Everything You Need To Know About Writing Instagram Business Bio’s


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Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms because it engages its users visually. Instagram is the best social media platform for creating a mutual connection. Your Instagram bio plays an important role in your first impression.

You are more likely to get people interested in your business by including an interactive link in the bio of your company. It is crucial to portray a positive image about your business on social media platforms where there are millions of users every day.

You have very little space on Instagram so you need to create a catchy bio about your business.

Instagram’s visual nature makes it the ideal platform for physical product promotion for most ecommerce stores. It is the primary social media channel for most stores. It is therefore important to keep your company’s bio engaging and original.

Why Do You Need the Best Instagram Bio?

When someone comes across an Instagram account, the bio is what they see first. A compelling bio is a great way to attract potential customers, considering the small space available on Instagram.

Another reason is to showcase your company’s image and thus brand growth. Let Instagram users know what your business does. This creates a strong first connection with your followers and encourages them to follow you immediately.

Your company’s personality will be expressed through a compelling business bio. This will encourage potential customers to join your group.

Instagram Profile Components

Before creating a perfect bio , it is important to understand its meaning.

You can then polish each part to ensure your followers know who and what you are.

* Profile photo 

This stimulates users’ visual senses. However, a profile photo should be relevant to your business. It could be the logo or a product photo. Whatever it is, it should be appealing on both your profile and in the feed.

A verified badge could be added to your profile photo. Celebrities often have this badge to confirm that they are the account holder.

* Username

This is located at the top right of your profile page. Other users can tag and use your username to tag you. It can be searched on Instagram. Be sure to name it correctly.

* Bio

Instagram allows you up to 150 characters for a summary of your company’s activities and operations. Here you can summarize your company’s details by choosing the right words.

Blue Fountain Media offers a great example of a successful Instagram bio. The agency’s mission is well reflected in the words used.

* Website

This is where you can link to your website. This is where you can engage your followers as they can visit your website via your Instagram bio.

* Email

An Email button will be generated for your profile when you add your email address to your bio. This information is located below the rest of your information. The Instagram app prompts users to open their default mail apps when they click on the Email button.


Customers will be able to find you by entering the complete address. If your business is located in a permanent place, this applies.

* Call

You can also add a phone number to your profile. This button prompts users to call the company whenever they click it.

Crafting the Best Instagram Bio for Your Business

Here are 6 ways to create the best Instagram bios for your business.

1. Make sure to use the right CTAs

They could also be called Call-To-Action. This is perhaps the most important part of your Instagram bio.

You can divide them into three categories: the landing page, the homepage, and the social shopping pages. Properly designed CTAs direct users towards a business’s social shopping page.

A stunning digital marketing strategy right?

It is strongly recommended to direct users to landing pages that are custom made.

2. Add hashtags to your bio

Instagram has created a new future. This opens up new opportunities for digital marketers. This allows you to direct other users to campaigns by adding a hashtag to your Instagram bio.

You can view relevant posts by tapping the hashtag in your bio. Hashtags are more than just for leveraging user-generated material. They help users form communities with the same goal and taste.

The right hashtags can help you attract a wider audience that will connect with your brand. They will have the opportunity to participate in your conversation.

3. Important Company Information

Your Instagram bio should contain only important information. You should keep your Instagram bio short and concise. Make sure that you are clear and accurate.

This is the place where your company’s physical address and contacts are located.

4. Emojis can be used to show your personality

This adds visual effects to plain text. Emojis can be used for branding and to highlight your message.

However, emojis should be placed strategically so that they only reinforce relevant information. Some brands may not use emojis. Again, always consider your audience. Avoid using emojis in your bio that aren’t valuable.

These are some of the best emojis you can use:

The earth Emoji signifies the brand’s global reach

The heart emoticon, which is a symbol of the love and joy a company wishes its customers to feel when they make a purchase, can be used as an emoji.

5. Keep the bio short

Keep your CTA to 150 characters, as we have already mentioned. These characters can be used to create your CTA. You have plenty of space to include key information about your company, such as phone number and email address.

6. Present New Promotional Offers

This is where your Instagram bio will be displayed to promote your brand. This is a great way to increase the value of your bio space.

This is a great way to keep your customers informed. You could link to a webinar or support page that you are hosting in the bio.

In a nutshell, your Instagram bio should foremost contain your store name. Don’t forget to restrict it to 150 characters.

A strong CTA should be added to your shop to allow it to be linked to a social shopping site. This can be done by linking to your top-selling product.

To bring out the personality of your brand, spice up your bio information with emojis. In order to get users involved in your campaign, branded hashtags are essential. You might feel that managing an Instagram account is too difficult for your company. Take a look at these top Instagram agencies.

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