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Around 80% of consumers search online for products and services. Your website is an important step in the buying process for most consumers. Website maintenance costs businesses anywhere from $35 to $5000 per hour to maintain their sites, and anywhere from $400 to $60,000 annually.

What’s the cost for website maintenance?

Website maintenance costs may vary. 

Your company could pay $35-$5000 per month or $400-$60,000 annually to maintain your website. This depends on the size and complexity of your site.

To see a breakdown on website maintenance costs by site type, please continue reading. To find out the most frequently asked questions about maintaining your website’s current state, and to get an accurate estimate, please click

Do you know that your website requires professional maintenance?

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The latest website management costs

The cost of website management is determined by the website. 

Use this table to estimate your website maintenance costs.

Types of websitesMonthly website maintenance fees
Personal website$5 to 25/mo
Professional Blog$25-$75 /mo
Small Business Website$35-$100 /mo
SMB Business Website$125 – 500 /mo
Corporate WebsiteStarting at $200 to $3500/mo
Web Application$300-$2500/mo
Website for your business$350 – $4500/mo
Ecommerce website$1500 to 2500/mo
Custom Ecommerce Website$2,000 to $5000/mo

What are the maintenance fees for websites?

Review the services provided by your provider before you purchase a package. 

If you want to have the best experience, make sure that your service provider includes these items in its website maintenance pricing.

Website Maintenance ServiceMonthly Price
Domain Name$0.08 to $1
SSL CertificateStarting at $0 to $125
Hosting WebsiteStarting at $2-$835
Site Maintenance$15 to $105
CMSStarting at $0 to $3.500    
Tech Support$1500-3000
Website Analytics Reports$5 to $25
Maintenance of Ecommerce System    $15 to $50

Your business may not be eligible for these services depending on its operations.

Your business may be located outside the US and you don’t need to worry about maintaining an ecommerce website. 

Continue reading for more information about website maintenance pricing.

8 Core website maintenance fees

These eight elements will affect the cost of website maintenance.

1. Domain name ($0.08 – $1/mo)

Your domain name is unique to your business and is displayed in your website’s URL. It is mandatory that you renew your domain each year. You could be forced to buy a new domain name or allow another person to purchase it.

Companies pay $0.08 to $1 per month or $2 to $20 per year to renew domain names.

2. HTML2_ SSL certificate (from $0.0 up to $125/mo)

An SSL certificate (also known as Secure Sockets Layer) protects your company and visitors. 

If you have an active SSL Certificate, your website URL will appear in Internet browsers like Google Chrome with a padlock next to it. Most shoppers will search for this site feature in order to make a purchase.

Companies can get an SSL certificate for free, but most businesses will choose to pay a fee. A paid SSL certificate includes additional features like customer support and higher encryption rates.

Paid SSL certificates cost $0.80 to $125 per month or $10 to $1500 each year.

3. Hosting website ($2-535/mo)

Web hosting Is as important as the domain name. Hosting costs should be included in your maintenance budget.

Web hosting is available in many options

  1. Shared hosting: Starting at $24 to $120 an year, a shared hosting service is available. If you have little website traffic, a shared host service can be a great option.
  2. Website builder – The price of a website building plan such as Wix or WordPress is $60-$180 each year. 
  3. A virtual private server (VPS) is available for between $240 to $600 per year. The provider will split the server into multiple virtual servers so you have full access.
  4. A dedicated server costs $1200 to $24,000 annually. This is why dedicated servers are preferred by websites that receive more than 100,000 visits each month.

While your company may want to save money, it’s important to make sure your website hosting plan is able to handle the current traffic. 

Today’s customers expect websites to load within two seconds . Customers will not trust websites that take longer than this time . 

Web hosting costs companies $2-$835 per month, and $24-$10,000 annually.

4. Website updates (from $15 to $105/mo)

Users view website updates as important. These updates keep your website current and secure. It communicates trustworthiness, quality, and professionalism.

If you don’t, you are missing out on a huge online audience. Homeowners may search online for shops to help them with their next home improvement project. Managers of apartment buildings might need to look for dependable suppliers.

Maintaining your website regularly can help increase your chances of people finding you. You can increase your chances of people visiting your shop, calling you, or purchasing your products and services.

Most of the time, website maintenance by a professional provider includes:

  1. Websites
  2. Content
  3. Media
  4. Navigation
  5. Files
  6. Links
  7. Formulas
  8. Background images
  9. Colors

Website maintenance costs for most companies range from $15 to $105 per month.

Many companies don’t understand what website updates are. This is especially true when they are part of a website maintenance program. 

A maintenance plan will include a fee for seasonal sales or to adjust your pricing for products and services. Your provider may charge an additional fee to redesign product or service pages.

Your company may need to update content or images based on the changes requested. Send your copy to your service provider

Contact your service provider with any questions regarding your website maintenance pricing plans. We make it easy for you to talk to one of our dedicated account managers about your account.

5. CMS Updates ($0 to $3500/mo)

Many businesses have a content strategy. Content marketing can increase website conversion rates by up to two-thirds. Content management systems (CMS), are an essential component of any content marketing plan.

CMS allows you to upload and post content to your website.

These are some examples of CMS applications that are popular:

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla!
  3. Magento
  4. WooCommerce 

Sometimes businesses will create a custom CMS.

It doesn’t really matter whether you use a standard or custom CMS. It doesn’t matter if you use a standard or custom CMS. However, regular maintenance is essential to ensure that your CMS remains functional.

Website maintenance costs may include a monthly subscription fee or service fee, depending on which CMS you use. 

