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The Internet can help your business run smoothly both locally and internationally. What should you pay for your domain name?

Your business is not the only one that will be using technology. To increase your brand visibility, it is essential to keep your website consistent.

The domain name is key. This domain name allows visitors to easily find your website (and possible clients). It also makes your business more credible than other businesses.

What are some of the most important things to consider when buying a domain name? This guide will help you answer all your questions.

What’s a domain?

Imagine your domain as a building. This system assigns pages and addresses to web servers.

Example: If you want to use our website builder, Kobe Digital.com is your domain. Or, our IP address at will take you to the same page no matter which direction you turn.

Why do you need your domain name?

  • Your first impression online is your website. Your domain name reflects professionalism and shows potential customers that you’re trustworthy.
  • Because a domain name is easier to find than an IP address (a series of numbers or dots), your website will be more easily found. (More details below). This will ensure your online presence remains stable and consistent.
  • You can get your company email address with a brand name following the ‘@’). You must purchase your domain.
  • The domain name of your website is an indicator of its content from an SEO perspective. This will help you rank higher in search results.

All these factors contribute to your online visibility, which leads to more business opportunities and eventually more sales. Register your domain when building your website.

Structure for domain names

A “domain name” can be described as a combination of two parts. A “domain name” is made up of two parts.

Second Level Domains: This is your domain name. Take the domain Kobe Digital.com for an example.

TLDs – A top-level domain is where you’ll find the most popular TLDs. This list contains the most commonly used TLDs that businesses and individuals can get:

  • gTLDs are Generic Top Level Domains (or “.org”), which are the most popular extensions. This is due to increasing demand and increased time. There are now more than 1000 extensions on the list, including. design’,.biz’, and?.guru. However, some registered gTLDs such as. the name’ or ’.pro will require proof they meet the guidelines.
  • Country Code Top Level Domains, or ccTLDs, are used to identify a country. Two letters are usually used to identify a country.

Didn’t you know? The URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It consists of these elements:

The machine name (www.) + the transfer protocol (HTTP/HTTP). + Second Level Domain + Top Level Domain + Folders + Directories (each page of the website ).

What’s web hosting?

To create a professional website, you will need a domain name. You will also need to use a web hosting company. A web hosting service is a company that hosts your website on a server.

Hosting your website is charged by website builders. Hosting your website may require additional fees. Kobe Digital allows you to easily publish your website. There are no time limits. All of your web content is protected on secure servers around the world, so everyone can access it quickly and safely.

How do I choose the best domain name?

Now that we have covered the main concepts, let’s get down to the point. Your domain should be:

Simple: Avoid using confusing spellings or symbols. 

Keep it brief: The more it goes, the harder it will be to remember.

Branded: Your domain should be branded with your business name, or a variant thereof.

SEO friendly: When ranking your website, Google will first look at the domain name. Include keywords that are relevant to your business. Examples include your type of business (JohnDoePhotographer.com) or your location (JohnDoeColorado.com) if you’re looking into acquiring customers through local SEO.

How do I check if the domain that I’m interested in is available?

It’s easy! Kobe Digital.com allows you to quickly check if your domain name has been purchased. This powerful domain search allows you to explore as many options as possible.

Your domain name has been taken. There are many other options!

How do I purchase a domain name?

Before you open your credit card and make the purchase, you need to understand why your domain must be registered. It must be registered with the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers span>

This can only be done if your domain name is purchased through an accredited registrar who is authorized to deal with the ICANN on your behalf. The registrar will manage your domain and keep track of renewals that are due.

Before you decide who will manage your domain, we recommend you verify the reputation and credibility of the registrar. Some registrars charge additional fees for administration, renewal, and other services. ). Some registrars charge hidden fees (administration, renewal, etc.) 

We recommend you choose a web host and a registrar to ensure your website is managed under one roof. Kobe Digital has over 150 million users.

Kobe Digital offers its users the most affordable SSL certificates. Kobe Digital is also a proud sponsor of Let’s Encrypt, which promotes the HTTPS protocol globally. Premium plans can be purchased for all kinds of needs.

What’s the cost for a domain?

The price of your precious name will depend on many factors.

Domain extensions:.com/.org/.fr are more expensive than.co.uk/.fr.

You have the option to choose where you want to buy your domain. Not all registrars will offer the same price and the aftermarket service may vary.

Terms you choose: For how long you’re willing to keep your name safe.

The popularity of keywords. Not all keywords are the same. CarInsurance.com, for example, was bought for $ 49.7 million. This makes it the most expensive domain ever purchased.

Privacy protection Domain owners must provide their domain name to the ICANN to be listed publicly. Domain privacy is the replacement of private information.

These elements may explain why some users might be asked to pay more for their domain.

However, for most domain names, you don’t need to spend more than $20 per year. A higher domain price might not be worth the potential benefits like immediate recognition, reputation, and organic traffic.

Tip – Kobe Digital Premium plans often include free domain registrations in the first year. 

Domain aftermarket

You may be able to buy domain names already owned by others on the aftermarket. 

It is important to be cautious when buying domain names from private sellers. Don’t fall for anyone or anything that seems too good to be true.

It is a very lucrative market and domains can go for as high as $1,000,000. To $30,000. It takes more effort to purchase your domain.

This is how you can purchase a domain that someone else has already purchased.

  1. First, determine the owner of your domain. This is especially important to comply with EU GDPR. It is important to contact a professional broker in these situations.
  2. If you’re able, contact the owner. Offer the price you are willing to pay for your domain.
  3. Negotiate with the owner to agree on a price. It is important to understand your budget limits before bidding gets complicated.
  4. Once both sides have reached an agreement, it’s time to pay the piper. When setting up your budget, you should consider the cost of Escrow.com. Escrow will authorize wire transfers of money once the domain has been transferred.

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