How To Manage Google Ad Campaigns Like A Pro Marketer


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Google is the market leader in online advertising. Google has greater US search market share than any other search engine. More mobile search clicks are generated by Google than any other search engines.

Companies from all industries can use Google advertising to advertise online.

Google Ads Management (previously Google AdWords Management), can be difficult for new businesses. This article will give you an insider’s look at Google Ads management.

Continue reading for instructions on how to manage your Google Ads account.

1. Follow best practices to build your Google Ads account structure

Before your company launches its first campaign in Google Ads, it is essential to understand the account structure. This describes the organization of your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

This account hierarchy is used for Google Ads.

  • Account
  • Campaigns
  • Ad groups
  • Keywords

Your team should create a series of ads groups to coordinate with your campaign’s focus or topic. 

These ad groups feature different keywords.

Red sneakers may be described as red lace-up sneakers or casual sneakers in your ad group. These keywords will help you describe your product and reach high-value searches.

Incorrect keywords or ad groups could lead to lower performance and higher costs for your ad campaigns. 

These best practices will help you get the highest score possible for your ads.

Create coordinated ad groups by using related keywords Next create a landing page that’s relevant to your ad as well as an engaging ad.

2. Compare the PPC strategies of your competition

Manage Google Ads for your business.

While your company may launch an advertisement campaign without researching competitors, PPC professionals don’t recommend this. This can lead to decreased leads and revenue or even worse, your ability to spend on advertising.

There are many ways to find out about your competitors and their ads.

  • Google lets you enter your search terms to view the results.
  • Get a complete look at the competitor’s strategy by investing in a third-party tool such as SEMRush
  • Access a third-party tool such as ISpionage to view competitor ads and keywords.

If you’re working with a PPC strategist, agent or PPC strategist, a competitor analysis is essential. This will allow you to strengthen your campaign and maximize the advertising budget.

3. You should match your target with your audience and goals.

When planning your account structure, it’s important that you consider your audience and your goals.

Are you trying to find people who are looking for red sneakers or red sneakers? “

This step is crucial in Google Ads management.

A campaign that isn’t aligned with your goals (such as driving sales or a target audience for shoes) can be a failure. 

Target keywords with a buy-now or transactional intent to increase sales through an ad campaign.

Target top-of-the-funnel keywords to reach early shoppers.

4. Align ads with landing pages

Online marketing is incomplete without landing pages. Here they can find out more about you and your products or make a purchase.

Companies make a common mistake with this part of Google Ads management.

They don’t create dedicated landing pages for their ad groups.                                 

Developing, designing and launching custom landing pages can be time-consuming and tedious. 

A landing page that doesn’t match your ads can be detrimental to your campaign. 

Users arrive and get lost. Then they leave.

If your landing page doesn’t support your ad or meet your audience’s expectations, you should reconsider your strategy.

While you can modify your ad copy to suit your company’s needs, it can also move your campaign from its goals.

Consider a customized landing page design. Your team can modify or update an existing page to fit your campaign. 

Kobe Digital is also available for your in-house design needs.

5 Refine your audience by targeting keywords

Once you’ve created your ad and done competitor research, you can start managing your Google Ads account. Each week you will need to set aside time for managing your campaign.

It is important to refine your keywords and target audiences as part of your Google Ads management. After your campaign launches, your team will be able gather data about audience targeting and keyword performance.

Find out which keywords are getting the most clicks, and what the best prices.

You can see which demographics, interests and behaviors are most successful in driving clicks and conversions.

You can see the best days and times to get the best results.

This information will enable your team to focus on your most profitable audience members, times and keywords. 

6. Strategic management can optimize your bids

While you can use Google Ads for managing your ads, a hands-on approach to bid management will give your team valuable advertising information and help you optimize your ad spend.

It is time-consuming, but experts recommend it.

Setting multiple bids for keywords can take more time than setting one bid for all of them.

Strategic bid management is a worthwhile investment because it allows your team to monitor and proactively manage your advertising budget.

A bid can also affect your Ad rank. This is what determines where you show up in search results.

7. To maximize campaign performance, use A/B testing

A/B testing is an essential part of Google Ads Management. It is time-consuming and requires dedication. But, it can pay big dividends for you, your team, and your company.

Google lets you easily test multiple features, if you decide to A/B-test campaigns.

  • Copy the advertisement
  • Landing pages
  • Ad targeting
  • Ad-bid
  • More

You can launch experiments quickly using Google Ads. 

To get the best results, your company should conduct A/B testing.

This allows you and your team to continually gather data and insights regarding campaign campaigns and also improve performance. Return-on-investment (ROI)

Get your Google Ads Management Expedited

It can be difficult to manage your Google Ads account. But, consistent management and attention can bring you tremendous rewards (like sales, leads, and revenue).

Kobe Digital provides professional Google Ads Management services. This service is great for companies who recognize the importance and strain Google Ads management can cause for their employees.

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