How The Pandemic Negatively Affected Marketing


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Many businesses are still trying to figure out how to get back on track after the Corona crisis.

Managers face challenges in adapting to changing consumer and business demands. They must adapt to this “New Normality” to make their company competitive.

Businesses across all departments have had to adapt quickly to meet market demand. Trends change faster than ever before the pandemic. Marketers should adapt to these changing times by changing their cultural standards, values and behavior patterns. This growth that everyone wants is not possible over time. It is impossible to achieve this growth over time. It must happen now.

Uhura digital has gathered examples that will be crucial for Business and Marketing in “Next Normal”, to understand and implement. This could help to address the main challenge of building sustainable enterprises:

Direct-to-Consumer a.k.a D2C

“Direct-to-Consumer”(D2C) is a Marketing and Sales approach, whereby enterprises and brands build up relationships with customers directly, without involving intermediaries, retail traders, or platforms causing margins to increase.

What is D2C marketing and how it can benefit your company?

Gaining valuable insights into customer behavior and brand building is a significant advantage. Businesses have greater control over their brand and a larger and more detailed customer base, which is an advantage when planning a Miami digital marketing strategy.

The world pandemic has taken the convenience of online shopping from consumers. Online shopping is very popular. However, between lockdowns online trading showed increasing levels of popularity and became equally important to brands for development, particularly for those who have relied heavily on indirect customer relations or sales.

Spryker, an eCommerce software provider, found that 60% of fashion and sports brands have an online trade. However, only 29% of brands in the beverage or cosmetic industries have this type of trade. This is understandable when one considers all the difficulties involved in setting up a Direct to Consumer strategy. These include conflicts with existing important sales partners, complicated IT structures, logistics, and the need for additional knowledge for operating these new changes.

But the benefits often overrule the risks and – as is often the case in life – investing in a wise ‘Direct-to-Consumer’-strategy does not mean an ‘Either /Or’. Brands need to pay more attention to their online commerce and their customers’ needs. This will ensure that they succeed.

Uhura is a digital Direct-to-Consumer solution developer and can assist enterprises in the analysis, development, implementation and marketing of ‘Direct to Consumer’ strategies.

Digital Events- A New Way to Bring People Together

Why is Lead-Generation in B2B so Important?

B2B Lead Generation is the process for identifying ideal customers and then attracting them into buying your product or service. This is a vital activity for B2B marketing and sales teams. Leads and customer contacts are usually generated at events such as conferences, trade shows, or in-house events.

Some people felt that the Corona crisis had ended, while others felt it was time to prepare strategies for the future. Managers in B2B marketing faced a major challenge when the Covid pandemic struck. Before that, all events had the intention of bringing people together (in this instance, businesses).

There is an increasing demand to invent new ways of conducting events under the “New Normality”. How?

The solution: Digital and Hybrid Events

The Internet and all technological innovations have made it possible to hold events either entirely virtual or hybrid, allowing people to take part and the world to return to a more normal state. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everything goes smoothly.

Many of these events do not use all the possibilities that are available, not only in terms of technological advancements and knowledge of tools. To make virtual events more memorable, companies need to think of more engaging and appealing ways to present their content. Furthermore, there is no disruption to media during hybrid and virtual events so lead generation is possible and can be measured.

Uhura helps enterprises transform event concepts into digital or hybrid events. She creates the content, branding, and also manages the overall digital planning, organization, presentation, and technical implementation.

The new sales funnel

Covid has changed our lives in so many ways that it’s only natural that it also changed sales, marketing, and how business is run overall. If enterprises wish to remain competitive on the market, managers should change their B2B strategies.

These are the topics to discuss when discussing retail or brand attitudes towards customers

  • How did Covid-19 affect my customers’ attitudes?

The Corona crisis triggered a change in the world, which led to new customer needs. B2B marketers need to look at customers from a new angle in order to remain relevant to customers. It is important to generate new customer insights that capture the current situation.

  • What can we do to redefine the customer journey?

Accenture’s survey found that 46% of SMEs had made significant investments to make their infrastructures more virtual, connected, and contactless. What does this all mean?

Digital platforms are becoming more popular than ever, so managers need to be aware of the changes. This objective can be achieved by using digital tools and increasing the technical knowledge of your B2B sales team.

Managers should focus on the leads that are most valuable and assess if their digital strategy was still applicable.

Uhura Digital is a digital agency in Los Angeles that works with a variety of B2B companies and B2B marketing projects. They create customer journey maps and work closely with customers to develop effective lead-gen campaigns. They can offer advice on how to adjust your B2B marketing.

Social Media

Social media, which is part of the Covid-19 platform, will see some changes in the way people view digital platforms. The use of digital platforms increased during lockdowns. This is not surprising. However, this also means that content must be created in a more useful way for customers.

New social media trends are winning strategies

  • Paid Media #1 – smaller platforms can sometimes be a better option for digital strategy implementation
  • Social media as a customer service channel
  • Video and audio are still becoming increasingly important 
  • Influencer – The smaller sibling you’ve never had. The growing trust in content creators.
  • Paid Media #2: Enhance your social media image with paid content to complement your organic feed


In a nutshell, the customer experience has never been more important, especially since the Corona crisis. It should not be tailored to the entire target audience, but each individual customer in order to build a stronger brand-customer relationship. What can enterprises do to achieve this?

A purpose-driven marketing strategy is key to building loyal brand audiences. Enterprises that are relatable to people will be a good fit because they share similar views about the world. The customer must be able to identify with the brand.

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