How To Correctly Promote Your Instagram With More Than Content


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“I’ve been using Instagram for many years and I still haven’t made any progress.” And other stuff. The complaints about Instagram promotion are proportional to how many followers. It is not enough to just follow the Instaexperts’ recommendations for success on Instagram promotion. Avoid common mistakes and don’t be afraid to ask for smart, automated help.

Kobe Digital is a great example of such assistance. This AI-powered system automates the entire social media management process. It will reduce the time required to create, plan, and promote content by threefold. The system will automatically publish your posts according to a predetermined schedule. You won’t be able to sit with your smartphone in your hand for hours, and your reach and subscribers will grow.

Here are 8 mistakes to avoid when you promote an Instagram account

Buy bots

This mistake is listed in any “handbook” for future PR specialists. This does not mean that it isn’t the most widespread. Remember that fraud will eventually fail. There is no way.

It is possible to distinguish an Instagram bot from a real user. The sanctions for fraud can range from account deletion and shadow banning to a reduced reach. The reverse is true in this instance: the more the audience is involved, the greater the reach. A poor audience quality will lead to lower reach which can be fatal for your channel’s future.

No strategy

You shouldn’t just start a blog because you like it. Without a strategy for promotion, advertising or targeting bloggers won’t bring you the desired results.

  • Segment your audience,
  • Create a content strategy.
  • Establish key tasks and deadlines to ensure their execution, etc.

This will allow you to better meet the needs of your target audience. This will ensure that your reach level is at the highest possible.

Masslooking, mass following and massliking

These three methods can be used as a bridge between good and poor promotion methods. Instagram has struggled with this issue for quite a while. Instagram has been blocking massive subscriptions, likes and other types of promotion almost instantly for the past two years.

This resulted in a drop in effectiveness of these promotion methods by nearly 10 percent. These can be used to grow your channel. However, Instagram monitors activity closely and can ban accounts.

Low quality content

It’s simple logic: people won’t go to your site if they don’t like the content. The content creation process should include the creation of comprehensive content, including competent text and high-quality visuals.

Instagram is also moving away from artificiality, displaying fake luxury lifestyles with all their sparkles, forced smiles and retouched images. Naturalness is a trend. Google is not the place to download stunning images. Real photos are required by users. However, quality is not an issue. Studio filming can create live content. It is important not to trick your followers. They are sensitive to fake content.

Video content is the same. No one says you have to hire a professional photographer to make video content. However, you need to have some knowledge about composition and how to make high-quality video editing. Stories are a rare exception. Stories are still possible in a context that is easily customizable.

Kobe Digital makes it easy to quickly create high-quality content. You can find more than 700 ideas per day, an extensive image library, and a photo editor to create high-quality visuals. Every user can see in advance how their content will appear on different platforms.


Another mistake is content homogeneity. A majority of business pages only publish two types of content today, which is fundamentally incorrect. Different people may have different motivations so it is important to engage with your audience from different perspectives. Some people are looking for expert opinions, others want to buy analytically and some just want educational content. Some people are looking for social proof. Others need to be energized emotionally, made funny, or shocked. You can reach the largest audience segment only by using different content vectors.

Engagement is lacking

Let’s now imagine a different situation. Although you have a strategy in place and are able to create interesting and engaging content, the number of subscribers is not changing. Engagement is what you have forgotten about. This is the train that propels your account forward. Users love being asked their opinions. You can use polls to ask users for their opinions. It is important to not stop at the halfway point. A complete lack of dialog is worse than an inability to communicate.

All posts are sold

No matter how passionate your desire to make some money, Instagram isn’t a marketplace. However, certain elements are still there. People use Instagram first and foremost for entertainment and communication, and then for purchasing goods and services. Potential customers will be scared off by calls to buy in every single post. Don’t underestimate their interest. Not every user will like your post.

The trust of subscribers is fragile. The list of subscribers will immediately be removed from even the most loved blogger, who gets too caught up in posts like “buy now and here”. A small number of subscribers can cause an account to be canceled. It is best to avoid taking any risks and to rely on less intrusive selling methods. Make sure to publish advertising posts after commercial ones. You can link several posts to a product you are going to advertise.

Complete toolbox

Instagram is full of features that make it easy to create posts. Sticky and regular stories, live broadcasts and polls are all possible. There are many options. There are even new stories you can publish every hour. Statistics show that users are more interested in this type of content.

Manual management

The days of manual subscribing or unsubscribing as well as publishing content by the hour are gone. There are many software programs that can automate many tasks, including publishing content at a particular time or creating thematic posts.

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