by explaining what YouTube Studio is and why you should use it. Then we’ll discuss how to make the most of each area to maximize your return.

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YouTube Studio: What’s it all about?

YouTube Studio allows you to manage your YouTube channel, interact with your viewers, and organize your videos. YouTube Studio setup is easy to use.

YouTube Studio has many useful tools that will help you get more out of your channel. These include the community tabs and analytics, which allow you to keep track of important video metrics, and monitor comments. YouTube Studio will give you better content to share with your viewers. Continue reading to find out more about YouTube Creator Studio.

YouTube Studio: How to Use the Many Elements

YouTube Studio has a lot of information you can find. Let’s take an in-depth look at each area and discuss the information that is included in it.

YouTube Studio Dashboard

Your YouTube Creator Studio Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your channel. YouTube provides all the information you need about your channel, including how it is performing and suggestions for how to increase your reach.

  • Information about your most recent video: It displays your video along with key stats such as views, average duration, and watch time. To see the full analytics of your video, you can click “Go to Video Analytics”.
  • View the list of recent subscribers: Your dashboard allows you to view all subscribers who have subscribed to your channel within the past 28 days.
  • News: The YouTube Studio dashboard also offers a news section, which provides valuable industry news.
  • Creator Insider Looking to get the latest YouTube tech updates? You can keep up-to-date with the Creator Insider section for updates on bugs and tech news.
  • Channel analytics The Analytics section of your dashboard shows you a summary of subscribers, view time, views, and top videos. You can also access the entire analytics page to dive into your data.
  • Ideas for You: YouTube offers a section called “Ideas for You, ” which provides valuable tips and tricks to help you succeed in your next video.

YouTube Studio Analytics

Analytics are the core of any campaign. You can make your campaign useless if you upload tons of great videos (or tons that you think are stellar), without looking at your analytics. Analytics help you to determine what you can do to improve your campaign to increase views, engagement, and whatever other target metric you might have.

This section is a great way to see if your video campaign has been successful or needs improvement. The analytics section in YouTube Creator Studio gives you insight into the metrics below. You can adjust the drop-down menu at the top to change the timeframe of each metric.

  1. Views The number of views that your videos have received within the specified timeframe
  2. Watch Time: How long do users spend watching videos on your channel
  3. Subscribers How many subscribers your channel has earned within the timeframe

These metrics and a chart are available when you open YouTube Studio’s analytics section. If you click on “See More”, you will find additional analytics such as:

  1. How users found your video. This could be done through YouTube search, channel pages, or external features.
  2. Geography Where video viewers are found.
  3. Viewer Age: Viewerage metrics for your channel.
  4. Viewer gender: Viewer gender metrics for your channel.
  5. Subscription status The percentage of traffic that comes from subscribers to your channel, users not subscribed or unknown is the majority.
  6. Subscriber source: How subscribers found your channel. You can either use YouTube search or the YouTube watch page.
  7. Playlist: How many people are watching your playlists?
  8. Type of device: Which devices do viewers use to view your channel videos? This could be a tablet, mobile phone, or computer.
  9. Playback Location: Analytics to determine whether your videos are viewed directly on YouTube or via embedded links from external websites and applications.

YouTube Studio’s analytics tab provides additional analytics and information about your top videos. You can also click on the “See More” button to see more detailed metrics about your top videos, including:

  • Impressions: How many times viewers were shown your thumbnails?
  • Impressions click-through rate: How often viewers watched a video following viewing an impression.
  • Views: How many views a video has earned based upon the filters you choose.
  • Average viewing duration: Average time viewed per view
  • Watch Time: Total time spent watching a video by your entire audience.

Your analytics section will also show you the real-time activity of videos on your channel. For a particular video, you can view data for the past 48 hours and the last 60 minutes.

YouTube Studio video manager

The YouTube Studio video manager allows you to keep track of all your videos from one place. This section can be accessed by clicking on the “Videos tab” in the right-hand sidebar of YouTube Studio. You can manage your videos’ visibility, view comments and likes/dislikes, as well as see their publish date, views, comments, and comments.

This tab is for anyone looking for an online YouTube editor. This section allows you to edit the most important parts of your video. Click on the image above to view a video. You can edit the following elements from the “Basic” tab.

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Thumbnail
  4. Tags
  5. Video URL
  6. Filename
  7. Visibility
  8. It appears on playlists
  9. Cards
  10. End screen

You can edit the following video elements by clicking on the “Advanced tab”.

  1. Recording date
  2. Video location
  3. Ownership of rights and license
  4. Syndication
  5. Category
  6. Video language
  7. Information about the Caption
  8. Subtitles
  9. Comment allowance
  10. Other options include embedding permission and product placement/paid promotion.

YouTube Studio Community

You can view all your comments from YouTube Studio in one place by clicking the ” Comment” tab. You’ll see the words in chronological order starting with the most recent. It will show you who posted it when they made it, and the comments they left. You can also choose to like, dislike, or “heart” them.

You can also remove the comment, report it and hide the user from the channel. You can also approve or deny comments from the user. You can also reply directly to comments from the comments tab. YouTube also checks comments by marking the tab “Likely Spam” with comments that may be spam.

YouTube Studio Channel

You can view the status of many important YouTube guidelines in the channel section of YouTube Studio. You’ll find:

  • Your copyright situation: How many copyright strikes do you have? Copyright status.
  • Community guidelines status How many strikes are you allowed to break community guidelines?

It will also allow you to check whether your channel options support the following:

  1. Uploading videos
  2. Monetization ( Displaying ads on videos)
  3. Live to stream
  4. Embed live streams
  5. Videos that last longer than 15 minutes (or more)
  6. Ability to upload private and unlisted videos
  7. Create custom thumbnails
  8. Annotations for external sources
  9. Super chat is only available to subscribers of 1000+
  10. Your custom URL
  11. Appeal to Content ID
  12. Channel membership offerings

You can also manage your default upload settings and branding as well as advanced account information.

YouTube Studio audio

YouTube Creator Studio has tons of music that you can use for your videos. You can organize tracks by genre, mood, duration, instrument, and many other options. You can also download a variety of sound effects for your videos.

YouTube Creator Studio: How it can help your channel

YouTube Studio offers many amazing features that will allow you to create videos that are both effective and beneficial for your viewers. Below are some benefits.


YouTube Studio Dashboard is a great tool for video marketing because it displays many of your most important metrics in one place. It will allow you to view general metrics, subscriber information, and industry news.


YouTube Studio’s analytics section is one of the most useful. You’ll be able to determine which videos are performing well and which ones are not. This information will allow you to adjust your approach to create videos that appeal to and delight your target audience.

Video Manager

Video manager allows you to easily edit details of your videos and ensure they get maximum exposure. To ensure your videos are appealing to the right people, you can edit the thumbnail and upload a custom one.


Marketing is all about keeping track of comments. It is important to respond to both negative reviews and positive ones. The YouTube Studio’s Comments tab allows you to do this.


You can keep track of channel settings, copyright strikes, and other details by having all the information you need at your fingertips. You can view your channel information to see which abilities you have. (See the list above for a complete list).


You can make or break your video with music. Often, though, you will have to pay for the music you want. YouTube Studio’s audio section allows you to choose the perfect music and sound effects that will fit your video.

YouTube Studio help needed

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