7 Reasons Of Mobile App Personalization In Marketing?


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Mobile apps have messaging as a key marketing tool. Your direct point of contact with your app users is messaging. Push notifications are the best way to get noticed by your app users. They encourage them to open your app and do the desired conversion.

Push notifications allow you to reach users who aren’t using your app. You can send them relevant and personalized messages that will bring them back. App Messaging directs active users to the promotions and content they want while they’re using your app.

You can use many aspects of messaging to increase user engagement and make your messages 50% more likely to be opened than regular push notifications.

Your user will be more engaged if you give them a personal experience. This will increase engagement and drive conversions.

Let’s look at the reasons apps need to be able to grab the attention of as many users as possible using personalization as an engagement strategy.

You Are in the Right Place

Geo-targeted campaigns and location-targeted messages are one of the best ways to reach your audience. They deliver a message that is relevant at exactly the right time and place. To grab a user’s attention while they are near your store/location, you can offer them timely personal deals. You can also target the location of your competitors to increase foot traffic to you.

You don’t need a physical address to run your business. Instead, you can use relevant information to offer a special offer to app users who live in that area. For example, “It’s going to be cold in Montreal this weekend. Grab yourself something warm from our Winter range, 20% off!”

You can automate messages based on user location to determine if the message is relevant to them in the time and place they received it. This prevents users from receiving notifications they cannot use because they are hundreds of kilometers away.

They Know They Get It When They Want it

You can engage your audience in meaningful, non-intrusive ways with the right push notification strategy. This will help you increase loyalty, retain more users, and boost engagement. Your app will have a highly engaged base of repeat users.

Intelligent delivery allows pushing notifications from your mobile marketing platform to be sent intelligently at the moment when your user is most likely engaged with the message. This works individually to best suit each user.

Intelligent Delivery is all about personalizing push campaigns with customer data. Platforms that provide intelligent delivery enable marketing teams to automate the scheduling of messages at the most appropriate time for each user by using predictive technology and algorithms.

Intelligent delivery is a hit with mobile marketers because it works. It takes the guesswork out of campaign planning and leaves it up to technology to find the best ways of optimizing engagement, retention, and results. How do you onboard new customers? Re-engaging lost ones? Recommendations for flight cancellations? Promoting new products Each product will require a different timing strategy. Intelligent delivery can help you figure this out.

Each User Needs to Know What Message Is Relevant

Personalized messaging can result in a 4x rise in open rates. But before you ask your developers to ask every user what their favorite music is, we are talking about behavior-based audience segmentation. Behavior-based messaging can result in a 9x increase in open rates .

One intelligently targeted push notification or in-app message, that is based on real customer data will always provide more value to your audience than the hit-and-hop approach. It’s sure to cause more damage to your brand than good. You might be experiencing a drop in engagement and retention rates, or worse, they are not where you need them to be. This could indicate that your messages to your audience aren’t relevant. And you may end up having trouble re-engaging their attention.

Reconnect Disengaged Users to Your App

The mobile marketing tools’ Deep Linking’ is a mobile tool that allows you to re-engage users who have deleted or stopped using your app.

You can send an email message or SMS to an existing user that contains data from external sources. The link is personalized for that user. It launches the app and directs the user to an offer or piece that you know is relevant to them (from their user data).

What happens if the app has been deleted? This link takes them to the device store where they can re-download their app. Once launched, they are directed to the offer page directly. A seamless UX will bring a customer back to you.

You can send a personalized email or SMS to your user with a deferred deep hyperlink. This will increase your chances of re-engaging disengaged or long-gone users. Personalization is a key component of your engagement strategy. This gives you a second chance to grab a missed opportunity.

To Sum Up

Personalization is the core of any mobile engagement strategy. It is crucial to engage users long-term and provide an exceptional user experience. Personalization can be used to improve your user engagement strategy. If you are looking for the best mobile app developers in the USA, or mobile app agencies in Canada, you can check them out.

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