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Affiliate programs offer many ways to make money online. This article provides a list of free email templates to help with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing strategies can earn you commissions by referring customers, prospects, and traffic to retailers’ websites. This article will cover free affiliate marketing templates.

These 20 email templates [2022] will help you grow your affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing allows anyone to make money by recommending leads, purchases, and traffic to merchants’ websites. Affiliate systems offer many ways to make money online.

These email templates are free for affiliates and will help you create the emails your subscribers and customers want to read. Use creative ideas to inspire your emails to promote affiliate deals. These tips will help you create compelling subject lines and body text as well as call-to-action buttons.

You can save money and time on your email marketing campaigns by 2022

These are 20 free templates for affiliate marketing that you can use

1. Template for Welcome

We are pleased to accept your warm welcome at [[your site ].].”]. All the best!

I am a new member of our team and wanted to send you a short email to say hello and introduce myself.

If you are serious about the purpose of your website, this will be a life-changing opportunity for you.

We won’t bother until you have something new to look forward to, as I’m sure that you are aware. Please be patient.

We will occasionally send an email to you when we announce a new course or offer a free resource.

This seems to be a reasonable conclusion, don’t ya think? Great!

To ensure that you don’t miss anything, follow us on social media if you haven’t already.

Facebook: [[Facebook Page: Link to This Page]]. Twitter: [[link at Twitter profile]] – You can add as many networks as you like. Keep checking back for my next message. I’m [Your Name] We appreciate you joining us! As a thank-you, I will send you the best material and some exclusive subscriber-only items.

This is all possible and will help you achieve your [[site goal]].

To ensure that subscribers receive our emails, I have created a short whitelisting guide. [[Whitelisting Instructions]] can be found here. You can see it yourself here: [[link to instructions on whitelisting]]

In my next email, I will be discussing [[the topic of the email on the following day]]].

Title=Cooperation – [[Your company]] + [Product you’re selling] Source Introducing the Product Email Template. Thank you for reaching out to me. I was referred to you by a trusted source. Your name is [name of the source who provided you with their contact information]].

2. Starter Story: How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

This free 25-page guide is perfect for anyone who wants to start an affiliate marketing company or grow. Get our weekly newsletter for free and start receiving it now.

It’s likely that many of you already have it. I’ve also been bombarded with emails from delighted clients throughout the day.

For those who aren’t sure, I have made my own “unboxing” video. “.

If you’re looking to purchase [[product]] yourself, I’ll show how it works in real life in the video below.

Through its thumbnail image, you can link to the video’s landing pages. The “Unboxing Video Is Here [insert URL]]. Enjoy!

Some affiliate marketing email templates.

I’m [[Your Name]]. A big feature for bloggers: Greetings, [[Contact No]]. Hello! [[Name]] is here representing [[Name Of Company]].

Later this autumn, we’ll introduce a new feature called “feature name” that will allow bloggers like yourself to better monetize their visitors on static evergreen websites. [[Plus, your blog content would be a great match for this service]] I was curious if you were interested in being part of our beta testing team. I noticed that you wrote about new products on my blog.

Beta testers will have an opportunity to see [[feature name]] in action and to make comments to our development team. We will use your feedback and suggestions to influence the future development of this product.

Please send me an email if you are interested.

Best, [[Name]] title=Dododon’t Worry! We’ve got you covered from the Abandoned Cart Email Template, Greetings, [[Recipient’s Name].

3. Holiday Email Template

It’s easy to get lost in our busy lives and lose sight of the things we have in our shopping carts, even though they are full of amazing finds.

We’ve already stored your items, but they are still waiting for you to arrive. These items might be in your shopping basket:

Images, titles, and prices of [[Items]] are the required information to complete your order. [[Number]] refers to the last number. It’s now % off [[Complete My Order directly link ]].] Questions? We are available at [[Sales email]] for any questions.

If you have anything to share, please contact us!

This email template is perfect for the holidays. Get the Best Deals Right Now! [[Contact Name]] here.

It’s the [[Holiday]], and we owe ourselves to do everything possible. We’re making [[Offer]] today available to everyone!

To take advantage of this amazing deal, visit our website today. We have introduced many new products since your last visit.

4. Email Template: Opening Channels Again

You can find the [[Shop Now Affiliate link]] here. It’s happening all over again! This email template’s subject line reads: Greetings [[Prospect Name]] What has been happening in your life lately? I wish you peace and happiness.

Last time we spoke, you were attracted to [[Feature X]]. Our innovative solution in this area has delighted many of our customers.

These important developments would be great to discuss with you at a convenient time for you. Please let me know as soon as you can if [date and time]] is convenient for your schedule or if there’s another time.

Please let me know if you have questions to help me prepare.

