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You may have experienced this as an owner of an online business: people arrive, look around, add items to their shopping carts, then vanish.

This can be checked through your analytics dashboard. It will highlight it as “Abandoned Cart”. This could happen several times. Barilliance estimates that three out of four customers may leave your store without buying their items.

Frustrating, yes. However, you should not panic or give up.

You have many options and tools to save abandoned carts and increase your sales. They can even be integrated with your Shopify store!

This list contains 12+ of the Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps to help you make your decision. We should start right away!

Why are people abandoning their shopping carts

Before we get into the best Shopify abandoned shopping cart apps, let us first talk about why people abandon their shopping carts. This will allow us to understand how to address this problem.

Here are the top reasons why people abandon E-commerce websites without making a purchase.

  • Shipping, tax, and fees are all too expensive.
  • Site visitors are encouraged to create an account
  • The checkout process is too complicated and/or long
  • Visitors cannot see or calculate the total order cost upfront.
  • Delivery is slow
  • They aren’t comfortable giving their credit card information to the site.
  • The website is often broken or crashes frequently
  • The return policy is not satisfactory
  • There aren’t enough payment options
  • They are not allowed to use their preferred payment method

These issues can be identified and addressed quickly. Instead of having multiple checkout pages that frustrate visitors, can condense to one-step checkout only . To encourage them to order, you can offer them special discounts or promotions, such as free shipping via abandoned-cart emails.

Shopify has abandoned cart apps that you should use.

This cart abandonment can pose a real problem for Shopify Ecommerce business owners. There are many Shopify abandoned cart apps that can work for your site.

They work in practice very well and are efficient because they promote the cart again. However, each app has its own way of doing this. Some apps might allow you to send emails, use social media channels, place ads on other websites or send push notifications.

Your website’s requirements will determine the best Shopify abandoned cart app. An email address is required if visitors are required to sign in to your site to add to a cart. If a lot of people don’t want their email address, push notifications or ads might be necessary to recover those sales.

Before you add Shopify’s abandoned cart app to your store, ensure that you fully understand the features you need. Let’s now look at the top apps we recommend.

12+ Best Shopify abandoned shopping cart apps

1. Abandoned Cart Recovery by AVADA commerce

We want to show you why Abandoned cart recovery by AVADA Commerce is worth every penny.

  • 40% of the emails reminding you to abandon your cart are always opened
  • 21% of emails that are opened receive click-throughs
  • 50% of users who click links in abandoned cart emails go on and complete their purchase

What do you think of the power of emailing to recover abandoned cart rates? It’s quite impressive, right?

AVADA Abandoned cart Recovery is one of the best Shopify apps. It’s affordable and a great way for merchants to build long-lasting relationships and convert customers. The app is specifically designed to maximize abandoned cart campaigns. It follows up with visitors and reminds them of their purchase.

AVADA Abandoned Cart Recovery has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get started even for non-technical users. Even for those with little or no experience designing, there are email templates that can be used immediately.

You can also manage your contacts easily with automatic data sync from your Shopify shop. You can segment and target your email audience to get the best results. You can try the app for free, and you get a 14-day trial.

The key features of Abandoned Cart Recovery at AVADA Commerce:

  • Warmly welcome new subscribers. Convert them into buyers by sending warm emails
  • Make sure you follow up with customers who unsubscribe from your shop.
  • Attractive offers and promotions can encourage new buyers to purchase more similar products or higher-end merchandise.
  • Segmentation functions allow you to send emails to your targeted audience. The app can categorize your contacts into different groups based upon various conditions such as subscribe/unsubscribe, order status, product attribute, and others.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to create emails quickly without any design or technical skills.
  • Use ready-to-use templates for email
  • To collect emails easily, use the Newsletter Popup Offer Spin to Win/ Coupon Popup 
  • Advanced reports can help you track your ROI
  • Data from customers who auto-sync

Pricing plans:

  • No Cost Plan
  • Pro Plan: $9/ month

2. PushOwl Web Push Notification

PushOwl’s Web Push Notification is designed to assist you in your push marketing. This is not just about recovering abandoned carts but also bringing customers back to your store on an ongoing basis.

