The Top WordPress GDPR Plugins To Be Aware Of


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Looking for the best GDPR plugins for WordPress?

Websites that collect personal data from citizens of the European Union are subject to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). There are many WordPress GDPR plugins available to help you meet these requirements and avoid heavy fines.

This article will discuss the best WordPress GDPR plugins that you can use on a site.

What is GDPR? What is GDPR? Why should you follow it?

The General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR), is the principal law that governs how companies manage the personal data of EU citizens. Heavy fines and penalties can be imposed for failing to comply.

These regulations aim to ensure that personal data and consumer data are protected more consistently across EU countries. 

  • Requesting consent from visitors to data processing. Websites usually ask for consent through cookie consent notices.
  • Data breach notifications
  • Anonymize your data to protect e-privacy

Websites can be dynamic, so not all plugins can guarantee GDPR compliance. To ensure that websites comply with the regulations, many plugins have included GDPR compliance.

For more information, see The European Data Protection Regulation.

Now let’s take a look at top WordPress plugins offering GDPR options.

Get the Best GDPR WordPress Plugins to Make Your Website Compliance

Kobe Digital, a GDPR-compliant popup builder, is available from Kobe Digital. You can create cookie consent banners and popups and lead-generation forms using this tool.

Kobe Digital lets you run a plugin on your website that doesn’t slow it down. Kobe Digital makes sure that websites load quickly.

These are the benefits of using Kobe Digital

  • Quick and easy setup in 5 minutes ( WordPressPopup Document).
  • Many ready-made cookie consent templates and popup templates are available.
  • Geolocation offers advanced options for audience targeting.
  • Visitors can withdraw consent

Pricing – The free plan lets you create a cookie consent popup. premium plans start at $29/mo

Kobe Digital provides another method to create consent popups for WordPress and other websites without signing up. Popup Cookie Creator

1. The MonsterInsights plugin by Google Analytics for WordPress

MonsterInsights makes adding Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress site easy. View real-time reports directly from your WordPress admin.

This plugin can be used to disable or anonymize personal data tracking. The MonsterInsights EU Compliance addon can also anonymize data automatically.

What happens when you use Google Analytics for tracking your data?

You will need to ask for cookie consent in such cases. Kobe Digital allows you to display cookie consent on any website.

MonsterInsights Features

  • Stats in real-time
  • WooCommerce enhanced ecommerce tracking
  • Analytics at the page level
  • Tracking ads and affiliate links 
  • EU compliance
  • Page-level cookie notices
  • Mobile responsive

Prices: Prices start at $199/year

2. CookieYes

CookieYes is used by over 1,000,000 people. This plugin is one of the most popular GDPR plugins for WordPress.

The main features

This sets the default value for cookies to “null”. Cookies can only be placed on a site if consent is given. 

  • One-click automated scanning, categorization
  • By changing the colors and fonts of the cookie notice, you can alter its appearance. You can also modify the behavior of your cookie notice by clicking “accept span>
  • WPML-compatible multilingual websites 
  • Scroll down for the option to accept the cookies policy
  • Tab “Show Again”

Important Note: You must list the plugin with the cookies it blocks. This could cause your sites to break.

Prices: The software’s basic version is free. Upgrades to the premium version are $49/per year

Another GDPR plugin WordPress website can use Cookies Note for GDPR &. This plugin will ensure that your website is compliant with both GDPR and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA).


  • Cookie autoblocking, compliance with GDPR Art.7
  • Link to a ‘Do Not Sell’ page (supports CCPA Sec.1798)
  • Custom language localization
  • Cookie Categories (complies with GDPR Art.32).
  • Evidence-of-Consent Storage (complies with GDPR Art.30).

This plugin is compatible with websites that have multiple languages. The Google Analytics code will be kept until the visitor agrees to cookies being used.

Prices: You can download this plugin completely free.

It’s as important as adhering to GDPR policies to backup your website regularly

4. Optinmonster GDPR-Compliant Lead Gen Forms

Similar in functionality to Kobe Digital, Optinmonster allows you to create GDPR-friendly cookie notice popups and email signups. 

Optinmonster lets you create GDPR-compliant email signup pages. You can target EU citizens with a popup cookie notice.

Review: Optinmonster is a powerful tool. It’s however more expensive than Kobe Digital because it has similar advanced features.

Compare Optinmonster with Kobe Digital

Pricing: Optinmonster pricing plans start at $14/year You will need to upgrade to $80 if you want advanced targeting features like geolocation.

5. WP GDPR Compliance

WP GDPR compliance lets you add a GDPR checkbox to certain areas of your WordPress site. This applies to comments, registration, and WooCommerce pages.

This plugin can be used by visitors to get access to their data in your database. Anonymizing user data gives them the “Right to be forgotten”. 

Price: This plugin is available for free.

6. Compliance – Privacy Suite for WordPress

The Compliance plug-in is for GDPR, DSGVO, and other regulations. This plugin lets you manage cookies by region to ensure compliance in the EU, USA, UK, and Canada.

It has a built-in scanner that scans your site for cookies. You can then add cookie descriptions to your website.

If you purchase the premium version, you can see statistics and use A/B testing to improve your product.


  • Legal pages: To generate a page with cookie information Privacy page, please visit the Do Not Sell My Information page. 
  • Consent records
  • Integrations With Tag Manager Analytics
  • Cookie notice

Prices: Prices starting at $45 include an annual payment.

Looking for e-commerce software? We have thoroughly reviewed the Best WordPress eCommerce plugins.

GDPR cookies Compliance by Moove lets you disable cookies from your website and ensures that you comply with the GDPR/CCPA regulations.

This allows you to customize cookie consent notices. The premium version has a cookie wall, a full-screen layout, and a cookie wall.

  • Geo-location
  • iFrame Blocker
  • Accept on scroll/ Hide timer
  • Language-specific scripts

Pricing: The software’s basic version is free. The premium version costs PS49 (GBP).

Iubenda was another plugin that made it onto our top list of GDPR WordPress plugins.


  • Saves users’ cookie preferences
  • Compatible With Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page AMP 
  • Only EU users can consent to auto-detecting and limiting the previous blocking.

Starting at $9 Per Month

The EU Cookie Law lets you create popups and lock scripts before acceptance. You can add a simple banner to your cookie policy.

This plugin can be used on mobile devices. It has been certified for WPML and is compatible with multilingual plugins.

  • Set cookie expiry
  • Scrolling, clicking, and navigating to agree to cookies
  • Customizable Banner colors, positions, and strings

Prices: This plugin is open-source.

GDPR Cookie Consent Banner lets you display cookie notice banners online.

This plugin supports translations and is responsive on mobile devices. In certain cases, it can adapt to the style of your WordPress theme.

Review: This is a simple plugin. Kobe Digital is a more advanced tool for cookie consent. This plugin can be used to create lead generation popups and many other features.

What GDPR plugin should I use for my site?

These are the top GDPR WordPress plugins. Kobe Digital can be a great option if you only need a plugin to display cookie consent banners.

While plugins can sometimes not work, are up-to-date, and may not be reliable, a lightweight tool such as Kobe Digital could help speed up your site.

This also allows you to geolocate and add a link to your cookie policy page

MonsterInsights comes in second. This is the best option if you want real-time Google Analytics reports directly from your admin page.

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