Why Your Marketing Should Capture Millennials


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Now is the right time to target the millennial market if you’re a B2B marketer. As these people mature and become leaders, it is even more important to target this audience.

Your customers’ opinions and experiences will likely have a significant impact on how you do business. These professional steps will help you better engage these audiences and improve your marketing performance. These tactics include optimizing social networks, personalizing experiences, and using web-friendly designs.

You can be authentic

Millennials can quickly spot if a brand posts authentic or fake content online. They have grown up with sensationalist, sub-par advertising and are therefore more skeptical.

The good news is? The good news? This audience uses social media to determine if a business is legitimate. A clear brand identity is essential to establish authority. Millennials won’t trust you if your social media accounts aren’t clean.

Social media has been used less by B2B businesses than it was for B2C. This is changing, however, as more businesses realize the importance of being where their customers are. 97% of B2B marketing professionals now use LinkedIn to promote their content and stay top of mind with their prospects and customers. LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for B2B marketers. It’s the epicenter of industry news and job search. You can quickly get started on LinkedIn by creating a company page. This will connect all your employees and services.

Social Media Is the New Authority

Social media addiction is a common problem among millennials. Despite this cliché, there is a valuable insight: Millennials are more social media-savvy than other age groups. The University of Oxford discovered that 40% of those aged 18-24 used social media to keep up with their news. These results were consistent across the globe, which was interesting.

Follow news channels, and news anchors, and share news articles via their social media accounts. Another survey found that 66% of 17,000 millennials used social media at their jobs to influence business decisions. 36% used it to keep up with industry news.

You might wonder, “How does news media relate to my business?” Technically, it doesn’t. Once you understand the trust that millennials place in social media, you can start leveraging individual platforms, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, to show your authority, credibility, professionalism, or authority. Comment on relevant news and share it.

To increase brand loyalty, share values

5WPR’s 2020 Consumer Culture Report found that 83% of millennials wanted to buy from brands that reflected their values. 76% also reported wanting CEOs to be vocal about issues that matter to them. Businesses that spoke out on issues like veganism and climate change, as well as equality and carbon neutrality, were considered high-risk. These issues can now be addressed by businesses to align them with their values and make them more attractive to customers who share the same beliefs. These topics will resonate with millennials, who are looking for authentic marketing.

Are you still interested? Here are some ideas. Liquid Death, a Los Angeles-based company that sells mountain water in aluminum cans, saw a gap in the market for sustainable products. They have maintained their aggressive marketing approach since their inception in 2017. They use gothic branding packaging and black humor to communicate the urgency for sustainable solutions.

Their tagline embodies their brand identity: “Murder Your thirst” – a tongue-in-cheek salute to the survival need for water and the devastating effects of climate change. They have raised over $50 million from backers, including Live Nation. Liquid Death’s bottled waters are now available in more than 16,000 locations throughout the US, including Whole Foods and 7-Eleven.

Millennials Expect to be able to talk to brands

One of the main differences between marketing to millennials and baby boomers (and even Gen X) is that millennials expect to have a two-way conversation with brands. This includes being able to chat with a chatbot, chat with contacts on Facebook, and tweet about a company. While businesses might view this as a support or sales role, it can have a significant impact on the brand experience. Even if your product or service is top-notch, millennials will not purchase if they don’t get their questions answered promptly, no matter where they are (Facebook or Linkedin)

Personalize it

Millennials grew up with sensationalist marketing and know how to filter out the noise. Although millennials remain skeptical, they are open to personalized, unique marketing experiences. 51% of millennials believe that marketing experiences should be tailored to them, compared to 33% of boomers. 74% felt frustrated by website copy that was not personalized. High bounce rates are a result of a website that is not personalized. Users scan the page, then leave. Unrelevant email content will result in low open rates and high unsubscribe rates. Businesses must ensure that the message is relevant to the audience and the right time to market to them.

These are some tips to create more personal experiences for your customers.

  • You can suggest personalized products and services that appeal to millennials
  • Email subject headlines personalized with user names
  • Send a personalized message thanking consumers for purchasing.
  • To provide intuitive online experiences, create clear calls to action (on websites and in Social Media Advertising).

Personalization allows customers to feel that you are marketing your product or marketing services in Miami to them. Personalization creates trust and intimacy with customers, which can lead to increased brand loyalty by 28%.

Follow your (UX) intuition

Brands must deliver user-friendly designs to meet the high standards of millennials. You risk losing customers if you don’t provide UX. These are some ways to optimize the web experience of your brand so that your customers are happy.

  • Make sure to use visible buttons and include a descriptive copy. Do not click here. Instead, use words like “Discover why”, and “Learn how”, as well as “Learn more”.
  • Use headings to guide your eyes and break up long text.
  • To summarize or highlight important information, create bullet lists such as this.
  • Make sure you use relevant hyperlinks to provide information for users. Also, make sure those links open in new windows so your website visitor doesn’t get lost.
  • Optimize your website for mobile. Make sure it is legible and design-friendly.

To keep millennials motivated to be customers, providing a seamless and intuitive way to ‘checkout’ or ‘learn about your business is important. Customers spend an average of 3 seconds searching for a CTA before abandoning a webpage. Clear CTAs can reduce bounce rates and increase conversions. A great tip for keeping consumers’ attention and motivating them to buy is to map the user journey from your advertisement to your landing page.

Imagine yourself as a customer and try to get them to click one button. This strategy will reduce the steps required to get customers to your desired destination and increase click-through rates. As a guide, customers can use user descriptions or product descriptions.

Quality web design is a great way for your audience to meet their needs and expectations. It’s also an excellent way to increase your SEO ranking to boost your business’s online visibility. A thoughtful web design agency in Miami can increase engagement, which can have a positive effect on SEO. Positive user experiences can make lasting impressions on customers and help them to become more loyal.

We can better understand the values and behavior of millennials when we can fully immerse ourselves in their world. To create memorable experiences and increase ROI, we can use key features that resonate with this group. It’s important to remember the millennial mindset when creating communications as this age group is increasingly involved in decision-making. Contact The Walk for a review of your website experience and customer journey from the perspective of a millennial.

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