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LegalNature is a solution that offers affordable solutions to people who require legal documentation but don’t have the budget to hire a lawyer. This company provides a wide range of legal forms, templates, and services to individuals and businesses. This is a great resource for business owners and comes at a lower price.

Comparing LegalNature with the Best LLC Services Services

LegalNature automates legal processes and documents without you needing to break the bank. Although it is a solid service, it was not on our top 10 recommended LLC services.

  1. ZenBusiness Best for Most
  2. Incfile Best Range of LLC Services
  3. LegalZoom is Best for speaking with Attorneys
  4. Inc Authority Best for Avoiding Service Fees
  5. BizFilings- The Best Way to Choose the Right Entity Type

LegalNature was not included in our top recommendations because they do not offer one-time legal advice, such as LegalZoom and IncFile. They also don’t provide the same level of support that ZenBusiness offers. LegalNature is better for those who need specific documentation than turnkey business services.

LegalNature: The Good And The Bad

The Good

  • LegalNature’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to set up a business. The forms in LegalNature are easy to use and can be customized to meet your specific needs. They take only a few minutes to complete. The service is both time-saving and high-quality.
  • LegalNature enjoys a strong reputation in the market. The company was founded in 2010 and has been a success with its high-quality services and solid customer service. LegalNature is a trusted company that has made affordable legal services accessible to everyone via online templates. LegalNature’s reputation has been maintained and improved over the years.
  • Comprehensive Document Library: LegalNature provides a wide range of documents that can be used to create LLCs, wills, and eviction notices. It also clarifies divorce settlements and healthcare proxy agreements. You can also find the right business attorney to help you with your personal, business, and real estate matters. LegalNature’s comprehensive documents are a major advantage over its competitors who lack many of the above-mentioned features.
  • LegalNature has a reputation for providing efficient customer support. Many customers have praised LegalNature’s stellar customer service thanks to its knowledgeable and efficient customer representatives. Unlimited customer support is provided via email and phone, as well as an online knowledge base. LegalNature has a distinct advantage over competitors who rely solely on chatbots and don’t have strong customer support networks.
  • Enhanced Security: LegalNature’s online platform comes with the standard SSL security certificate. This means that you can securely and safely send sensitive information to the site without worrying about data breaches. However, strong passwords are still a good idea. Although we would prefer two-factor authentication to be available, it is not a major issue.
  • LegalNature offers greater affordability and a free trial. The company provides high value for money and fair pricing. You can choose from one-off pricing for single jobs or six- to 12-month membership plans that provide more frequent legal help. LegalNature offers a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with its service. You can try the services for seven days without any obligation.

The Bad

  • Requires Credit card Information: We don’t like the fact that you have to enter your credit card information to get a free trial. Remember to cancel your trial before the trial ends. Your account will automatically be charged after the trial ends.
  • Limited Business Registration Customization The only way to get a monthly subscription is to use its document library.
  • LegalNature does not offer professional consultations. This is the biggest disadvantage of LegalNature, especially when compared to its competitors. LegalNature will not represent you in court but it will help you connect with skilled attorneys who can assist you. LegalNature has a trusted network of attorneys that you can rely on when you need them.

LegalNature Pricing Options and Pricing

LegalNature is an affordable online legal service.

Its LLC formation service costs $40, plus state-specific fees. Your total cost will increase due to any additional upsells or add-ons that you can make to the service. Here are some paid options to consider:

  • Expedited processing — $175
  • Services of a registered agent — $125
  • $70 Tax ID (EIN).
  • Search for a permit or business license — $129
  • Corporate Kit — $105
  • Standard mail shipping — $20
  • FedEx Shipping — $40

It is sensible to opt for the EIN or registered agent service add-ons. However, you can choose not to.

LegalNature offers affordable incorporation packages. You have three options when it comes to forming an S Corp, C Corp, or nonprofit:

  • Starter — $39, plus state fees
  • Essentials — $179, plus state fees
  • Pro — $269, plus state fees

The Starter package has a smaller selection than the other two. The Starter package includes preparation, filing, as well as an included statement about incorporation. You will need to pay an additional fee if you wish to obtain an EIN, registered agent or any other upsell.

All the above are included in the Essentials and Pro packages. 

LegalNature LLC Services

LegalNature makes it easy to start an LLC. There is a $39 base fee and state fees.

After selecting your state, you will only need to answer a few simple questions about your business. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes. LegalNature will then prepare and file your formation documents based on your answers.

Online tracking, order reviews, and electronic document delivery are all part of the LLC formation plan.

All new LLC forms will automatically be filed using standard processing times. Depending on the operating state, the time it takes to form an LLC can vary.

You will need to hire a registered agent. LegalNature offers registered agent services for an additional $125 per year. LegalNature offers EIN filing for half of your business, provided you pay the $70 service fee.

You may require specific permits and licenses depending on the industry and type of your business. LegalNature will conduct license research for you and provide you with information about the licenses that you need to comply with. This service is not free, however, and costs $129.

Another benefit is a large library of documents for business formation.

LegalNature Incorporation Services

Hundreds of entrepreneurs have used LegalNature over the years to start an S-Corp or C-Corp. LegalNature’s incorporation process, which is similar to that of its LLC package, is quick, easy, and affordable.

LegalNature will need to know certain information about your competition. This includes the name of your corporation, business, number of shares, names of directors, and the number of shares that the company will use.

The base package includes everything you need, including drafting the statement, filing documents, preparation, and filing, electronic delivery, and tracking. You can also get a free accounting consultation.

You will need to pay $70 for corporate bylaws, EIN, search for business licenses, and a registered agent.

Both the Essentials and Pro plans include rush filing and a bank resolution. LegalNature’s Compliance Guard is included in the Pro plan for a year and a hard copy of your incorporation documents.

LegalNature’s intuitive dashboard makes it easy to track and manage all of your incorporation activities. Multiple corporation owners can easily switch between their businesses to track the status and access any relevant documents.

LegalNature Registered Agent Services

Numerous states require that businesses appoint a registered representative. You might consider using their registered agent services if you already use LegalNature to create your business. LegalNature’s registered agents are prompt and reliable, which makes it a great value.

LegalNature will ensure that you meet all deadlines, avoid penalties and comply with state regulations. LegalNature’s registered agents are available to receive correspondence on your behalf during business hours and to notify you and send them.

LegalNature will act as your registered agent and keep your personal information secure from the public. Another benefit is unlimited cloud storage for all official documents.

LegalNature will scan all correspondence and send it to you to keep you informed. To avail of this service, you will need to fill out a brief questionnaire online. You’ll also have to pay $125 annually.


LegalNature offers many benefits. It is one of few legal services that offer both private and professional advice. Kobe Digital is also approved for its easy access to a wide range of legal forms as well as reliable legal advice.

So do we recommend LegalNature? LegalNature can provide the legal documents that you require if you don’t know what you need or don’t have enough money to hire one.

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