5. Email Template Personalized for Job/Industry

Best, Title=Help for [[Standardized job Title]]s starting from [[Name]] Source Email template Hello, [[Contact Number]]! In this instance, I am speaking on behalf of [[Company/Agency]]. [[What’s your business’s story?]] I was recently drawn to your LinkedIn profile as a [[Standardized Title]] and would like to speak with you about your current job. The reply may appeal to you as a Standardized Job Title. This includes the ability to automate customer conversations and set up email outreach on autopilot.

Similar feature N.1]]

[[Feature N]] That’s related to this conversation:.2]

The [[Related feature (N)].3]

This solution could be of value to you. If so, I’d be glad to show you how it works.

According to the [[City]] weather forecast, it will be [[Weather]] degrees tomorrow and [[Weather Conditions]] tomorrow.

6. The Personalized Email Template

I would be happy to help you in any way that I can. Thank you for visiting my site, and hello [[name]]. Just found your [[blog post/comment/status]] on [[platform]]. We are grateful. Your ideas were very informative. I agree with many of them.

This is why I reached out to you to find out if our software could help you and your firm deal with the [[problem].]].

7. Email Template Before-After-Bridge

I am available at [[day]] or [[time]]. I would love to have a short 10-minute conversation with you if you are available. Again, many thanks. Let me begin by introducing myself to you. Source In an email template’s subject line, the bridge connecting before and after “Mobile Optimization” is used. Hello, [[Contact Name]]! It is unfortunate that [[Blog]] has not been optimized for mobile usage. This could lead to some potential clients being turned down.

In what ways might your website be improved with the help of such a [[tool/service/plugin? ]]?

You can do the same with [[your product].

Do you want to learn more?

8. Smart Selling Bullet-Point Email Template

Thank you, Let me begin by introducing myself to you. Bullet-Point Email Template title=[[Reason to contact]] Hello, [[Contact No]] Just wanted to send you a quick message to check in on you. Because [[explain how and why you got their contact information]]. I would like to contact you.

A new platform has been created to assist [[Organization name]] in their business. Here is the [[One-sentence summary and advantages]]. This is how we do it:

This [[Benefit/feature 1]] has resulted in this.

You can also get an additional [[Benefit] or feature 2].

Optional [[Benefits or features – -]].

Examine the specific ways that [[name the program or app]] could be of benefit to you and your business. What time and date is most convenient for you?

Cheers! [[Name]]

9. Recommend a Tool Email Template

Title=Have your tried using [[tool]] to achieve [[goal]]?” Source: [[First Name]] Welcome to the community! Just came across your tweet regarding the [[trouble they’re experiencing]]. Have you tried [[recommendation-affiliate link]]? It’s been a big hit in my group. If you are interested, I would be glad to discuss it with you or send some samples and templates.

Regards, [[Name]]

10. Offer Business Value Email Template

Hello, [[Contact Name]]! Collaboration with people from different [[Industry/position]]s can be difficult.

We have assisted many firms [insert business driving] which has resulted in [[money lost, revenue gained or productivity improvement].]

If this is something that you are struggling with, let’s have a quick phone conversation. I would be glad to share my thoughts with you.

Happy New Year! [[Name]]

11. Last Chance Email Template

[Product advantage] Greetings, [[Contact Name].] Good morning! For the last few days, I have been sharing with you [[product]], which is my best solution to [[solving problems]]s.

The deal will end on [[date]] unfortunately. This will be my last chance to let you know.

This is your last chance to buy [[product]] before it goes completely out of stock.

These are just a few highlights:

Point 1 of The Unique Selling Proposition

Point 2 of USP

Point 3 of the Trifecta

In case you haven’t seen it, my “unboxing” video [[product]] can be found here:

You can find the [[link for unpacking landing page]] here. You have until now to make a decision or risk being expelled. Click the link below to get [[product]]. The [[link] to the offer]] link is [[link]]. [[Your Name]] sincerely,

12. Email Template for Brand Affiliate

Greetings, [[insert influencer’s name]. My business is called [[insert name here]]. My name is [[insert company name here]. We’re following your posts on [[insert platform here]] and [[insert topic relevant to your brand’s specialization here]].

We would love for you to join our network as brand ambassadors. We feel that [[insert another thing that is relevant to the content of your brand]] aligns with our company’s values, mission, and [[insert details regarding the program’s benefits, your brand’s purpose, and what it offers]].

You can work with us as an affiliate brand by entering the following information:

Contact me if you would like to know more about our brand-affiliated program!

Check mail jet

Your kind words are greatly appreciated! It’s [[name here]].

13. Template for Affiliate Welcome Email

“Hello there!” It’s quite an exciting thing to be a part of [[affiliate program name]].

You are passionate about promoting the [product/service that affiliate will promote]] product.

We have compiled a list to help you during the onboarding process.

Step one is to become a member [[company]].

What are the terms and conditions of the affiliate program?

Database of knowledge

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact us.

14. Bait Reward Email Template

Hello, [[Contact Name]]! You wanted a better way for your friends to sign up to [[COMPANY]]. We are here to assure you that you have been heard. It is time for a [[CUSTOMIZED REGNOMINATION]].

