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Logging in to Google Analytics can be confusing.

This does not refer to organic food. It is the best way to search online for information.

Google Analytics displays organic search as a source of traffic. It is the most popular way that users find your website.

This does not include Paid Search Results such as text ads and Google Shopping Ads. 

An organic listing cannot be purchased. 

Below is an example of the way paid and organic searches appear on a Google SERP. Google Analytics also considers it as a source of organic traffic, even though it is the most used search engine. Google Analytics tracks organic search traffic coming from:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Baidu
  • DuckDuckGo

You can add or remove search engines from the Google Analytics list for each property.

Google Analytics also offers additional traffic sources

While we focus on organic traffic, it’s also useful to know about other traffic sources using Google Analytics

  • Paid Search: Traffic via Ads on the SERPs
  • Direct: Traffic from an unknown source. Your URL is directly entered by users into their browsers
  • Referral: Traffic to your website from other websites
  • Social media traffic from social media platforms
  • Traffic from display ads and banner ads: Banner ads, such as banner ads, can drive traffic
  • Email: Traffic through hyperlinks in marketing emails

How to search in Google Analytics for organic data 

How do you check your Google Analytics Organic Search Data? Log in to your Google Analytics account and select the property that you want to see. You will then see basic information about traffic sources. To dig deeper, you can click on the “Acquisition report” link at the bottom.

To access the acquisition report, go to “Acquisition”, then “Overview” in left-hand navigation. For more information on your organic search traffic, click “Campaigns” under “Acquisition”.

Click on “Organic Keywords” to view the top keywords driving visitors to your site. To see which search engines brought you the most traffic and what pages search engine users are most likely to land on, change the “Primary Dimension”.

The report allows you to change the date ranges.

This is located in the upper-right corner.

SEO traffic is vital

1. Customers use search engines.

Search engines are the most popular way to search online for information. Over half of all web traffic comes from organic search. 

2. SEO is a strategy that your competitors use

While you might not be a search engine user, it’s likely that your competitors do. Optimizing your website is important in order to improve your ranking.

3. High-Quality Traffic is Highly Qualified  

High quality organic search traffic is common. This is a sign that visitors to your site are highly qualified.

4. Rankings in organic searches increase your credibility

If you rank high in search results, users will consider your site more trustworthy. If you don’t create quality content, it is impossible to rank high in organic search results.

5. Earning organic search traffic is economically feasible

You don’t have to pay anything for organic search results. SEO is a cost-effective approach to digital marketing. SEO can bring long-term benefits. It is more efficient than ads, which only bring in traffic and you have to pay for advertising space. These pages can continue to drive organic traffic long after you have created your website.

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How to get more organic traffic from search engines

Search engine optimization is a way to increase organic search traffic. This will increase your organic traffic.

SEO can be used to increase traffic, conversions and sales.


To identify keywords that your target audience searches, you will need to conduct keyword research. Then, create content about these topics. Use your keywords strategically and naturally throughout your content.

Backlinks are another SEO factor you should consider. These links come from websites other than your own. Google will consider your site more trustworthy if there are more backlinks coming from respected websites. This can increase your website’s ranking.

Page speed

A site should load quickly. Google also considers page speed when ranking search results pages. 

Google’s PageSpeed Insights can help you test the speed of your site. You will get a rating and suggestions to improve your page speed.

Increase organic search traffic

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