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Successful real estate agents are adept at generating leads.

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  • Find the top real estate lead generation agencies. Find out which software programs and websites you can use to generate leads for Zillow realtors. Learn how to simplify the management of real estate leads.
  • The best real estate lead generation services. You can learn which strategies and services you can use to generate leads, such as pay-per-click marketing (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO).

When deciding which companies and services would make it onto our two lists, we considered many factors. These factors included lead quality, cost, and features.

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Best real estate lead generation companies

These businesses excel in lead generation for real-estate.

  1. Google My Business
  2. Zillow Premier Agency
  3. Kobe Digital

Keep reading to learn how these companies can help generate your next real-estate lead.

Google: Google My Business

Cost: No Charge

Google My Business, also known as GMB, has many benefits:

  • GMB is totally free
  • GMB provides searchers with useful information like your address, phone number, and hours
  • GMB shares online testimonials of your agency
  • GMB photos include photos taken by your agency. These photos could include your most recent listing, or your successful closing

Google My Business offers a better alternative to other lead generation agencies in real estate. Start by creating a profile or claiming an existing one. Next edit it with relevant information about your company.

Zillow: Zillow Premier Agency

Cost: Variable based on the ZIP code

Zillow is synonymous with real estate. Their Zillow Premier Agent program is a symbol of real estate.

Zillow Premier Agency has many benefits:

  • Reach a broad, BOFU audience
  • Get featured in the relevant listings
  • You have a CRM available.
  • Make phone calls from leads

There are downsides to Zillow’s Premier Agent Program.

  • You can pay for every lead you receive.
  • Limit your presence on one website
  • Monthly ad costs

Zillow can be a great place to find real estate leads. However, there are some downsides. Google My Business is an easy way to increase your reach beyond Zillow.

5 best real estate lead generation services

These services are great for generating leads in real-estate

  1. SEO
  2.  Marketing and advertising via social media
  3. Content marketing
  4. Email marketing
  5. PPC advertising

Continue reading for more information about these services.

SEO$750-$2000 / mo.Attract potential customers at various stages of your buyer journey
Social media$4000-$7000 / mo.Refer, nurture, and attract real estate leads.
Content marketing$2000-$10,000 / mo.Nurture and attract future leads using top-, middle-, and bottom-of-the-funnel content
Email marketing$9-$1000 / mo.Nurture real estate leads over time
PPC advertising$9,000-$10,000 / mo.Generate real estate leads fast

1. SEO

Cost: $750-$2000 / mo.

SEO is the best choice for lead generation in real-estate.

Search Engine Optimization is to help home-owners and buyers find you via Google or Bing. To rank highly in search results like “real estate agent Phoenix az”,

SEO can be a great way of generating leads for real estate.

  • SEO is available 24 hours a day for your agency
  • SEO provides qualified leads in your field of expertise or service area
  • SEO eliminates the need to pay for leads
  • SEO can be a great way for you to get people’s attention when they are most interested.
  • SEO can also be used with email marketing strategies such as content marketing.

SEO’s disadvantages include:

  • SEO takes around three to six months, before you can begin working
  • SEO requires ongoing maintenance so you can maintain your search result rankings

SEO’s drawbacks do not make it easy for companies to ignore this lead generation strategy. SEO can drive leads to your website and traffic, which decreases dependence on lead generation websites.

2. Social media marketing

Cost: $4000-$7000 / mo.

Social media advertising and marketing is a proven way to generate leads for real-estate agents. 

Advertising and social media marketing offer many advantages:

  • Direct your social media followers towards the appropriate listings on your website
  • Encourage referrals by maintaining relationships with past and current clients
  • Turn your followers into clients by sharing educational and funny posts.
  • Learn about common interests and pain points in your target market
  • Smart ads can target users based on their location and interests.

There are some disadvantages to using social media to generate leads for realtors:

  • Your news feed must be different from the rest.
  • You must be able to compete against algorithms that deprioritize posts
  • You must keep your users interested by posting consistently

While social media can be challenging, it is worth trying. This allows people to search for you on these networks to find out more information about your agency.

3. Content marketing

Cost: $2000-$10,000 / mo.

Content Marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing.

Content Marketing Has Many Advantages:

  • Your agency can use content marketing 24/7
  • Content marketing can bring long-term success, especially if it’s always green.
  • Content Marketing is a way of capturing users at all stages of the buying process.
  • Content marketing is a way to turn leads into clients.
  • Content marketing Increases your visibility in search results

Content marketing has its downsides:

  • Content Marketing involves the creation, editing, publishing and development of content
  • Content marketing takes time
  • Content marketing risks failure depending on topic selection

There are many pros to content marketing such as SEO that can convince companies not to ignore it for lead generation. Experienced content agencies can help real estate agents succeed in content marketing.

