Five Easy Steps To Increase Brand Awareness


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You have created some high-quality product branding. Now you know what your brand is and how it will be presented to the world. You’re only just starting to build a brand.

The brand can only be understood by customers if it is recognized. This is why the most difficult part of creating a brand is generating brand awareness. There are many ways to increase brand recognition.

These are five simple steps that will help you get brand awareness and create a brand for your company or product.

1. The Big One – Social Media Marketing

When writing about how to increase brand awareness, social media marketing must be at the top of your list.

It might seem obvious to mention that social media is important in 2018, but let’s find out: Where do most people spend large chunks of their daily time? It’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It makes sense, when it comes to creating brand awareness, to go where your customer is.

Another great thing about social media marketing? It’s free. This is a great way to build brand awareness. A large chunk of your time in the digital age will be spent on building a strong social media presence.

Depending on your industry, where you should focus your efforts will determine which social media platform is best for your company.

Make sure you are consistent once you have established a presence. Maintaining a social media presence is most important if you want to generate regular content. People lose interest quickly and it is difficult to get them back in touch with your brand if they stop checking in frequently.

Ironically, social media is the best place to add some human touch to your brand. Instagram is not just for brands. Regular people can also post photos and tweet about them.

A personal tone can help you gain a loyal audience. Remember that social media is a place where people use humor to entertain themselves.

However, posting and tweeting come with inherent dangers. It’s not a good idea to go too far or create a Twitter storm by posting something insensitive. Maybe you believe the old saying that there is no bad publicity.

Funny threads and cute videos can also trend just like off-color comments. Viral marketing is the ultimate way to create massive brand awareness.

You may be interested in the many tools that are available to help you manage your social media accounts. Automating your posts is a great way to save time, especially if you’re a small site or business.

2. There Is Safety In Numbers

What does it have in common with companies and products? All of them want to increase brand awareness. Although there is competition in the business world, consumers can recognize more than one brand.

In the end, Pepsi’s and Coca-Cola’s rivalry was a win for both companies. A great way to share resources and increase brand awareness is by joining forces with another company.

If you’re thinking about selling, the best business partner for you is one that targets a comparable customer but doesn’t directly compete with you.

If you’re a florist, for example, you might offer a discount to customers who shop at the local bridal shop. This will help you spread your brand awareness to a ready-made customer list.

Guest posting in the digital age is an example of cooperative brand recognition generation. Guest blogging is the act of posting content to another website.

In return for free content from the host site, you will receive backlinks that can boost search engine rankings and tap into the established audience.

You can offer your service in exchange if you and the host blog have similar brands. You can both grow together.

3. Get Offline And Venture Into The Real World

If you’re a local business, it should be obvious that you will need a website to build brand recognition in 2018. In case you aren’t aware, there is no reason not to go online. You should also be creating regular content to help build your brand.

However, it is important to also venture offline even if your brand is digital.

While we spend much of our time online, there is no substitute for real-life experiences. Advertising in traditional media can still be effective, especially today.

Local advertising is a great option for small businesses and can be quite affordable.

Another great way to increase brand awareness is by throwing a party. No matter what type of business you are in, you can host any kind of event. A memorable experience will make people remember your brand better than any other thing.

Make sure to give away plenty of merch at these events. Although giving away brand merchandise is an old marketing strategy, it is still very effective.

4. Think About PR

Public relations is the purest form of brand creation. Marketing can be primarily about generating revenue but PR is all about branding.

It can be difficult to manage how people perceive you, especially when you are a large corporation.

PR can also be useful in building brand awareness. Because it is free advertising, press coverage has a large circulation.

You can come up with a stunt that will get you national coverage. But, you don’t have to aim high. If you’re a local business trying to increase brand awareness, it can be enough to get your name in the local newspaper.

Because editorials are more credible than advertising, press coverage can be more effective than direct advertising. You can build a positive brand image by telling a story that the media may be interested in.

Airbnb, for example, created a humorous infographic with an introduction video that explained the reasons behind its new branding approach. This was after the company’s logo changed and it received too many negative and positive criticisms.

Maybe you have a fascinating story about a foundation.

You might also be creating a new product or identifying a trend in your field. Reporters may also find it convenient to reference reports or surveys published in your industry.

A great way to increase brand awareness is to offer a prize or exclusive offer. People will remember brands that offer free products and services. You can generate buzz and brand interest by running competitions or drawing prizes.

5. Pay For It

One more step is necessary to increase brand awareness. This is old-school paid advertising.

Social media is a great tool to increase brand awareness. However, every social media platform offers companies the opportunity to make money.

It’s no surprise that Coca-Cola and other colossal brands spend huge advertising dollars. It works. paid ads are created to reach large audiences.

While consumers are less likely to believe in blatant advertising today, there are subtler ways to increase brand awareness.

You might also consider adding influencers to your pay scales. It is a great way of generating awareness, especially among younger audiences.

Paid ads don’t have to break the bank. Even small businesses can now afford an ad budget thanks to social media. Behavioral marketing is becoming more common thanks to AI and big data. Advertising can now be targeted at individual levels.

Targeted, local ads can be a cost-effective and affordable way for local businesses to increase brand awareness. You can rest assured that your social media campaigns are cost-effective and will yield the best results.

Search engine optimization is another option. It might make sense to target specific search terms if your brand sells a product. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and cost-effectively place an ad on Google.

Whatever your focus, creating brand recognition is a winning combination.

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