How To Ship Your Woocommerce Store Products Internationally


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The world is our marketplace. Online sales don’t require you to limit your customers to your locality, state, or country. Online shopping is border-free. This means that anyone can shop for you.

However, this can lead to problems when it comes time to deliver goods internationally. A positive shipping experience will make customers twice as likely to purchase again from an eCommerce store. Make sure your website is ready to go global with international shipping. Then, find the right partner.

Get your website ready

Before opening international sales, ensure that your website is welcoming and easy to use by shoppers from other countries. These are three ways to best serve your market.

1. Multiple language support

While English-language speakers are available all around the globe, it’s easier to reach your target audience if you support the native languages of the countries where they live. Common Sense Advisory found that 40% of customers won’t buy from websites that aren’t in their language.

Translate your website into several languages to allow you to speak directly to your customers in the target area. You must ensure that your translations are sensitive to the local culture and phrasing. Get your content professionally translated.

Tech-wise, you will want to support multiple shops and keep inventory linked using an extension such as MultilingualPress. You can display prices in the local currency of your customers and collect payments in multiple currencies if you use WooCommerce Pays.

2. Reliable infrastructure

Consider the infrastructure available in other countries when deciding where to concentrate your international sales. You want your customers to be satisfied and your company’s reputation protected.

This means that you need to do your research and ensure that road and air transportation are well-established in the countries you want to include. Also, ensure that you communicate your expectations regarding delivery times to customers in all areas. It is important to have a reliable partner who has international shipping experience to determine the delivery time for your customers.

Mobile-friendly design is another item to add to your website readiness checklist. Access to the internet in foreign countries may be limited by infrastructure. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

3. International payment gateways

Online transactions can be done in many countries using eTransfer, and digital wallets such as Braintree, Amazon Pay, and PayPal. It is worth adding additional payment options to your website, as online shoppers are 70% more likely to make a purchase.

To get an idea of the best options for your country, take a look at the WooCommerce payment extension. The International Trade Administration has an excellent collection of videos that will help you protect yours and make sure you get paid for exporting goods. This is particularly important if you plan to export large quantities to wholesale buyers.

Understanding the relevant laws and regulations

It’s not something that people love to think about when they have to calculate duty and tax for imported goods. It’s an important step in international shipping, so do your research. While you can leave the VAT calculation and collection to your delivery company for some countries, it is best to give customers an idea in advance. Include the tax calculation at checkout if possible.

Next, learn about the required documentation for international shipping. These documents could include:

  • Waybills are detailed shipping label, which includes all the information needed for transport and delivery as well as shipping costs.
  • Invoices are required paperwork to import a package into a country. Each product, its type, and its value must be listed separately
  • Additional forms are available for restricted and specialty items, such as an EEI or certificate of origin.

The WooCommerce shipping extension can be used by US-based shops. It integrates with DHL international shipping. This allows you to print shipping labels or invoices right from your WooCommerce dashboard. When WooCommerce Shipping is activated, it will automatically suggest DHL as an option. It will also guide you through the setup. DHL is a trusted partner to ensure that all paperwork is in order.

Last, make sure to verify local laws regarding imports. Some items, such as live seeds and certain foods, cannot be imported into certain countries. Before delivering them to these areas, double-check that your delivery list is compliant with local laws.

Finding the right shipping partner

Communication is the key to delivering a great shipping experience. Customers want to know where their order is at all times and when it will arrive.

DHL, a shipping partner, provides crucial information to your customers. This includes:

  • Tracking and international delivery notifications
  • Automated shipping and tax calculations so that your customers are aware of all costs upfront
  • Options for last-mile delivery, including parcel locker or service point, drop off
  • Customers can choose to have their delivery time controlled via On-Demand Delivery

All of this happens automatically using DHL’s proven systems. There is no additional setup or monitoring required on your part. Everything runs smoothly when you have the right shipping partner. International delivery does not need to be difficult.

International client base building

It can be slow to connect with international customers. Be patient. You need to ensure that everything is for a smooth launch. Also, make sure you iron out any kinks before the first shoppers place their orders. It’s time for international expansion once everything is in place.

Some of the key strategies are:

  • Announce your new shipping areas loudly, clearly, and clearly. International customers are eager to hear from you. To let as many people as possible know about new services, use your website’s homepage, social channels, and newsletters.
  • Researching local cultural norms, sales techniques, and language to appeal to local customers. Even more important, ensure you don’t offend them in any way. To help you access the best market, local translators and marketing agencies in Miami can be a great investment.
  • Customers will build trust by being clear about all policies. You should have a clear Return Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions page. Make them all easily accessible on your website in multiple language versions. There will be fewer abandoned carts once shipping costs have been added to the total checkout and all options for returning items are clearly stated. International customers should allow for extra time for return and work closely with their shipping partners to learn how the process works.

Now all that is left is to see your online business expand into new countries or new markets. It’s time for your eCommerce business to expand beyond borders with the help of WooCommerce or DHL.

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