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Did you know that 88% of local searches can convert into conversions?

Ten people are searching for a local landscaper, car dealer, or restaurant. Eight of them will convert by visiting their place, contacting them, or buying from them.

These numbers prove that you cannot afford to ignore local listings management or local searches.

You can easily update your online listings using local listing management software (such as Yelp) or Google Business Profile. By keeping your online profiles up-to-date, your company will be a leader in local SEO (SEO).

This listing of the best local business listing management tools will help you drive more leads, traffic, and revenue to your local business with local SEO and listings. 

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1. Moz Local

Price: $129 to $299 per Year

Summary Moz Local allows you to manage your local listings in one place and reduce review time. 

What’s Moz Local?

Moz Local can be used by any business.

Moz Local is an established and trusted business partner. Moz Local allows you to share updates across all social media channels and remove duplicate listings.

How much does Moz Local cost?

Moz Local costs $129-$299 annually. Enterprise organizations can request custom pricing.

Moz Local pricing depends on the year and whereabouts. If you have more than 100 locations, you will need a custom quote.

Some features such as review management or social media posting are not available to all packages. All packages include the same 13 directories: Google Maps, TomTom, Apple Maps, and Facebook.

Moz: What are your capabilities?

Moz Local lets you assign the following tasks to your team:

  • Manage location data
  • Online listings updated
  • Ensure location data accuracy
  • Combine your location data with Google and Facebook
  • Get notifications about location updates and other interactions
  • Delete duplicate listings

The Complete or Plus plans can also be purchased.

  • Streamline review management
  • Post social media updates
  • Create store locator landing pages, and individual store location landing pages

Moz Local requires your team to respond to reviews, update the location data, and post social media posts. You will need to provide the expertise.

Moz Local provides the best local listing management tools.

Moz Local listing software offers many benefits.

  • Save time by managing all of your local online listings from a single location
  • To ensure accuracy in your location data, update your online listings immediately to increase their accuracy
  • Announcements (e.g. To speed up the process, share announcements (e.g.
  • Increase the response time to reviews (both positive and negative).
  • Reducing repetitive tasks such as updating operating hours and posting to social media.
  • Increase visibility in local search results

These perks can help you save time, and attract more local customers. Moz Local is a great tool for managing local listings.

Is Moz Local worth it?

Moz Local can be a great choice if you’re serious about managing your online presence.

Moz local may not be worth it depending on your company’s needs. 

If you wish to use Moz Local alongside other Moz tools such as Moz Pro, you will need separate subscriptions. Moz doesn’t offer a combination discount for both platforms.

2. Yext

Price: $199 – $999/year

Summary: Yext offers local listing management services for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations. It also provides performance reports that will help you manage your online profile.

What’s Next?

Yext, a local listing management program for paid, focuses on one-location management.

Yext lets your company optimize, protect, streamline and streamline your locations’ listings across dozens of platforms. This includes Google, Bing, and Facebook.

Yext offers free training and insightful reports.

How much does Yext cost?

Yext costs $199-$999 per annum with custom pricing for multiple locations.

There is a choice of four packages for single-location management: Essential, Complete, Premium, and Premium. Emerging has 40 directory sites, while Essential contains 14 more.

The Complete and Premium packages offer additional features, such as

  • PowerListings+ allows you to publish calendars and products.
  • Analytics allows you to track traffic and profile views.
  • Review Monitoring allows you to monitor ratings and reviews across listings
  • Yext pages to enhance your site

Review the features of each plan carefully before you make Yext your listing management software. 

What can you do with Yext?

Yext is your local listing management software. These are some of the things you can do with Yext:

  • Update all your local listings at once
  • Protect your listings from unauthorized changes
  • Check the status of local listings
  • Local listings can also be improved with promotional messages and links

The Premium or Complete package can also be purchased.

  • View local listings clicks and impressions, as well as user interactions
  • Rate and review local listings
  • Add more content
  • Upload your products, calendars, and services to be listed.

Overall, the Yext solution is great for managing business listings.

While it doesn’t offer the same features that Moz Local does, it covers many directories. Compare online listing management software.

Yext can be used to manage local listings.

Yext is a great tool for your business.

  • There are many directories
  • In an instant, update the listings data
  • Protect your listings from unauthorized and incorrect updates
  • Reducing the time required to update and optimize listings
  • Rate directories and review them using the monitor
  • Analytical data can easily be tracked using one platform

Using an online listing management platform like Yext can help your business save time and help with your local SEO strategy. This will increase the number of people who visit your business.

Is Yext worth it?

Yext can be a great choice for small businesses that want to manage their local business listings. It protects your profile against unapproved updates.

It is possible that you are more concerned with updating your listings on the biggest platforms such as Google Maps and Apple Maps. If this is your primary concern, you may want to consider other tools.

3. BrightLocal

Prices: $290 to $790/year

BrightLocal is a paid, fully-featured solution for managing business listings in 3 to 100 locations. Companies use the software to monitor and identify citation opportunities, create listing reports, remove duplicate listings and manage review management.

What’s BrightLocal? How can it help me?

BrightLocal supports local SEO. It is an online listing management tool.

This paid platform provides a range of features including review management and tracking of citations. BrightLocal connects with Google Analytics, Google Business Profile, and Google Analytics, making it easier for you to evaluate your local SEO strategy.

BrightLocal can be a great option for companies that are experienced in local SEO.

What’s the cost of BrightLocal for you?

BrightLocal can be purchased for between $290 and $790 per year. It all depends on how many locations you have.

