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Hello, hello! Saying hello is one of the best ways to grab someone’s attention. This blog post will help you find inspiration for a subject line for your email to say hello. From “hi!” to “holla!” to “holla! Here are some ways to say “holla!” in your next email campaign.

Your email subject lines are the most important part of your email. This is the first thing people will see so make sure it’s memorable. How do you write email subject lines that say hello?

There are many ways to say “hello” and this is what we’re going to be discussing in this article. These are some examples of email subject lines for saying hello to help you get started.

Why do you need to write an email subject line for saying hello?

Everyone uses email in today’s world. It’s a great communication tool that allows you to quickly and easily send information between people or businesses.

Despite email being so popular, not all companies realize how important it can be to use effective subject lines in their emails.

While optimizing your email subject line can be challenging, it is also very beneficial. You will get more people to open your message and convert leads into customers.

Let’s now take a look at the many benefits of great email subjects.

1. Proper subject lines increase open rates, which means you can communicate with the right audience about their needs.

2. Increased customers – people will open emails and engage more with them. They will likely buy if you have a compelling offer.

This means that you need to have better subject lines to create products and services that can be helpful for people. This is the best approach because everyone wants to be able to benefit from them.

3. You can increase your clicks by writing better emails. This is a crucial step to making a sale. You need to first get people to be interested in your product before anything else.

Once someone has been added to your page, it’s up to you and the team to close the deal.

4. Increase engagement in email subject line optimization – Email subject line optimization does not just aim to get people to open your emails, but also engage with them. You can do this by creating valuable content that is both easy to read and interesting for them.

They must understand the message so it creates a positive brand experience.

It is important to think outside the box when creating new products and services. Millions of ideas can be used.

How to Write the Best Email Subject Line for Saying “Hello”

1. Simple and no-nonsense Email Subject Lines – This is the best email subject line practice. Keep it simple and direct. While you can add a few words or phrases here and there, don’t go overboard. Shorter is usually better.

It must make sense immediately after you have read it. Otherwise, your reader will delete your email and not open it. This means that you may miss the chance for them to subscribe to your newsletter or click through to your blog post.

These are some simple, no-nonsense subject lines for emails:

  • Nike: Spring Leap
  • Bored Panda: 10 Creative Ideas to Redesign Your Cubicle
  • Bank of America Keep Growing ‘Til You Run Out of Room
  • Bookit.com: Staycation Deals so Good You’ll Want to Scream with Excitement

2. Funny email subject lines – Although they can be risky, funny email subject lines work well if you are confident in your joke-writing abilities.

Use a humorous email subject line if you decide to use it. However, ensure that it is relevant to the post and related to its content. Failing to do this will make you look like a spammer.

These are some examples of funny subject lines for emails:

  • CNN: What Obama said in his last speech as President will blow your mind
  • The Verge: Officially, the FCC has repealed net neutrality
  • Twitter: Time to delete your account
  • 9gag: I’m moving from Canada to Canada

3. Controversial/Shocking Email Subject Lines- Using a controversial or shocking email subject line is another way to try and get your reader’s attention. This can work especially well if your post addresses a hot topic.

It’s crucial to not use this strategy too often. If every email you send contains a sensational subject, it will lose effectiveness and make you appear desperate for clicks.

These are some examples of controversial email subject lines:

  • Lifehacker: 7 Simple Ways to Make Your Baby Smarter and Faster than Other Kids (Without Changing their DNA)
  • CNN: CNN: I survived a 120-mile bus ride without food or toilets.
  • Wayfair: The Biggest Sales Event of the Year is About to Begin – Buy Now! We’re Reducing Hundreds Of Items By Up To 75% So You Don’t Miss Out

4. Email Subject Lines of One Word – A single word can grab attention, especially if it is related to the content of your blog post.

You want to choose a word that isn’t too common, so it stands out and is relevant to your topic.

These are some examples of email subject lines that contain one word:

  • Google: What are you putting down?
  • The New Yorker: Dark
  • BuzzFeed: Shocked
  • Smithsonian: Origins

5. Email Subject Lines with Numbers and Lists – Another way to stand out from the sea of email subject line options is by using numbers and lists.

You’ll be fine if you can incorporate them in your message without making it appear like you’re trying to stuff every keyword into your headline.

People love lists. They make it easy for people to look through and decide whether something is worth reading.

