TikTok Content Marketing Master Guide


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Can you create a hook in 3 seconds? TikTok marketing might be a chance to showcase your content-creating skills.

TikTok’s popularity shows that it is not just hype. It has been a trusted channel for content marketers.

Three experts were interviewed to better help content marketers understand TikTok. We also gave a helpful tip to help you jump in with both feet.

If You’re Active, TikTok Allows Accidents

According to our experts, TikTok is more flexible than other social media networks like LinkedIn. 

TikTok focuses more on creating than any other platform, which can pose a problem for certain platforms.

“You need to get out there and experiment to discover what works,” Maayan, a TikTok marketing expert and cofounder of Champion Empire. Look for something that resonates and moves in that direction more often.

Content marketers must be ready to keep their content current and consider it an investment in legitimate marketing channels.

Maayan claims that TikTok can be a long-term investment. Even companies that grow quickly won’t see much for 6 months to 1 year. Media focuses on those who can gain millions of followers in just three to four months and then make big monetization deals.

Do your research, then do it again

Austin Iuliano is a social media marketing consultant. He suggests that marketers approach TikTok marketing with the mindset of learning the native culture. This could change quickly.

TikTok’s managing editors need to monitor the platform for broad trends as well as specific topics. Content managers must also track deeper patterns and look for those that are relevant to their industry.

The sea-shanty craze was extremely popular on the platform, but it is less common in niches where people prefer watching videos on silent, than reading the text on the screen.

Maayan believes that it is the best way to learn more about the platform to consume the same content every day, using hashtags that are relevant to your content. 

Notes can help you identify trends and keep you focused. This can be a small but important step in creating a successful campaign.

TikTok marketing: Share and don’t sell

TikTok is open for brands. Sales pitches don’t get a lot of attention on the platform. Brand awareness is key, not convincing people to purchase.

Iuliano believes that trend-jacking can help you gain a competitive edge in the algorithm. Your content and content calendar should be flexible.

Don’t be too polished as it can feel like a sales pitch. Your audience will engage with brands if they don’t feel that they’re being forced to listen.

Iuliano says, “People want both to see your successes and also the failures.” People will reward you for learning from your mistakes.

Explain the Content Marketing Role

The most difficult task for content marketers on TikTok is to find the right workflow for clients and your company.

Holly Harmon, 2Sense Social owner says you need to build trust with your client. These trending filters are used in many viral videos.

Harmon suggests having a clear process to generate and use media. Take a look at

  • Do you have media to share?
  • Do You Think the Client Will Send You Media?
  • What can a content marketer do for account owners?
  • How do you prepare an account owner to access content that is not available in the app?

TikTok rewards content creators for continuing to add content. TikTok can be a very satisfying platform if you establish a relationship and get the commitment to regular updates.

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