Magento Email Marketing: How To Get Started


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Email marketing is a key component of a successful ecommerce site. If you don’t have an email list, you’re wasting your money.

Magento is an excellent platform for ecommerce websites. Email marketing can be made easy by many extensions, strategies, and integrations.

Kobe Digital can help you talk to a strategist to discuss email marketing strategies. Continue reading to learn how email can be used to increase sales for your Magento website.

Selecting an Integration

Magento is integrated by many of the top email marketing software companies. It is easy to pick one that you are familiar with, or that is tailored to your needs.

Campaign Monitor, Mailify and Mailchimp integrations are all available to you if you don’t know where else to look.

Magento’s Magento Connect, a type of marketplace, allows you to browse almost every plug-and-extension that is compatible with your site.

Magento is a great way to integrate Magento with your email marketing strategies.

Email marketing and Magento data

Magento provides more data than other ecommerce platforms. This can be used to create amazing email marketing campaigns. 

Welcome to new customers with special email offers

Email marketing can make a big difference. Add an email subscriber form to your Magento site and new subscribers will be automatically added to any email list integration you use.

A discount code can be sent to new subscribers by an automated email. 

Customers who aren’t buying for a while need to be contacted.

Magento’s customer information is so powerful, you can create an entire segment from your email address that includes customers who have bought in the past but have been “inactive” since then.

Customers can get exclusive offers and discounts via email. To encourage future purchases, you can provide another code that will allow them to save money on their next order.

Reminders for your wish list

Mageno’s built-in wishlist feature allows customers to create a “wishlist”, which will include exactly what they want to buy (or receive). Customers will receive deals and special offers directly related to their wishlists.

You can’t get any more specific than this. All you have to do is give them a deal.

Follow-up emails

You might have a subscriber that hasn’t opened your email in a while or a loyal customer that hasn’t visited your website in a while. This is a great way for customers to recall their purchases and get back to your site.

Increase your revenues today

Magento makes it easy to transfer data to your email marketing list through email. However, you need a solid strategy to ensure success with email marketing. Your business can be affected quickly by spam emails, incorrect configurations and other issues.

Kobe Digital is happy to provide professional assistance in setting-up an integrated email strategy for Magento commerce websites. We are here to help you succeed.

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