These are some examples of email subject lines that combine numbers and lists to create an effective message:

  • US Weekly: 40 Times Chris Pratt Looked F*cking Cool In 2015
  • Belle & Clive: 17 Things That You Missed if You Didn’t Catch the Golden Globes
  • Kotaku: 10 New Year’s Resolutions that Will Make Gamers More Human in 2017

6. Personalized Email Subject Lines – A great way to increase your open rates is personalized email subject lines.

You can personalize the subject line of each email you send to increase clicks.

This is because recipients will not see it as “just another generic email from a faceless business” – they’ll be able to tell that you took the time and made it personal.

These are some examples of personalized email subject lines:

  • Amazon: Hello ____, I just wanted to let you all know that I have your package available for pickup
  • Seamless: Hello Doug! Your order has been shipped! We hope you enjoy it.
  • Toms Shoes: Chris, we have the latest catalog that will help you find exactly what you are looking for!

7. Use questions in your email subject lines – A great way to get ideas for your email subject lines is to use questions.

Readers will click through if they feel the answer to any question you ask will be of value to them (e.g. if they learn something new or have a better outlook on their lives after reading your post).

Aside from being interesting, questions can also be very stimulating – people enjoy thinking about things that they don’t know.

These are some examples of email subject lines that include questions:

  • The Guardian: How much sleep are you getting?
  • The Huffington Post: Are You a Morning Person or Night Owl?
  • Entrepreneur: Why you shouldn’t listen to your gut (and what to do instead)

8. “Missing out” and Other Scarcity Tactics in Email Subject Lines – Another way to grab your reader’s attention is to use scarcity tactics.

This could be done by using phrases such as “limited time only” and “last chance” to make it seem like the reader will miss out on something important if they don’t act quickly.

These are some examples of email subject lines using scarcity tactics:

  • The Verge: Xbox One S available for $170 a week
  • Racked: Last chance to buy Rachel Zoe’s huge sale
  • POPSUGAR: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Here’s How to Get It!

9. Mysterious Email Subject Lines – It’s possible to use mysterious subject lines for your emails, provided you clearly state what the email is about and that it is something that your readers want to know.

You could use a hint or teaser in the subject line or make it seem like something is secretive.

These are some examples of email subject lines that contain mystery:

  • The Atlantic: What it’s like to be a spy
  • Time Out: What does your taste in coffee say about you?
  • Oreo’s 8 Greatest Secrets Uncovered
  • Email Subject Line Best Practices To Sum Up…

Subject Line for

It is common to introduce yourself to someone new when you are starting a friendship, business relationship, or new job.

It can be difficult to say hello in an email. You need to make the other person feel welcome and wanted, without making them feel rushed or needy.

Saying hello can be challenging. Sometimes, what you write may be lost. Your subject lines can make or break an email. Poor subject lines can cause your email to be ignored for days, if not weeks.

Although some people don’t see your emails, they may notice if there aren’t new messages in their inboxes. You should always have multiple subject lines to choose the right one for each situation.

Here are some subject lines for emails that you could use to say hello when greeting someone for the first time:

These are some subject lines to use when you want to say hi from Real Brands

  • “Hi from_______!”
  • “Waving hello from the office!”
  • “Thinking of You, From All of Us at _____”
  • “Hello from your friends @ ______”
  • “Just wanted to check in”
  • “Missed You – Here’s a little from ____.”
  • “Hope you’re doing well!”
  • “Wishing you a great day”
  • “Sending lots and love your way”
  • “Lots and lots of love from _____”
  • “Our thoughts are with You”
  • Sending good vibes in your direction
  • “Thoughts, prayers, and thoughts for you”
  • “Keep shining bright!”
  • “We are thinking of you, always.”
  • “Wishing you happy thoughts”
  • “We send good vibes to everyone, always.”
  • “Wishing you a great day!”
  • “Good thoughts and love your way.”
  • “Send lots of gratitude in your direction!”
  • “Have an amazing day!” “Wishing you happiness, health, and well-being”
  • Smile and enjoy your day! “We’re thinking of you, always – the entire team at [COMPANY]
  • We wish you a wonderful day! We are all here for you!
  • “Here’s hoping your day is as amazing as you are!”
  • “We wish your day is as extraordinary as yours!”
  • Sending lots of love in your direction
  • “Thinking of You on This Beautiful Day!”
  • “Wishing you a wonderful day!”
  • “We wish your day is as extraordinary as you are!”
  • “Have an amazing day, just like me!”


There is no perfect line for email subject lines. Every subscriber has different preferences and opens emails differently.

Some people enjoy humor, while others prefer practicality. Some people want deals, while others like to know that you remember them (and are thinking about them).

No matter the reason, it is essential to set clear goals for your first email messages to website visitors or customers who haven’t yet signed up.

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