Consider the costs of maintaining and updating your CMS. An agency partner can be a great option if your business doesn’t have the budget to do so.

Businesses have the option to spend as little as $3500 per month on their CMS.

6. Technical support (from $1500 – $3000/mo)

Websites may have problems such as broken contact forms or server errors. This service allows you to send problems to your provider.

Service agreements are usually in place for cases that outline the turnaround time.

A basic website maintenance package may take five business days to turn around. Premium plans have a turnaround time of two business days.

Check the turnaround times before signing up to become their partner. 

Tech support is essential. Tech support is crucial.

Many companies spend $1500-3000 per year on technical support.

7. Website analytics report (from $5 to $15 per monthly)

Many website maintenance firms include monthly analytics reports. An analytics report provides a summary of your website’s performance, and digital marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization (SEO),.

This report will analyze the following elements:

  1. Total number of visitors to website
  2. Average time on site
  3. Average bounce rate

Reports about website performance may already have been received based on your digital strategies. If you’re not yet investing in digital marketing, an analytics report could be a selling point (USP).

In most cases, a website analytics report will add $5-$15 to your monthly website maintenance costs.

8. Support for ecommerce systems ($15-25/mo).

If you’re an ecommerce business, you know how important it is to have a payment system in place. It makes it difficult to process orders and allow customers to accept them.

Ecommerce support is essential for every company.

Your service provider will ensure that your ecommerce system is safe, up-to-date, and available with ecommerce support. Maybe shoppers have not received order confirmation emails.

Tech support can be provided by different providers. To keep your website up and running, you will need to pay both tech support as well as ecommerce system support.

Ecommerce system support comes with an estimated turnaround time. Businesses often find that a faster turnaround is worth the extra cost. 

Most ecommerce companies spend between $15-$25 per month on support for their ecommerce systems.

FAQs regarding website maintenance costs

This FAQ answers questions about website maintenance.

What’s website maintenance?

Web Maintenance is the process of updating and checking your website to ensure that it complies with current industry standards. 

Make sure your website complies with industry standards concerning data protection and security. For example, online payments might be possible for heating or oil companies.

Website maintenance can be just as important as maintaining your car.

Why should I pay for website maintenance?

Companies may consider third-party website maintenance services.

  1. A small in-house development group
  2. Management fees can be very high
  3. Management in-house can be difficult due to limited resources

Businesses should partner with a service provider that has dedicated developers such as Kobe Digital. Kobe Digital allows your company to focus its resources on the most important tasks.

It is smart to invest in the tools, talent, and equipment that you need to succeed, instead of paying monthly fees to have your website managed.

This approach will allow you to make the most out of your budget.

How frequently should a website need to be maintained?

Website maintenance should be performed at least once a year. This includes:

  1. Renewal domain name, SSL certificate, and website hosting
  2. Security patches and CMS upgrades
  3. Updates to Ecommerce System

Website maintenance goes beyond domain renewals and hosting upgrades. Companies need to ensure that their websites are maintained on a regular basis. There are many service providers who offer monthly plans.

The website of your company will be updated monthly. This includes fixing bugs, images, and content.

Why is website maintenance so expensive?

There are many variables that can impact the cost of website maintenance.

  1. The size and layout of your website
  2. Complexity for your website
  3. Service provider
  4. Your service provider’s resources
  5. Choose the right website maintenance service

Many websites require a customized service and pricing plan. Many service providers offer a standard website maintenance package, but they don’t realize the fact that every site is unique. Kobe Digital can tailor these plans to your company.

You have the option to personalize your plan and avoid frustrations with dealing with companies that don’t suit your needs. 

Pricing is an important aspect, but it should not be the deciding factor.

If you don’t fix website maintenance pricing, your company might be partnering up with an inexperienced, unresponsive provider. Businesses should look at price as an element when comparing service providers.

There may be two agencies you can choose from. One costs $45 per monthly, and the other $150 per months. This could lead to slower response times or longer turnaround times.

You need to think beyond pricing to ensure your website and business offer the best service.

Your company shouldn’t spend more on website maintenance. Instead, you should partner with a service provider that offers the best customer experience at a lower cost.

What’s the monthly cost for website maintenance?

Monthly website maintenance costs start at $350-5000 per month. 

Take into account the cost of maintaining an online store such as Amazon.com. Because of its complexity, it makes sense that Amazon.com’s monthly maintenance prices would be higher than the average.

Local coffee shops might charge less than $35 a month for website maintenance. 

To get an idea of your monthly website maintenance costs, look at your expenses. Find out if additional CMS fees apply.

What’s the annual cost for website maintenance?

Website maintenance costs can range from $400 to $60,000,000. Tech support and website updates are available for a monthly fee. For other website maintenance costs, however, an annual fee will be required.

Here are some examples of services that require upfront payment for the entire year.

  1. Domain name
  2. SSL certificate
  3. Hosting a website

When you create your website maintenance budget, your team should look into the services that require upfront payment for the year. This will enable your department to secure the funds immediately instead of waiting for them.

Many service providers have a per-month pricing structure if you’re looking to partner for website maintenance. Kobe Digital offers monthly plans that give your company and your team the flexibility to change your package.

Should I outsource it or do it myself?

You can lower your website maintenance costs by managing and maintaining your website yourself. However, this is not a good option.

On the other hand, outsourcing can increase web maintenance costs. But, outsourcing can also save time and help you connect with skilled developers or teams of developers. 

Outsourcing is often a better choice if you or your company lack the expertise and time to manage your website.

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