If you are looking to improve conversion rates, the abandoned cart aspect can be a great option. It reminds potential customers about their abandoned cart via their web browser. It is done via 3 push notifications.

With the exception of abandoned cart reminders, there are many notifications that you can send to customers. Other notification types include shipping reminders and price drops, price drops, flash sales, and back in stock. With a click, your customers can stay informed about any new developments on your website.

Google Analytics can track clicks and converts so you can see how automated push notifications are performing. These workflows can be adjusted.

The key features of Web Push Notification from PushOwl are:

  • Automated product images can be automatically added to all automated push messages in order to increase conversions and make them more persuasive
  • Push notifications that include price drops, shipping reminders and back in stock can be used to retarget customers.
  • Automatically sync subscriber and account data
  • Personalize push notifications by sharing subscriber information
  • Integrate top-rated Shopify apps

Pricing plans:

  • No Cost Plan
  • Business plan: $19 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom price

3. Messenger for abandoned cart by Booster apps

Abandoned Cart Messenger from Booster Apps is a Facebook app that allows you to send abandoned cart messages instead of email. This has many benefits.

First, shoppers are more likely to use social media to log in to shops. Besides, it’s non-invasive. Facebook’s open rates are also higher than other channels. You can expect to make more sales through Facebook Messenger than via email.

This app allows you to remind customers about abandoned carts and also provides statistics. It will show you how many subscribers you have, how many abandoned carts were recovered and their value.

The app encourages users to subscribe to your Facebook page. You can continue to market to them even after they have made their first purchase.

The key features of Abandoned Car Messenger by Booster Apps are:

  • Facebook Messenger allows you to recover abandoned carts
  • You can get up and running in under 2 minutes. No coding required
  • Become more social by subscribing to your Facebook Business Page.
  • You can work on both desktop and tablet devices as well as mobile devices.

Pricing: $24.99/ month

4. CartKit: Consistent Cart – Abandon Cart

CartKit Consistent Cart – Abandon Cart is an all-in one solution that makes it easy to save abandoned carts using multiple communication channels. You can increase your sales by using push notifications, Facebook Messenger, email and Facebook Messenger to remind customers about abandoned carts.

The app can also generate emails to customers within minutes that include happy birthday messages, account creation emails and abandoned cart recovery emails. This will help increase your sales. It can also set up pop ups that ask for visitors’ email addresses when they add items to their shopping cart. This allows you to retarget them later, either by using their email sequencer or your own.

Key features Consistent Cart – Abandon Cart by CartKit

  • Baked-in marketing automation saves time and allows for abandoned cart recovery at scale
  • Get in touch with customers and increase revenue using 100% automated, customizable SMS, push notifications, and email.
  • You can build a subscriber base using many growth tools and integrations
  • To avoid being pestered by notifications emails, double-verify orders

Pricing plans:

  • No Cost Plan
  • Pro Plan: $29/ month

5. SMS Cart Recovery with Tone SMS Marketing

Tone SMS Marketing brings abandoned cart recovery to a new level via SMS messaging. This app lets you send messages to customers using AI-enhanced human SMS message conversations.

Your customers can have two-way conversations, which increases revenue and trust. You can also save time and allow your customers to talk with you.

The app can also be used to grow your SMS subscribers. This is essential to create a successful marketing campaign that increases revenues for a new product. This allows you to segment and target your audience based on previous actions they have taken with your brand.

The key features of SMS Cart Recovery with Tone SMS Marketing

  • Effective SMS marketing can create two-way conversations between your audience and you
  • More abandoned checkouts can be recovered via SMS
  • Create a list SMS subscribers
  • Live text can increase conversions
  • Segment your customers based upon their past actions

Pricing: After 14 days, the free trial ends and it charges $.023 per message.

