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Internet users need to be able to access information quickly and efficiently. It makes it easier for them to understand and absorb.

What is an explainer video?

These explainer videos are used to present your products and services. 

Kobe Digital explainer videos

Explainer videos can be a great way to provide instant information to website visitors. They are hungry for it.

These videos can improve the usability and usability of your site by allowing users to access information in a way that is different from reading your text.

Choose from five animated video styles when you use Kobe Digital explainer videos. Add your logo, brand colors, or commercially licensed music to give your videos a professional look.

Explainer videos usually last between 45 seconds to two minutes. These videos are short enough that viewers will be interested.

Explanatory videos by Kobe Digital

Each explainer video is customized to each client. Take a look at the templates and tell your account manager what style you want for your video. 

Did we mention…

Kobe Digital Pro Level Videos will show you the following:

Custom character design

Our video specialists can create a character that conveys your message using over 2,000 design attributes. Customers will learn more about your products through your customized character.

Illustrations custom made

Kobe Digital can create custom illustrations for up to five locations or other items that are important to your business. Kobe Digital can create immersive backgrounds like your lobby or storefront. Kobe Digital can create interchangeable objects such as company vehicles or specialty products.

Kobe Digital offers top-quality explainer videos 

It is important to capture and keep site visitors’ attention. This can be challenging.

Explainer videos can be a great way for you to increase your conversions, add value to your pages, and educate your audience about your products.

See our explanation video pricing.

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Explanatory videos offer many benefits

These benefits will help you decide if explainer video services are right for your company.

1. They keep site users interested

Explainer videos are great for keeping website visitors interested. 

It presents the same information as you would in paragraphs but in an appealing and fun way.

Videos can be engaging as they provide the same information as text, but users don’t have to read any. 

2. They show, but they don’t tell 

People respond better when they are shown information, not told.

Your search for a kitchen appliance has ended. 

The explanation video will explain everything you need to know about the cooktop.

An explainer video will show you how the oven heats up and how to use the overhead vent.

Your users will understand your product and service better if you present them with images, animations, and videos. 

They can digest it more quickly, so they have a higher chance of converting.

3. They improve conversions

Explainer videos can be a great way of increasing conversions on your website.

Explainer videos can be a great way for you to increase sales for your online company.

73% of customers will be more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video.

4. They can be a great asset to your website

Your website will benefit from explaining videos. These videos not only educate users about your products and services but also increase conversions.

Google appreciates when visitors spend more time on your website. This is a sign they are engaged with your pages and are taking the time to read them.

Videos are a great way to bring life to pages. Videos can also be used to break down large text chunks and make pages more attractive.

What industries would benefit from explainer video services?

Perhaps you are wondering if your industry would be a good fit for explaining video services.

Video explainers can be a great tool for any industry that offers goods and services.

These are just some examples of how different industries could utilize explainer videos on websites:

Restaurants, caterers, and bars
  • How you can make your favorite mixed beverage at home 
  • How to set up your venues, and what you do with them
  • What is the most common food served at large events?
  • How do you make the perfect beer
  • Where can I find locally-sourced ingredients
  • How do you drywall a client’s home
  • How to hang and level a photograph
  • This is how you help clients pick a color scheme that suits them
  • How do you fix a leaking tap
  • How to use the stapler
  • How to lay hardwood floors
Health and well-being
  • How do you draw blood from your child
  • How do you determine if your flu is
  • Check-in at your office
  • How your services can help heal addiction
  • How to Rent a Yoga Mat from a Rental Center
  • How oil can be drilled
  • How to make your products
  • How do you install a kitchen
  • How to make your products
  • How to Use Your Products
  • You can have your products wherever you want them
  • Others may use your products

These are just a few examples that illustrate how different industries use explainer videos on their websites. You are just one example of the many industries that use explainer videos on their websites.

Kobe Digital offers explainer video services

Kobe Digital can be a great tool for anyone looking to create explainer videos for their website.

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