The New TikTok 10 Minute Video Update


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TikTok has announced that it will increase the maximum video length on its platform from 3 minutes to 10 minutes. Sophia Cohen, Head, of Influencer Marketing, Moburst discusses some recent changes made on the TikTok platform.

What is the Big TikTok Updating?

This update is significant because TikTok was always a short-form video platform. So the question is, is it still?

The decision seems to have been made to allow influencers to create longer vlogs and not just short clips.

How has the industry responded?

Industry-wide, the consensus on TikTok’s new changes has been overwhelmingly negative. Change can bring with it new metrics and best practices. It also requires a shift of approach. This is why it’s often met with suspicion.

Critics feel that even TikTok’s reason for updating is valid. They want creators to have the opportunity to create long-form content but it detracts from TikTok’s current (very popular) formula.

The key behind TikTok’s success is the incentive that users receive to rewatch videos repeatedly on the platform. It doesn’t matter if a particular element caught their eye, missed a specific clip, or amused them. There is nothing to lose by watching the videos again, no matter how short they are.

Users are encouraged to watch the snappy videos again and again, whether they’re outfit get ready with you (GRWM) or challenges.

Users will be less likely to rewatch TikTok videos after the new 10-minute limit. This will result in a decrease in overall views. Despite this, the industry will need to establish new benchmarks.

What is the reason TikTok made this change?

TikTok revealed that the maximum length was increased to accommodate creators who wish to create longer-form content. This allows for more content and creators to create.

Fitness instructors will be able to create full-body, ten-minute workouts instead of short, three-minute sessions. Fashion stylists will also be able to guide clients through a week’s worth of outfits, rather than just one day.

These creators won’t have to redirect their viewers elsewhere as they did on YouTube for a while. TikTok has become a direct competitor to YouTube and offers creators the opportunity to keep all their content in one place.

TikTok wants to make the app more profitable by offering creators and consumers an additional feature. This will eliminate the need for YouTube trailers redirecting TikTok users to longer-form content.

Can There Be a Better Industry Response to This Update?

Moburst is investigating the possibility that TikTok could move long-form videos from the For You page to a separate section.

The solution could be as simple as adding an option to let users choose how long they wish to view videos. It would also allow creators to see which length of videos people prefer.

If users don’t wish to, they won’t be interrupted by the For You page’s fast-paced nature using either one of these video options. This would be the best way to keep TikTok as dynamic and familiar as possible.

Isn’t that one of the main reasons TikTok users use it (as opposed to other social media platforms) for its short-form videos?

TikTok is the industry leader in this area, so much so that almost every other platform has tried to copy it. Reels are more popular than any other Instagram feature, so TikTok is likely to follow a similar trend.

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