How Amazon Personalize AI Service Made Marketing Easy


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Your brand can now build personalized recommendations and recommend engines on the same platform that Amazon.com, without any machine learning experience.

Amazon Personalize makes it simple to create an application or custom model using Amazon’s machine-learning technology.

  • Personalize your experience using customer data.
  • Create custom content recommendations using your personalized recommendation engine and machine-learning model.
  • Customize search results and recommend items to create a unique customer experience.
  • Create personalized marketing campaigns based on behavioral data.

According to Amazon:

Amazon Personalize cuts down the time it takes to create a machine learning (Custom) model. It is now only a matter of days. Amazon Personalize allows customers to provide an activity stream (e.g., signups, and purchases) to the service. page views, signups, or purchases, along with an inventory (e.g. You can also receive recommendations via an API for music, videos, and products. “

Amazon Personalize is a great option if you have development experience or can rent it. It will allow you to create high-quality recommendations for your customers, prospects, and users.

What is Amazon Personalize?

Amazon Personalize allows developers to easily create personalized user experiences at a large scale using machine learning.

It uses the same recommendation system technology as Amazon to generate personalized recommendations.

According to Amazon:

Amazon Personalize allows developers to easily build applications that can deliver a variety of personalized experiences. This includes product recommendations, personalized product ranking, and targeted direct marketing. Amazon Personalize, a fully managed machine-learning service, goes beyond static, rule-based recommendation systems. It trains, tunes, and deploys custom models to deliver highly personalized recommendations to customers in a variety of industries, such as media and entertainment, retail, media, and music.

Amazon Personalize provides the infrastructure and manages all aspects of the ML pipeline. This includes processing the data and identifying features. It also trains, optimizes, and hosts the models. The Application Programming Interface (API), which will provide the results, allows you to only pay for what you use. There are no upfront fees and no minimum payments. Your data is kept private and secure and used only to make recommendations to your users. “

Three big benefits of using artificial intelligence from Amazon Personalize are

1. Make high-quality recommendations

Amazon Personalize allows you to quickly create and publish useful recommendations on your website, including product recommendations and content recommendations. These recommendations encourage users to engage with pages, content, products, and behavior for more revenue.

2. Personalize every aspect of the user experience

Amazon Personalize can be integrated into any of your marketing channels or devices. No matter how a user interacts with your brand’s brand, you can make personalized recommendations at every stage.

3. In just a few clicks, you can deploy.

Amazon claims Personalize can deliver personalization in days instead of months. Amazon Personalize is often deployed in just a few clicks. This means that brands don’t have to develop and train their recommendation models.

Amazon Personalize Pricing

Amazon Personalize uses a pay-for-use pricing model, which results in customized costs for customers based on usage.

There are no upfront or minimum fees. Customers are charged according to data processing, storage, the time it took to train the models, and the number and quality of the recommendations they received. Amazon Personalize charges per gigabyte. For the hours spent training machine learning models using the tool, you will also be charged.

You can try the service free of charge. You will receive up to 20GB of data storage per month, 100 hours of training per month, 50 TPS hours of real-time recommendations per day, and up to 100 hours of training per month.

Amazon also offers an Amazon Personalize Pricing Calculator that will help you to determine your cost.

4 Amazon Personalize Usecases for Marketers

Amazon Personalize can be used in four different ways by marketers.

1. Recommendations for Content

Amazon Personalize can be used to provide additional content to users based upon different criteria (e.g. “Because you Watched X”)

2. Recommendations for Product

Based on user browsing habits and purchases, you can offer personalized product recommendations. You can also show them similar products they might like.

3. Contextual Recommendations

Amazon Personalize can be used to create product recommendations and content that only trigger in certain contexts (e.g. device time, location, or time of day).

4. Personalized Promotions and Notifications

Marketers can also use the service to personalize offers to users based on their behavior. Users can be notified based on various personalization factors.

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