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Review from customers increases conversions and ranks SEOs higher. They are essential for any eCommerce platform. They are a must-have for any eCommerce platform. Users can also create content that will naturally increase your website’s organic keyword footprint. Unfavorable reviews are also useful. Reevoo’s study found that 68 percent of people feel more confident when they are able to see both positive and negative outcomes. The transfer rate for people looking for negative feedback is 85 percent higher.

It is important to remember that product reviews will be required on your website. Loox reviews is one of many review platforms that you can consider. Its photo-centric social proof makes it one of the most popular. There are other review platforms on the market that offer similar features and advantages. When choosing a review site, it is important to understand which feature is most relevant for the public. We recommend the following Loox alternatives for brands and retailers to consider when reviewing Loox.

Reviews about Loox

Customers react better to images created by users than stock images, according to studies. This is why customers take new photos almost every day. Loox, a photo review application that allows users to leave feedback about products using photos, was created in recognition of this tendency.

The only way to get feedback is through text input. As the internet developed, photos and videos have become the preferred medium. With picture feedback and free promotion, your happy customers will be brand ambassadors.

Your product will be more popular if more people leave positive feedback and upload photos to your online shop. This will increase your brand’s reputation and make a lasting impression on others who may not have yet purchased it.

Loox’s reviews app has many prominent features. The app is easy to set up, offers a variety of themes, sends automatic reminders by email, and has a review tracking feature. You can also display the reviews on your page in pop-ups and import them to AliExpress.

Top 12 Loox Alternatives & Competitions

Product Review – Photos Reviews

Product Review and Photo Reviews allows stores to increase conversions by showing on the store frontier real-time sales updates.

It allows shops to show clients in-depth purchases, which can help them to believe that the product is unavailable. This will increase their likelihood of purchasing the commodity. This app also allows you to build customer trust. The app will send out sales alerts so that customers assume the shop is busy with daily transactions. This psychological data could be used to incentivize them to pay.

You can customize the layout and design of the popups to fit your business’s needs and style. You can alter the color, font, frame, animation effects and even the position of the popups on the screen. With the support of custom CSS, you can also modify your popups.


Yotpo, a content marketing tool primarily designed for retail shops and e-commerce shops, is the most popular and widely used. Yotpo offers many out-of-the box functionalities that have been suggested by our experts for interested users. This framework allows users to write product reviews and make the most of them to increase sales. Yotpo was created to be a plug-and-play social and e-commerce platform. It allows users to have smarter, easier mobile first-time reviews than any of its competitors.

Yotpo’s uniqueness lies in its ability to turn over user experience and encourage potential customers to be regular customers of more than just your products’ quality. Social curation is a new feature that allows users to collect and organize Instagram content. This gives the platform a competitive edge.

The device has been upgraded with a powerful analysis suite that allows you to dive into your UGC funnel and report on content, transactions, and optimization. The screen shows both conversion and communication details. It is easy for the consumer to see limitations and decide how his methods can improve.

Yotpo offers a standard set of marketing functions in combination with analytics and social curation. This includes review production, retention and marketing. To keep up with the latest developments in social advertising, you can significantly increase your ad-ROI. In-mail formats as well as smartphone apps allow you to quickly create reviews. This allows consumers to rate each device and location. These algorithms distinguish between premium traffic and average traffic so that the right products can be delivered to the right people.

Yotpo has both a free and premium pricing plan that can be customized to your needs and business size. For more information and consultation on the premium version, please contact the vendor.

Shopify Product Reviews

Shopify’s Product Reviews App is essential to increase sales and make feedback easier for all ecommerce managers. This will allow you to share customer interactions with Product Reviews in a simple and easy way.

You can attach information to each product with Product Reviews. This can help you and your customers build a positive relationship. This will increase sales exponentially in your store.

It will fit seamlessly into your store’s design so don’t be concerned about the design. You can also customize all interface options, colors, and samples without any coding required. You can also import and export ratings to CSV using the Import and Export feature. This extension is free and worth it to increase your sales.

Shopper Approved

Shopper approved is a platform to gather and syndicate feedback. The program collects feedback from consumers and distributes it to a large audience. So that customers can focus on their reviews, the software doesn’t offer any rewards for reviews.

