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Social media plays a major role in digital marketing. Is there a “best” platform for your digital marketing campaigns?

It was easy to connect the two. For the Millennial generation, who has grown up with both, this is even more important.

Social media began as a way to stay in touch. Its purpose has expanded. Although it may have some less-savory elements, social media has been used to create public debate and raise awareness.

There has been an increase in its commercial use. Social media has also provided opportunities to expand digital advertising and content marketing in Miami.

Many New York digital marketing agency strategies combine the two, and for good reason. Social media can be used to complement the content of your website and reach a wider audience.

What are your options

After establishing that social media plays a major role in marketing, it is possible to wonder what channels are best.

This question is simple to answer: There is no one right answer. This is because of several reasons.

  • Although different products and services might be promoted more effectively on different social media platforms than others, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will always be the same.
  • The buyer persona of your target market may be more likely than others to use one platform over another.
  • Multi-platform marketing is the best way to market your business.

What platforms are different and why they are important

All of this being said, it is important to think about the various options available and what each one can offer.

  • YouTube and Facebook are the most popular platforms in the UK with more than 40 million users. If your goal is to reach as many people as possible, they are the best choices.
  • YouTube and Facebook are two other options for video. Facebook allows you to combine it with other content. YouTube can host longer videos and attracts people who are specifically looking for such content.
  • Instagram works well for both still photos and video. The latter takes priority. Text is not as important as images, so this is useful for focusing on the visual aspects of a product.
  • Although YouTube and Facebook have different user bases, Instagram is more focused on younger and female customers. This makes it a good target if your buyer persona matches that of Instagram, but a bad option for older male customers.
  • Twitter is a social network with many users. It’s best for short text content. However, links can be used to connect tweets to other content.

These examples show how different social media platforms can be used simultaneously to highlight different aspects of your products or services, or present them in a different way.

Let’s say you want to reach a market with limited time but not always. Anyone who watches a long video on YouTube will have enough free time to do it, while those with a little more time might prefer to check Twitter.

This combination of media can work well if your target market is full-time employees. They might be able to view a video on their commute, but only have a few minutes to check Twitter during their lunch break.


Social media can be used to reach people through a variety of content. You can also get pay-per-click advertising on other platforms.

There is no one answer for what the best choice is, so it is hard to say. A few things are worth considering. Take, for example:

  • Facebook is the most popular platform, has the most potential audience and costs very little. It also offers microtargeting.
  • LinkedIn has the most relevant audience due to its narrower demographic. It is also possible to target high value audiences with great precision.
  • Twitter ads can be interactive and retweeted.

However, there are also disadvantages to each option. Take, for example:

  • Your organic reach will be limited because Facebook ads can only be seen by people who have paid for them.
  • LinkedIn is a great way to reach people but it’s more expensive than other PPC options. Ad readers that match your buyer persona won’t be interested in your services since they’re using it for job searching.
  • Twitter Ads are limited in the same manner as any tweet by the 140 character limit. Sometimes targeting can be a little tricky.

These are all important factors to consider before you decide which PPC option is best. If a PPC campaign is not performing well on a specific platform, you should keep an eye on it and terminate it.

Flexibility is key

You can also change the platforms you use if your social media strategy isn’t working. As mentioned, it is possible to create the most successful campaigns by using the various ways of connecting with potential clients that each platform offers. You can also save time by using a few of the best social media tools to schedule your posts and design them.

Flexibility in this instance can mean simply changing the marketing mix, doing more of one thing on one platform and less on another. A new product launch might be better served with more visual media than written content.

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