You’ll receive a [[CUSTOMIZED RETAIL]] when you refer a friend to our program. It’s that simple!

Invite your friends now! We appreciate your kind words. [[Team Name For Affiliate Marketing]] [[Company]]

15. Affiliate Recruit Email Template

Register [[your business name]] to become an Affiliate Recruiter. Earn up to 75% Commission. Yours sincerely. I am an agent from [[your company]]’s Business Development Department.

We look forward to working together on our affiliate program and bringing new clients to our website.

If you refer a customer to us, we’ll pay up to 75% of their selling price. We’ll provide you with all the marketing support you need so you don’t have any worries.

We can provide a custom-built version as well as an affiliate code and landing pages. We can help you analyze and improve your campaign’s performance.

We appreciate your positive response and hope that you will join our Affiliate Program.

My best wishes to you. I’m [[your name].] Organizational Advancement

16. Templates for Affiliate Retargeting Emails

[[Contact Name]]. Today, I was browsing through our system and found that you had checked it!

Yes, I enjoyed it. I hope so :):):).

To get a lead magnet, you need to For your convenience, we’ve put up a free cheat sheet/checklist/video/webinar on the subject.

I believe that you missed it the first time. I am here to ensure you get the most from our resources.

This cheat sheet contains [description of the magnet]]. It’s sure to please!

We have provided a link to the file for your convenience: [[downloadpage link]]. Enjoy!

The free post is likely to help people achieve the goal of reading it faster, easier, or better. That information would be great to have.

This is how [[name]] works. These are just a few of the many reasons I strongly recommend [[product]].

If you have one, please add it here. You must put in the effort to achieve [[what people hope to do by reading this free article]]. This page contains information about [[product]] I hope you find it helpful.

[[link to sales page]] [[Insert a case for scarcity here]] Sincerely. Also, [[reason why you should buy the product plus one additional link to it].

17. Customers should feel special

I’m [[Your Name]]. We are grateful for your support! Hello, [[Contact Name]]! We spotted the [[ACTIVITY DONE]]!

We’d love to thank you for all your efforts and include you in our referral program, where you can earn [[REWARD]]] by referring others to our site.

Our program now offers additional referral options.

We now accept emails, tweets, and comments via Facebook on our brand.

To do this, simply [[give directions]]

This is the best thing you can do.

Your [[CUSTOMIZED RAWARD]] is being closely monitored at all times.

Your friends are waiting for your return.

We are grateful for your kind words.

[[Company]Affiliate]’s Marketing Team Source

18. Real-Life Demo Template Example

Subject: [Product name]: A look behind the scenes

“Hey [your name],

I spoke about [product name] yesterday, and how it is the best thing since sliced bread when [issue solved with the product].

A large number of people have downloaded it, and I have been receiving countless emails from delighted clients throughout the day.

For those who aren’t sure, I have made my own “unboxing” video.

If you decide to buy [thing], I will show you exactly how it works in real life in the video below.

Video landing page link: [video’s thumbnail image]

Click Here to See the “Unboxing Video”


Enter your name here: “Your Name”

19. Example of FAQ Email Template

This book contains all the information you need to learn about this subject.

(Your name is here): Hey!

You know, I have been talking to you about [product Link], the most important item that has helped me [fix the problem the product addresses] over the past several days.

You guys have sent me several emails asking for information about [product].

It occurred to me that everyone could have the same concerns. So I collected the most relevant ones and attempted to address them all.

They are all available:

[Answer 1]

Answer 1

Which of the following are you referring to?

a: [answer two]


A: Answer 3 is correct

This section contains four questions.

Asked by A: [answer #4]

My responses indicate that I am a huge fan of [product].

If you are serious about [fixing the problem], then get [product] here.

Here’s how you can find it:

Keep checking back for my next message.

Enter your name here: “Your Name”

20. Example of a bonus email template

Intended Audiences: [LIMITED IN TIME] Get [Bonus] by taking advantage of this deal

“Hello [There | Name], “

My letters concerning [product] and how [it helped me] [fix an issue] were unanswered.

This is a fantastic opportunity!

This offer is valid only while stocks last. Grab [product] now and send me a copy!

The [Bonus 1]

The [Bonus 2]

The [Bonus #3]

Add all these bonuses together and you get $[value bonus]. You can get them all now for free.

All you have to do before [date of expiry] is to purchase [product].

Click Here to Download [Product] and Claim your Free Bonuses!

Send me a copy of your receipt and I will send you your freebies. I am grateful that you purchased my book.


Enter your name here: “Your Name”

What are the best ways to create a successful affiliate marketing business?

  • Be sure to choose your audience with care.
  • High-quality, useful information.
  • Find friends in your neighborhood.


Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep in touch with customers. Email templates can save you time and money by eliminating the need for you to create a new connection with your subscribers.

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