4. Email marketing

Cost: $9-$1000 / mo.

Email marketing can be used regardless of industry to generate leads. Use compelling content and an automated drip campaign to attract and nurture leads.

Email marketing for lead generation has many benefits:

  • Low-cost, cost-effective way to generate leads
  • You can use it to engage users by sending them personalized emails with their address and name. 
  • Use drip campaigns to nurture leads, such as homeowners looking to sell.
  • We encourage you to refer more clients to our company by providing exclusive deals for existing clients.
  • A remarkable return on investment (ROI) can be achieved with an average of $44 per $1.

Email marketing is not without its drawbacks.

  • It takes some time to set up
  • In most instances, email software is required
  • Requires Building of a Subscriber’s List

These aren’t the only downsides to email marketing. We chose this lead generation strategy for real estate agents because it delivers results.

5. PPC advertising

Cost: $9000-$10,000 / mo.

Real estate companies also use PPC advertisements to generate qualified leads. 

There are many advantages to using PPC advertising in order to generate leads:

  • Attract qualified BOFU leads
  • Visitors who have visited your site before can remarket to it
  • You could be the first-ranked search result for high-value searches
  • Create ad campaigns to target different users, such as homeowners and homebuyers.

There are some drawbacks to PPC advertising for leads generation for realtors.

  • Each lead must have paid
  • You must make sure that your ads are active

PPC advertising is a great way to attract leads quickly. They don’t need a monthly budget.

FAQs about real estate lead generation

Please visit our FAQ: for more information about real estate lead generation.

What’s lead generation?

Focus on lead generation to get website visitors to convert to paying customers.

Lead generation involves a series of steps that narrow down your potential client base to provide qualified leads.

Lead generation gives valuable insights to your team and allows you to tailor marketing messages so that they resonate with prospects.

What’s a real estate lead generation company?

Real estate lead generation businesses are those that offer a platform for agents to buy, nurture and find leads. Google My Business is an exception.

What’s a lead generation service to real estate?

Real estate leads can be attracted, nurtured, and closed. While companies can only invest in cold calling strategies, agencies will see a higher return if they use email marketing and SEO to generate leads.

These services are more efficient because they concentrate on bringing customers to your office rather than pushing them to it (which is what cold calling does). It allows you to connect with people who are actively looking for a real estate agent.

Why is lead generation in real estate important?

It is important that your site is easy to find when someone searches for a local realtor.

These are useful, but they cannot be converted into leads. 

What’s the cost for real estate leads?

The cost of real estate leads depends on many factors, such as where you are located, your target market, the lead generation company or service, and how much you charge. 

Is it worth investing in real estate leads?

Zillow Premier Agent is a highly-rated lead generation company for real estate. Many realtors depend heavily on Zillow Premier Agent to find their next client. They would see a higher return on their investment if Lead Generation Services were used such as SEO, email marketing, and content marketing.

These services can help you locate real estate professionals by attracting and nurturing leads and closing deals. This increases your lead generation abilities.

While your competitors focus on the bottom, you can be focused on each stage. 

This smarter, more efficient lead generation strategy is what our digital agency uses with great success. 

How do I get more real-estate leads

If you are a real estate agent looking to attract more clients, there are many ways you can increase awareness about your services. 

Hosting webinars or other online events

Business leads can get involved in industry events. They can watch webinars from their offices.

Webinars continue to generate leads long after the event has ended. 

Presentations and webinars from the past can be promoted on your site or social media accounts.

Website content of premium

Premium content includes interactive surveys and downloadable guides, which you can give to your visitors free of charge.

Before making a final decision, people research potential real estate companies online. Your content will be more useful if they find it useful. However, you may choose to “gate” some valuable items.

Site visitors need to enter an email address in order to access the materials. Based on what they downloaded, you can follow up with them and tailor your communications to their needs.

You can email first-time buyers tips to anyone who downloads the guide about buying a house.

It is more common for people to choose a real estate agent that provides helpful information online.

Even though potential leads might not need your services right away, they will remember your name once they do.

Send email newsletters

After you have created a subscriber list , you can keep in touch with potential leads via email newsletters .

People don’t like spamming emails. You should give your subscribers access to resources they can’t find elsewhere.

Include a link to your website with every email. This will make it easy for people to find more information. Encourage readers to share your content among their family and friends.

Post on social media

You can use social media to increase brand awareness. For qualified leads, realtors can use platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

To generate leads, it is important to understand your target market. Social media allows you to learn more about your target market and to adapt your marketing strategies to reach them.

You can communicate online with prospects using social media. Answer their questions, provide helpful content and assist them in their information search.

Social media can be a great way to reach your target audience and convert leads into sales. It is also easy to use because there are so many people using it every day.

These lead generation services for real estate can help you get more leads

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