What Does It Cost To Open A Shopify Store?


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Anna’s business is growing so she decided to start an ecommerce site to sell her products online. Because Shopify is highly recommended by a friend, Anna uses it. Anna naturally asks, “How much does it cost to open a Shopify shop?” If you are Anna, then you might be wondering the same thing.

We have all the information that you need to know about Shopify prices, which is great news for you both. Continue reading to find out more about Shopify’s cost and which plan is right for you.

What does it cost to open a Shopify shop?

How much does Shopify cost you?

The price of opening Shopify stores varies depending on which plan you select. There are 3 plan options.

  1. Shopify Basic
  2. Shopify
  3. Advanced Shopify

Let’s take a closer look at the Shopify pricing plans to understand the costs. 

Shopify PlansCost per month     Online credit card rates per transactionRates per transaction for in-person credit cardsShopify Payments has other payment providers.
Basic Shopify$292.9% + 30 Cents2.7%2.0%
Shopify$792.6% + 30 Cents2.5%1.0%
Advanced Shopify$2992.4% + 30 Cents2.4%0.5%

NOTE Shopify offers a 14-day free trial so that you can create your site and decide which plan suits you best. All plans include an $89/month additional cost for Shopify POS Pro.

Shopify Basic

Price: $29/month plus any additional fees. The Basic Shopify plan is Shopify’s first.

This package includes everything you need to launch and start an online store. The monthly cost is $29. 2.9% + 30c per transaction with an online credit card and 2.7% per transaction with an in-person credit card. You will be charged 2.0% for any transaction made with a payment provider that is not Shopify Payments.

These are the features that Basic Shopify will offer:

  1. Unlimited product uploads Your ecommerce store can host as many products as you like.
  2. Shipping Discount: Shopify offers competitive shipping rates to USPS, UPS, and DHL Express. A discount of up to 64% is possible.
  3. Shopify POS Lite: You can accept in-person payments at markets, fairs, and other events.
  4. Locations This feature allows you to assign inventory to particular retail stores or warehouses. You can assign inventory up to 4.
  5. Sales channels Your Shopify store can be used to sell your products online on social media and marketplaces.
  6. Employee accounts: Create accounts to allow staff members access to your Shopify admin, and Shopify POS.

These are the top features of a Shopify Basic Plan.

Additional features include:

  1. Support available 24/7
  2. Manual order creation
  3. Coupon codes
  4.  Secure Sockets Layer certification
  5. Automatic cart recovery emails
  6. Gift cards customized
  7. Print shipping labels


Price: $79/month, plus any additional fees. So how much does Shopify cost you? The middle-tier plan is the most affordable. It costs $79 per month to manage your store. This plan is for companies that want to grow their ecommerce business.

You’ll also pay 2.6% + 30c online credit card purchases and 2.5% in-person credit card purchases. For payments not made through Shopify Payment, there will be a 1 fee. Shopify comes with everything in the Basic Shopify Plan, plus a few extra features.

  1. Locations – Shop owners can assign inventory to up to five different stores or warehouses.
  2. Employee account: This Shopify pricing plan allows you to have up to five employee accounts.
  3. Shipping Discount: Shopify Package offers competitive shipping rates of up to 72%.
  4. USPS PriorityMail Cubic Pricing: Find pricing for shipping packages via USPS Priority mail.
  5. Reports for professionals: Professional accounts provide valuable information for sales.

    To help you market better, you can track sales and analyze customer buying patterns.

Advanced Shopify

Price: $299/month, plus any additional fees. Of all Shopify pricing plans the most expensive is Advanced Shopify. Advanced Shopify is a package that offers advanced features to help businesses increase their sales efforts. This package costs $299 per month.

2.4% + 30c per transaction with an online credit card, and a 2.4% charge for in-person credit card charges. Shopify Payments does not charge a 0.5% fee for any payments made through this pricing plan. Shopify Basic and Shopify plans offer the same features, but with some additional features.

  1. Locations Your inventory can be assigned to up to eight retail stores or warehouses.
  2. You can have up to 15 staff accounts with Shopify admin access and ShopifyPOS.
  3. Advanced Report Builder: You can create custom reports to track the exact actions taken by your audience.
    For example, if your goal is to monitor your referral sources, you could create a report to track who found your business.
  4. Third-party calculated: This feature allows you to give your customers the most current shipping rates at checkout. You can also show them the differences in shipping rates between different options like express, standard, and on-day.

Which Shopify pricing plan would be best for me?

You may be wondering which plan is right for you now that you know the cost of a Shopify shop. It all depends on your business and your goals for your store.

Shopify basic is for… who are just getting started with ecommerce and want to learn how to build a site.

The package includes enough to help you get started and learn how to start your own business. This package is excellent if you are just starting out and only selling a handful of products. 

Shopify is for you if… You want to track sales and improve marketing strategies to increase sales. Shopify’s mid-tier pricing plan allows you to receive reporting on customer actions so that you can better market to your customers.

Shopify Advanced: If… If you’re looking for custom reporting and calculated shipping rates then Shopify Advanced is the best Shopify pricing plan.

This plan has more advanced features that will help you sell more products. You should decide what you want from your Shopify store so that you can select the plan that suits your needs best.

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