6. Recart for FB Messenger Marketing

Recart’s FB Messenger Marketing is a great Facebook Messenger marketing tool. Recart FB Messenger Marketing allows you to send automated Messenger campaigns including abandoned cart reminders and fulfillment notifications, order receipts and welcome messages. You can also follow up with your customers by sending them follow-up emails.

The app also helps you engage your subscribers by increasing their interaction and notifying them of your latest news. Your conversion rates will increase and you can follow up with them via Messenger to answer all their questions.

The app allows users to send pre-built automated messages to cart abandoners in order to encourage them to purchase your product. The app makes it easy to increase your Messenger audience by providing tools that convert visitors into subscribers. It is easy to follow and requires no email. All your customers have to do is approve a checkbox.

Recart FB Messenger Marketing is a great tool that makes it easy to start and use.

The key features of FB Messenger Marketing By Recart are:

  • Facebook Messenger Marketing and Abandoned Cart App
  • Automated Messenger campaigns can be used to re-engage customers
  • Optimonk, Wheelio and Recart can help you grow your Messenger list
  • Loox Photo Review app allows you to recover lost revenues, send receipts or ask for reviews

Pricing: $29/ month

7. Email from Care Cart to Recover Abandoned Carts

Care Cart’s Abandoned Cart Recovery Email is an easy-to-use, reliable and robust app that can help you convert lost revenue to your store by tracking abandoned carts and focusing on them.

This app allows you to view the cart abandoners as well as the products in their carts. You can send them automatic emails with action buttons to get them to the checkout page. You can also collect email addresses from customers by asking for their email address before they add any products to their cart.

You can schedule the app to send you abandoned cart recovery emails. You can customize your email schedule with Abandoned Cart Recovery Mail by Care Cart

Abandoned Cart Recovery Email from Care Cart:

  • In minutes, track and target all carts
  • Email marketing and web push notifications can be used to recover abandoned carts
  • Customers are asked to enter their email addresses when they add a product to their cart.
  • Spin Wheel feature to be used as an abandonment protector and a discount code delivery email pop-up

Pricing plans:

  • No Cost Plan
  • Pro Package Plan: $12/ month

8. Marsello: Abandoned Cart Recovery

Facebook Messenger reminders, beautifully-designed abandoned cart emails, and simple pop-ups are all part of Abandoned Cart Recovery from Marsello.

The Standard Plan offers three options for recovering a cart. First, you can email. If a customer abandons their cart, provided they are logged in or have an email account that allows them to associate customers, the app will send them a reminder email to remind them that items were not added to their cart.

Exit-intent popups are the second option. A pop-over appears when a customer adds an item in their cart to their cart. This pop-over interrupts the consumer’s action and reminds them to go back to their cart.

Cross-device memory is the third option. Cross-device memory is when a user browses your site on mobile and adds items to their carts. If they return later on a desktop browser, the cart will still exist.

The Pro Plan offers a few extra features. It allows you to recover sales lost via Facebook Messenger. White-labeling is another option. Emails sent under the Standard Plan are sent from Marsello’s domain. However, you can send them from your domain using the Pro Plan. The Pro Plan also includes priority support.

The key features of Abandoned Cart Recovery from Marsello are:

  • Emails, exit intent popups, cross device memory and Facebook Messenger can be used to recover abandoned carts
  • To entice customers to return to abandoned carts, send up to three emails
  • To encourage customers to make their purchases, include a discount code
  • Add your branding and edit your email text. You can also choose your send time.

Pricing plans:

  • Standard Plan: $19/month
  • Pro Plan: $29/ month

9. Marsello offers a free permanent cart app

Marsello also has a Shopify app on the list. This shows that they are actively involved in the community. Let’s see what this app can accomplish!

Remember Marsello? It has cross-device consistency. If a customer adds an item into a shopping cart on one device and then logs in to your store on another, their cart will still be there. This is what the app does.

The app is completely automatic. It’s easy to install and will automatically show you how many abandoned carts. It’s easy to test by signing in as a customer and adding items to your shopping basket. Then log out on another device.