Online ventures can also see an increase in the number of recommendations and ratings they have received with Shopper Approved. They can connect, interpret and turn consumer feedback into actionable information that will help them develop their services. The platform provides a network of delivery channels that allow consumers to leave feedback and ratings via one channel. These ratings can also be found on other integrated platforms.

Customers can leave reviews through a variety of convenient channels, such as email surveys, after-purchase surveys, QR codes, and others. This gives customers more ways to share their experiences. Shopper Approved is easy to deploy. It allows businesses to curate and manage the reviews directly after purchasing the market solution.

Shopper Approved pricing is customer-based. This means that the features and prices paid are tailored to your business’s needs and requirements. You can also get a 30-day free trial to test the software.


PowerReviews can be used to automate customer inquiries, gain feedback, and increase brand awareness.

PowerReviews’ first immediate effect is an increase in comments and ratings from customers. This tactic will convert casual browsers to customers. Retailers will likely see higher profits and feel more in control of their company’s management or changes.

PowerReviews offers many answer/review options. You can answer questions quickly and encourage online shoppers to shop faster. To increase organic traffic, you can use digital FAQs, expert moderation and incoming SEO. There are many response sources.

Ranking and Analysis compares the benefits and drawbacks of each service with an inline SEO. This allows you to find keywords that interest you. The system also uses Face-Off ratings to distinguish between constructive and negative feedback, and select the ones that are most beneficial.

PowerReviews offers only enterprise pricing. For more information, you will need to contact the vendor directly. There is no free trial for the system to test it out before purchasing.


Trustpilot aims to build trust between corporations and customers. Trustpilot allows companies to create a positive brand image through gathering reviews from consumers, better understanding consumers, and showcasing products, company, or services. Trustpilot has reviewed over 360,000 websites from more than 65 companies including WordPress and Dior.

It also provides increased traffic through paid and organic search. Trustpilot allows interaction between customers and companies. This feature allows organizations to respond to negative feedback and to re-connect with customers who aren’t satisfied. It also helps to increase customer retention.

Trustpilot allows businesses to gather real user feedback as well as suggestions that can be used to assist other consumers in making better purchasing decisions. It is possible to identify and correct negative feedback from customers. These negative feedbacks can be used to identify areas in which your brand can grow and improve.

Trustpilot provides a free account that includes basic features for new users. You can also choose the Standard plan, which starts at $199 per month for more advanced features. Enterprise pricing can be a good option for large companies. It is customizable based on your business needs.

Bazaarvoice Connections

Bazaarvoice Connects allows brands to respond to customer inquiries and address customer feedback through different shopping platforms. This framework can be used to influence both in-store and online purchases to increase brand loyalty, reduce returns and generate brand loyalty. With ten years of experience, it allows users to access the most user-created content and scope as well as insights.

BazaarVoice is a top choice for many reasons. The system allows you to increase sales by providing shoppers with solutions. You can also market your products and communicate with customers via the Bazaarvoice network. It provides feedback and answers to help protect the company’s credibility. This helps to motivate supporters and makes it easier for potential customers to research their products.

Bazaarvoice Connections also offers Syndication Reporting, which allows consumers to see the impact and reach of their content. The method also gives marketers the opportunity to increase efficiency and distribute their content more effectively.

Bazaarvoice Connections has two pricing options – premium and free plans.

Verified Reviews

Verified reviews allow consumers to rate their products by gleaning consumer feedback and products. This has been a great way to increase exposure, customer satisfaction, confidence, and to increase the turnover of leaders in many companies.

The purpose of checked reports is not just to evaluate, but also to assess and evaluate the feedback from customers after an order has been placed. The app connects marketing and management departments to improve customer efficiency.

Rich snippets allow the app to improve search engine results for any business. All rich snippets that businesses use will be visible in all search results. It ensures that the most important content on websites is recognized. The PLA framework allows enterprises to benefit from Google Shopping Advertising and campaigns that promote their products and services, and provides prospective customers with better access.

The best thing about the product is the fact that feedback can be used to advertise. This is done by showing customer loyalty and the quality of service provided to prospective clients. Google Seller Ratings Stars also increases brand awareness and maximizes marketing campaign benefits. It also increases the click rate up to 17%.