Localities      Cost

All features are available to your company regardless of what plan you select. Costs will vary depending on the features you choose and how many locations you have.

BrightLocal – What are you capable of?

BrightLocal allows you to manage local business listings.

  • Audit existing listings
  • Monitor location rankings
  • Discover duplicate listings
  • Keep track of competitor citations 
  • Search for citation opportunities
  • Create custom local listing reports
  • See location ratings
  • View likes, views, and growth of followers across social media channels
  • Google Analytics data and Google Business Profile data may be synced

BrightLocal allows your business to access many features.

BrightLocal local listing management software is the best.

BrightLocal can be used by local listing managers for a variety of reasons.

  • Get information about listing performance and optimization
  • Monitor listing positions in local searches
  • Increase the number of citations
  • Fix duplicate listings
  • Combine SEO efforts from all over the region
  • Easy and fast to create listing reports
  • Use social media for your SEO efforts

BrightLocal doesn’t offer an easy way to streamline listing updates. BrightLocal focuses instead on your local search strategy, auditing your approach and tracking your performance in local search results.

Is BrightLocal worth it?

BrightLocal provides valuable data and dashboards based on your business. You can use it to assess your local SEO, and monitor your competition.

BrightLocal may not be the right tool if your company wants to simplify local listing management. BrightLocal requires that your team manually updates listings as opposed to automatically using Moz.

Before you start comparing listing management software options, you should consider your needs. Once you’ve determined the most important features, you can narrow down your choices and find the right program to fit your business.

4. Whitespark

Prices: Starting at $960 to $1.060 per annum

Summary Whitespark is a free listing management software that allows you to search the internet for citations and then optimize them for local SEO. 

What’s Whitespark?

Whitespark is a free service that provides small, medium, and large businesses with an easy way to manage their business listings. 

Paid Plans give your company additional tools. Whitespark allows you to run competitive analyses, export results into an a.csv file, and track optimization progress and citation growth.

Whitespark can be a great place for local listing management.

How much does Whitespark cost?

Whitespark offers a free service and has paid plans starting at $204 and ending at $960 per year.

Companies have four choices:

  • Small Business
  • Specialist
  • Agency
  • Enterprise

These features are part of every plan:

  • Comparison tool
  • Competitive analysis
  • Monitoring Citation
  • Tracking progress
  • Export to.csv
These are the main differences between Enterprise, Specialist, and Agency plans.
  • Searches per day: The plan determines how many searches your team is allowed to perform each day to find citations about your business. Three searches are included with the free plan.
  • Projects – You can track all location mentions from one spot with a project. Whitespark is a free service, but you may only have one project.
  • Search results. Your plan will decide how many search results are available to you. A limited number of search results will be produced by the free version.

Whitespark can be used if you wish.

Whitespark states that the free version of the tool is intended for users who want to get familiar with the system before they commit and can be used only as a preview. This will allow you to budget for your business listing management strategy.

What can you do with Whitespark?

Whitespark enables your team to complete certain tasks related to online listing management.

The version can be given to your team for free: 

  • Search for Citations
  • Structured Citations can be found in directories
  • Unstructured Citations can be found in blogs

Paid Plans, on the contrary, allow your team to:

  • Collect citations.
  • Do a competitive analysis
  • Export search results into a.csv
  • Monitor citation growth over time
  • Optimize your track listing
  • Notations
  • Compare search results and find out who is the best
  • Check citations

All paid plans include a 30-day guarantee

Whitespark has the best local listing management firm.

Whitespark offers many advantages to local listing management systems:

  • Instant access to your listing status.
  • Collect business names on the Internet
  • Comparison of company performance with other
  • Monitor listing performance over time

Whitespark doesn’t make sense for many businesses.

Is Whitespark worth it?

Whitespark may not be as comprehensive as other business listing management tools such as Moz Local or LocalFX. You will need to manually search for your listings, and then update them.

Whitespark can help you find business names in your local listings, but it doesn’t provide core services for managing your online listings. This will help you save time.

Whitespark does not make sense, at least for local listing management.

How do you choose the right local listing management software for your business?

It can be difficult to decide which option is right for you. The following steps will help guide you in making an informed decision.

1. Decide your goals

Before you start researching local listing management software, it is important to think.

How do you manage listing management? Are you struggling to find citation opportunities for your SEO link-building strategy 

These questions can help you to determine your goals.

Whitespark can help you find citations and streamline listing updates. Listing management software like LocalFX can speed up listing updates.

2. Count your locations

You can search for listing management software online but it’s best to be aware of the specific requirements for your area. 

Add the locations to find your software.

3. Identify what features you are searching

Next, describe the features you want in a business listing management software.

Depending on your initial goal, you may need a program that accomplishes these:

  • Sync listing updates
  • Fix listing duplicates
  • Provide listing reports

It is easier to compare programs when you have a list of the features you need. Take the time to review each package and determine if they meet your core requirements.

4. Demos are available

First, you should look into local programs for managing your business listings. Many programs require that you sign an annual contract.

Most online listing management companies offer a free trial or demo.

These experiences will help you decide if the tool is right for you. Everyone should be able to use the platform easily.

After these steps are completed, you can choose your tool.

FAQs regarding local listing management

Are you looking for new skills in local listing management? Visit our FAQ to learn more!

What’s a Local Listing?

A local listing (also known as a local business listing) is an online entry that includes information about your company:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number

These entries are available on websites that specialize in local listings.

Google Business Profile and Yelp are two examples. You can highlight hours, products, and other details in local listings. 

What’s a local listing?

You should include your NAP (name and address) in a local listing. You and the company must verify these details.

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