The key features of the Free Persistent Cart app by Marsello are:

  • Log in to keep customers’ carts intact on all devices
  • Install easily and automatically
  • No fees for installation

Pricing: Free

10. Chilliapps Abandonment Protector

Abandonment Protector from Chilliapps is a minimalistic app. The robust app includes smart lead generation tools and marketing tools that can be used as cart abandonment tools. Exit intent pop-ups are also available. These work in the same manner as the one mentioned above.

The app supports email campaigns, reminder emails, drip campaigns, and email campaigns. We are also impressed by the way that the app manages newsletter management. It is primarily an email marketing platform for Shopify, but it does have abandoned cart recovery capabilities. This is why we added it to the list.

The key features of Abandonment Protector from Chilliapps are:

  • Email marketing automation and exit intent popups
  • Create customizable pop ups
  • Subscription forms for the newsletter
  • Automated follow ups/email sequences

Pricing: $8/ month

11. Coolence: Abandon Aid

Coolence’s Abandon Aid is one of the most powerful apps to prevent abandoned carts from visitors who are more likely to buy your products, but then leave for other reasons.

You can email your customers using the app to remind them about their purchase and ask them to return to complete it. The app will do the rest. All you need to do is install it.

The app may ask you to choose plans based on how many emails you want to send. The app may also ask you to create campaigns to recover orders. Don’t forget to check the recovery statistics for orders within the last month.

The key features of Abandon Assistance by Coolence are:

  • Send customers an email to remind them about their lost orders
  • Users can create campaigns to recover their orders
  • Provide recovery statistics to users
  • No need for complex configurations or special skills

Pricing: $10/ month

12. Persistent Cart by Customer First Focus

Persistent Cart By Customer First is a Forbes-recommended Shopify app. It focuses on customer experience. This app helps customers avoid abandoning their carts and increases sales by helping them to keep their carts.

The app is easy to install. Customers can log in using any browser or device. When the customer logs out, the cart disappears. Customers cannot lose their shopping cart.

The app runs in the background and offers an intuitive shopping experience. Customers can have a better shopping experience with a professional and convenient device integrated into their store.

Persistent cart by customer key features First focus

  • Customers can shop on multiple devices at once without losing their carts
  • Automately tie shopping carts to accounts
  • Customers can benefit from intuition
  • Easy to install and easy to pay
  • Customers’ privacy is protected

Pricing: $3.99/ month

13. SpurIT: Abandoned Cart Reminder

SpurIT’s Abandoned Cart Reminder was created to keep track of who is shopping in your store. The tab then switches to another tab. The blinking tab in your store will then start to attract customers back. If they click on the blinking tab and return to your store, they may see a customized message.

  • Check out in 10 minutes, and use the discount code XX for a 10% savings
  • “Your cart will soon expire”
  • “Someone placed an order for one of the products in your cart. It will be kept for you for ten minutes

You can adjust the background and font of your message, as well as the size and color, using the app. The app can be used with an abandoned cart recovery app to help you get back customers who haven’t left your store.

The key features of Abandoned Cart Reminder from SpurIT

  • Remind your customers to abandon their carts and you will be able to bring back your customers
  • Combining an abandoned cart recovery email application with it creates a synergy effect
  • You can customize the font and background of your messages
  • Easy setup and installation in one click
  • Compatible with all themes

Pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: $8.95/month
  • Priority Support Plan $17.95/month

14. Gravitate for Smart Cart Recovery

Smart Cart Recovery by Gravitate, which is a standard cart recovery application, is last but not least. It’s similar to many other items on this page. It can also recover email addresses and allow you to communicate with customers via Facebook.

The app was added to the list because of two reasons. It’s easy and simple to use. To recover your cart, you don’t have to create complicated or complex configurations. Sometimes all you need is something that uses the channels you use most often. The app allows you to use both the email and Facebook Messenger simultaneously. You can send emails and, if that fails, you can always follow up with Facebook Messenger.