Verified Reviews has a variety of pricing options available to suit every business size, and each plan comes with a free trial. For the Infinite plan which offers custom advanced features, the price is $99/month. You will need to contact the vendor for more information.


TrustSpot gives e-commerce businesses, online retailers, digital traders and traders the chance to gather and deliver feedback from current clients in order to increase brand awareness, consumer confidence and boost revenues. Once the transaction is complete and marked as complete, TrustSpot automatically sends customers a review request form.

TrustSpot allows you to promote customer input in a way that encourages customers to convert. You can use fine seals and badges, buttons, tabs and other promotional tools such as buttons, tabs, tabs, etc. Tourists can purchase these elements on the spot and feel extremely relaxed when they receive constructive and substantive feedback.

TrustSpot offers an interactive predictive feature that allows you to see how your customers use your email. TrustSpot also collects input from users on search engines and websites. This allows you to get a clear picture of your customers, identifies brand ambassadors, and creates sustainable marketing strategies that can help your company succeed.

TrustSpot pricing is very transparent. TrustSpot offers four pricing plans, starting at $149 per month. For custom features specific to your business, contact the vendor and ask for a demo. Custom solutions plans start at $1500/month. An annual subscription will save you 20% over monthly plans.


Reevoo creates authentic content for brands, products, and services. Reevoo’s content collection feature is strong and gathers news, reviews, as well as other information.

Reevoo is a powerful tool that captures and exchanges accurate prices and comments from clients involved in share. This framework generates and publishes compelling consumer information. It also builds trustful partnerships. Reevoo gives customers the ability to buy more and encourages them to make great products and services. The system will collect reviews and provide detailed reports and analytics to help you gain deeper insights into your customers.

Reevoo offers a quote plan. To get a custom price based on your feature packages, you will need to contact the vendor. You cannot get a free trial.


TurnTo offers a modern set of customers and many useful plugins that can be used by online retailers to improve the review process and rank. TurnTo is the best tool to maximize your content’s value and increase conversion. It also offers amazing traffic and an unbeatable opportunity for random buyers to become regular customers.

This suite includes several components such as credit analysis and analysis, user questions, suggestions, visual reviews, checkout comments and access to online merchants. This customer-generated content provider, which is rapidly evolving, promotes interaction with customers for retail products and displays key trends to their businesses.

The algorithms used to answer past questions are saved to the base. Features like “Ask Owners”, and “Social Merchandising”, which connect users through social networks, work with these algorithms. This allows the customer to find everything he requires without having to leave the product page. The customer will need to provide a POS statement for other customers at check-out.

TurnTo allows you to retain customers, provide valuable content for higher SERPs results, improve sales using social networking benefits, and most importantly, increase brand awareness. This framework streamlines buying habits, helps marketers assess their value and can potentially uncover negative or positive patterns that could be crucial for their businesses.

TurnTo doesn’t offer a free plan. To use the premium version of TurnTo, you will need to contact the vendor for custom pricing and additional details.


Feefo provides a cost-effective, highly efficient digital customer feedback platform for processing and reviewing real feedback, recommendations and insights from customers. It is a Google Premier Partner and claims to be trusted by over 5000 brands. Feefo users have the ability to easily access actionable, high-impact data that allows them to deliver better products and services. This information can be derived from actual customer input.

Feefo increases the SEO ranking for its customers’ websites, boosts Google seller scores, and is a feedback gathering engine. Feefo is able to increase traffic volume and save money through reducing the cost of PPC ads. It can also improve conversion rates.

Feefo offers three different features packages: Advanced, Complete, Essential. Prices will vary depending on how advanced and many features you choose for your business. To help you make better choices, every plan comes with a demo request.

Last words

Overall, customer reviews and ratings have a huge impact on online businesses’ engagement and sales performance. They serve as social proof and help to attract more attention and trust.

There are many rating and review systems available for free to help small and medium-sized businesses. Each system offers unique competitive features that can be tailored to each business’s needs and structure.

Although Loox reviews are a well-known review app for online merchants, it is not the only one. It also has its limitations. We hope you find our 12 Loox reviews alternatives useful.

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