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Does learning sales techniques make you feel … dirty?

Of course, this is not a stupid thing. You won’t have enough money if you don’t.

This is what. You will be making your skin crawl by pretending to smile and acting like your best friend while convincing strangers to say yes to your products and services.

It’s not you. If we are being truthful? It’s wrong. Like sell-your-soul-to-the-devil-and-go-straight-to-hell wrong.

It is possible to create a successful business, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your core values. You may be wondering about …

Is it possible?

The solution to this problem is


Ethical selling is possible, and it is important.

If you think this is just another broken-blogger sales tactic, it’s not. I have seen firsthand what works and doesn’t for me.

After decades of listening to sleazy salesmen scream, people are tired of being told lies and have adopted the friend-is-best attitude. 

They will happily give the middle finger to anyone who tries to fake it.

Let’s not forget about social media. As people get more connected, it’s becoming harder for scammers to sell snake oil and make a living from their con.

One person presses, and they’re on Facebook in 5 minutes. You lose your reputation forever.

Selling in a new way that doesn’t compromise your soul

Many businesses aren’t suited to the heavy-handed sales tactics of the past. 

Smart business people adapt their sales methods. What is the best headline to use in a sales presentation?

Sales are no longer about manipulating people, but about helping them.

Charm is not the goal, but empathy. Building a brand that people love and will continue to buy from for a lifetime is important.

8 Tips to Make Your Sales More Profitable

This is the best part about it. Your soul remains clean.

These sales tips will help you sell without changing who you are. You can sleep at night knowing you made the world a better place.

Does this sound cool?

Okay, now. These six sales strategies will help you get going.

#1: Don’t worry about making a sale. Instead, focus on helping others

Are you afraid of selling? Don’t like the idea?

Here’s why:

People see how much you care for them.

People will distrust you if your primary concern is selling, rather than finding the right product for them.

Stop trying not to sell.

You don’t have to think about how much money you will make if your customers buy. Don’t think about your sales goals, quotas, or other goals. Your priority should be helping them.

This could be referring to your product because it solves their problem. 

It doesn’t matter how big it affects your bottom line. What matters is care and honesty.

Don’t forget that successful salespeople aren’t pushy. Their focus is on the customer.


#2: Do not mention your product within the first 20 minutes

Many salespeople are proud to have the “gift of gab.” “

They are open to sharing stories, and jokes, and promoting their products or services from the moment they first meet you. If they push the right buttons and you don’t object to it, they will sell.

This is why we avoid them. We do this because we are tired of their gibberish and worry that they will continue talking if we let them get started.

It’s better not to say anything. Take 20 minutes to listen to your customers and then start to talk about your products and services. Get to know your customers.

People will buy from you because you understand their needs. 

Trust is worth more than words.

#3: Create authentic relationships

Relationships come before sales techniques. Period.

No matter where you work, it’s easier than ever for people to get to know you. 

Let’s say you meet someone face to face, talk about potential business partners and exchange contact details.

What if you took the first step in the relationship-building process to make that collaboration happen before you contact them?

Create a podcast interview outline or budget for the series.

Doing the work upfront can make a big difference in the success and longevity of your project.

You are not only pushing the project forward, but you also show your work ethic and values. This will help improve your relationship.

Your efforts to establish meaningful relationships with your prospects will be appreciated. It will be easier to show prospects how your products or services can benefit their lives.

#4: Get the chalk and forget the yellow highlighter

Let me guess. Long sales letters with big red headlines, a yellow highlighter, and long sentences will likely turn off potential customers.

Yeah. Yes.

For years, marketers have treated us like we had ADD. We will be distracted and stop buying anything else.

It is simply false. 

In teaching.

Rather than trying to convince people to buy from the first contact, which is unlikely, you should get them on your email list.

Provide them with free training that shows the value of your offer. Send them reports, videos, and interviews that show how they can achieve their goals without having to pay.

If it’s good, it’s easy for people to buy it.

#5: Trade dollars to purchase dimes 

Let’s say I sell dollar bills at $.10 a piece. Which number would you purchase?

You have the right to sell as many copies as you want.

What if you could offer the same deal with your product?

Marketers that aren’t professionals create products worth X, and then they sell them for X. You can sell an information product for $100 if its value proposition is clear and market forces suggest it is worth $100.

This is the place to be if you want to make an irresistible deal:      

You can sell your product for $10 if its value is $100. This is a tempting deal due to the 10X difference in value.

I want to be clear. This strategy doesn’t aim at lowering prices. This strategy aims to increase value.

Always offer more to your customers than you take to make your products and services irresistible. 

#6: It’s simple to join your email list.

Let’s not forget irresistibility and value.

You can join your email list for free. If aggressive selling is not something you enjoy, then email may be the right place.

It is a good idea to offer incentives to sign up for your mailing list. The main draw is your newsletter subscription.

Imagine someone receiving emails from you. 

These smart email marketing tips can be used as a complement to the other techniques. The right emails build trust, strengthen relationships, and increase sales.

This is your opportunity to speak directly with prospects and shows concern for their needs or wants.

#7: After the sale, you are responsible.

Imagine you just bought a new Apple computer, but are struggling to understand how it works. You decide to visit the Apple Store one day and get help.

He looks at you with disgust and sneers. “Our job isn’t to create a computer that runs well with the software. That’s your problem.

Ridiculous, right?

Apple Store offers a variety of products to create a memorable customer experience.

This is a mistake many marketers make.

Let’s say you’re an average author of ebooks. You write what you know, then bundle it in an ebook.

It is great when the customer gets results from the ebook. If it doesn’t, it is not her fault.


The Smart ebook authors provide checklists, homework assignments, and a guide to help customers use the information.

Some companies may offer to pair customers up with accountability partners or even offer a premium package that includes one-on-one consulting.

Your customers will be more satisfied and leave more reviews. It is possible to charge more when your customers get results.      

#8: Guarantee their satisfaction or their money back

What is the difference between ethical and purely commercial sales tactics?

Simple: A strong customer satisfaction guarantee. If the customer isn’t satisfied for any reason, he may return the product to receive a full refund

Here’s why:

Smart marketers understand that they’re not selling products or services. Marketers who don’t deliver results will be able to tell that the customer isn’t worthy of being paid.

It’s a great business idea that increases sales. I have seen sales rise to 80% when clients offer a no-nonsense guarantee on their products. This makes buying online easier and leads to greater sales.

The truth is that the more confident you can be about your guarantee, then the higher your sales.

My guest blogging course comes with an unconditional 30-day satisfaction guarantee. For any reason, you can receive a full refund. You can also get a guest post on any blog you choose within the 90-day guarantee or your money back.

What are the results?

An online business that generates six figures per year.

Perhaps you are also interested to know that the second guarantee cannot be used by students with more than 350 students. 

The bottom line: Selling doesn’t have to be evil

It’s possible, and even desirable, to do the reverse.

I believe that you can truly help people by listening to and solving their problems, offering them great deals on products, and services, and making a positive difference in their lives.

There is nothing you can do wrong. Perhaps we could even say that your actions are helping to make the world a better place.

These are the best sales styles!

You get paid for it. Every day you make an impact on the lives of people. Customers will pay you more if you do your job well.      

Do not get attached to the word “selling”. There are so many things at stake.

While you may be able to make a fortune, there are many people whose lives you could improve with your products or services.

By making them procrastinate and cringe, you’re denying them a better tomorrow.

You are the one who sells the truth. Without you, progress will slow to a halt.

These ethical selling strategies will help you get noticed.

Help someone.

Get rich.

Rest easy knowing that your soul is safe.

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