The key features of Smart Cart Recovery with Gravitate are:

  • You can quickly queue all your abandoned orders so that you can retrieve them
  • Profit from the power of Facebook Messenger marketing
  • You can add as many emails as you like to your sequence.
  • Beautifully designed, with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • It’s simple and straightforward to set up

Pricing plans:

  • General Plan: $8/month
  • Plus Plan: $14/ month

15. Shipway SMS Marketing and Cart Recovery

Shipway has created a modern SMS Marketing and Cart Recovery app that allows you to notify customers using modern technology. You can send notifications via SMS and Whatsapp for abandoned cart recovery. This app has a high open rate.

You can send your customers automated reminders for abandoned shopping carts and follow-ups at different times. The app also provides statistics on how many customers have successfully purchased and recovered shopping carts.

The app can also be used to send SMS marketing messages. You can send customized SMS to thank customers for successful purchases, to promote new products and to offer discounts to your customers. You can customize the SMS template to suit your needs.

The key features of SMS Marketing and Cart Recovery by Shipway are:

  • SMS Notifications to 220 Countries
  • Custom sender id available.
  • Automated discounts are added to the abandoned checkout URLs
  • Customers with abandoned checkout URLs can automatically enable Cash on Delivery

Pricing plans:

  • Installation is free
  • The plan starts at $30


16. Growave – Loyalty and Wishlist +3

Growave is the right choice if you want to engage, convert, and reach visitors in the most efficient manner. Growave offers an all-in one app package that will help you increase customer retention, social sharing and grow your business.

You can also use the advanced review features to create automated coupons that are based on customer reviews. This will help to increase the store’s credibility.

Growave claims to have 4-7 apps. This includes loyalty and rewards, wishlists, reviews, social login, Instagram UGC and questions & answers. Notifications are also included.

The Shopify app store currently rates it at 4.9 stars.

Growave – Loyalty and Wishlist +3

Growave’s key features – Loyalty and Wishlist +3

  • Reward points for purchases and other actions
  • Collect reviews and Q&A.
  • Outstanding customer service in both technical integration and promotion assistance
  • Shoppable Instagram Feature

Pricing plans:

  • Pricing: 14-day trial for free
  • Starter plan: $19/month – Stores with more than 100 orders per month
  • Small plan: $29/month if you have 250 or more orders per month
  • Medium plan: $49/month if you have up to 500 monthly orders
  • Growth plan: $99/month if you have more than 1000 orders per month
  • For stores that receive up to 3500 orders per month, the Enterprise Plan costs $299/month (with a 30-day free trial).

17. Abandoned Cart Recovery with Retainful

Retainful automates email marketing to increase sales and make it easy. Automate the recovery of abandoned carts and turn lost sales into revenue. Retainful comes with workflow templates that will help you launch an abandoned cart recovery campaign in minutes.

Retainful defaults you to sending three cart recovery emails. You can send unlimited emails to your campaign. You can add dynamic coupon codes to emails to encourage customers to return and recover their cart.

You can send a series of emails to your customer to recover his cart. Once the cart has been recovered, the campaign will end automatically. You can return lost sales without any effort. 

Customization is key to improving your email conversion rates. Use our Drag & Drop editor to personalize your emails according to your preferences. Add logos, text, gifs, change fonts, colors & more.

For personalization, shortcodes can be used. Personalize your customer experience by adding their name, billing address and more. Personalization can help increase email open rates.

The key features of Abandoned Cart Recovery using Retainful are:

  • One-click recovery
  • Coupon codes Dynamic
  • In minutes, you can launch a campaign. You don’t need to code anything.
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Automator templates pre-built
  • Pre-built email templates
  • Fixed discount, Percentage discount & Free shipping discount

Pricing plans:

  • Plan for free
  • Growth plan – $49/month

The bottom line

It can be frustrating to see your sales drop due to abandoned carts. This can be fixed with the proven Shopify Abandoned Car Apps.

Which app do you choose? Which app will you choose? Push notifications, email, or social media? We would love to hear your thoughts! We are always open to hearing from you!

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