Top Spring And Summer Sales Marketing Tips


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Seasonal trends are a key driver for online marketers. Whatever product or service you sell, the time of year can have an impact on sales. For many industries, there are some seasonal adjustments that you can make in the months ahead. These are important things to keep in mind when planning your spring or summer marketing campaigns.

Summer and Spring Marketing

New marketing trends are emerging in spring and summer. According to one study, spring holidays are now more profitable than Black Friday. It is a lot to take in the combination of Mother’s Day, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day. You can make your season more profitable if you adapt your marketing to reflect changing consumer habits.

For example, online traffic for those looking for dresses is 16 percent greater in spring than in summer. This is especially true in April when students prepare for graduation and school dances. Spring break sees a 61% increase in web traffic to lawn and garden services. These trends can help you take advantage of customer needs and make your season more profitable.

The Holidays and Events

You can use the summer and spring holidays to maximize the season in your marketing strategy. A specific event or celebration can help increase sales. If the product or service directly applies to something that is coming up, people are more likely to buy it.

When adapting your holiday marketing, it is crucial to plan your changes carefully. Your marketing should not be done until the day before the event. Consider when your customers will start looking for products. If they’re planning a holiday party, for example, they’ll likely start looking for items at least a week before the event. They must see your products before looking at other sites.

The fourth of July is one of the most important holidays in summer. Your website should reflect the American pride that many Americans feel during this holiday. You can send emails to your subscribers, or make advertisements about your themed offerings.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has such a strong sales impact, it deserves a separate acknowledgment. In 2018, Mother’s Day spent $23.1 million by consumers. Your marketing should be geared towards moms across the country. Your advertisements should be centered on showing your mom how much you love and appreciate her. Mother’s Day is a great time to promote your best products and services. Websites that feature jewelry products saw a 36 percent increase in traffic before Mother’s Day. You can offer spa packages or pearl necklaces, and market to spouses and children who appreciate their mothers and wives.

Pay attention to the weather

To advertise a product, you can use the weather. You can post about products and services that are suitable for spring and summer on social media. King Of Pops posted an image on its Instagram and Facebook pages of one of its popsicles, with the caption “My favorite on a [sun-emoji] day such as today.” What’s yours? #kingofpops #popweather.”

Stork’s Skin Care promoted skin products using an Instagram photo of a sidewalk sign advertising their products. A simple post on your profile or website about how to use your product or service in heat will motivate and encourage people to buy it.   

No matter how you market, make sure social media is at the forefront of your campaign. Both of these companies did. Their use of Insta hashtags and hashtags was key to the promotions.

Highlight Products and Services that Heat Up

Some products and services are more popular in spring and summer. Dress demand is on the rise in spring, as mentioned. Prom dresses are a popular choice for teenagers. People of all ages also look for dresses for graduation ceremonies and celebrations. 52 percent more people dress online in spring than in fall.

People are also keen to renovate and improve their lawns in the warmer months. You should market your lawn-care services in spring, as the online traffic to them is 20% higher than that of summer and 67% less than that of fall.

All house cleaning heats up in spring, just like lawn and garden care. All across the country, families are doing spring cleaning. Many people will buy cleaning products in springtime when they are ready for warmer weather.

Even pharmaceutical companies could benefit from adapting to spring. Spring is a time when allergies are more common and prescriptions for over-the-counter medicines increase by 61%.

Marketers need to be aware of Tax Day. Tax Day is a popular day when many people search for tax software last minute. You should market any tax products or marketing services in Miami in spring. The week of Tax Day saw online traffic for tax software increase by 50%. This is 18% of all traffic that tax software companies receive in spring. Your tax services should be highlighted on your website, social media accounts, and other platforms.

Summer Gift Cards and Deals

Loyal customers can be offered bargains, discounts, or gift cards to help increase their profitability this summer. Email coupons and summer deals.

April Fool’s Day

A company that has a sense of humor is appreciated by many consumers. April Fool’s Day may be the most fun day of the year for companies to play a joke on customers without being too strange. Use the holiday to send out a joke email or promote silly products and services.

ThinkGeek offers a great example of April Fool’s Day marketing. For 17 years, they have sent out a newsletter promoting absurd and funny products and services every April Fool’s Day. This is a great way to show your customers that you are a bit more serious.

What is Relevant?

For seasonal marketing, the bottom line is to think about which products and services are most relevant during that time. You can highlight certain products and services that people want in spring or summer by highlighting them at the time they will be shopping. You should change your advertising strategy if you don’t have holiday-specific or seasonal products.

Remember who you’re targeting. Many parents and students will be shopping for back-to-school items at the end of summer. If your website sells office supplies, you should focus your online marketing on supplies that students can use at school. The ads should be directed toward parents and students. Advertise on your website if you own a Target or Walmart store.

You can increase your profits and get more customers excited about your company’s offerings by taking advantage of the spring or summer seasons.

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