Is Email Marketing Inbound or Outbound?


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Email marketing is a mix of push (outbound) and pull (inbound).

Although it is difficult to determine which email category an email belongs to, it all depends upon how you approach email marketing. Push or pull marketing can be used. Marketers can choose which approach to take today.

This article will cover push and pull marketing. This article will also discuss push and pull marketing.

Inbound (Pull) vs. Outbound (Push)

The majority of traditional marketing methods, including radio ads, commercials and telemarketing are known as “push marketing”. There are many forms of digital marketing that are also called “pull marketing”.

Push marketing

Push marketing allows marketers to push products and services to consumers regardless of their wants or needs.

You can view it this way: Did marketing personnel push you to watch the last TV commercial? It is possible that you did not respond in the desired manner.

Push Marketing has the problem of people not wanting to be bothered. Push marketing campaigns that are too aggressive and inefficient aren’t as effective today as they used to be. 

Because it’s hard to track the effectiveness and ROI of push marketing campaigns, they often fail. Because you must choose the time and channel where your commercial will air.

Marketing using

Marketers use pull marketing to position relevant content when people search for it.

Pull marketing is a way to help potential customers. This type works on the assumption that providing free value is more effective than selling leads or generating sales.

Email marketing

It is difficult to classify email marketing as push marketing or pull marketing with these definitions.

Push marketing via email

Push marketing tactics should not be aggressive or spammy.

Everyone gets unsolicited junk mail.

This is spam. It’s unneeded, unwanted marketing material that just happened to get through your spam filter and into your inbox.

Push marketing to legitimate businesses via email is a bad idea. It will not help you, if at all, and it will not do any good.


Push marketing emails that are especially aggressive or misleading could be a violation of law.

Email marketing as pull marketing

Email can be used for pull marketing, but it is not recommended.

This newsletter is voluntary and can be used to supplement other forms of high-quality content on your website.

Users are more likely to sign up for more information if they receive great, free information such as limited time offers. This will give you a highly targeted, pre-qualified email list of potential customers who have granted you permission to market to them

Every newsletter must have an “unsubscribe” button. 

A great benefit of curated email newsletters is their ability to be easily tracked and analyzed. There are plenty of tools that provide you with open rates, unsubscribe/subscribe rates, and other interaction stats.

Which one do you prefer?

Push marketing can be a powerful tool for many companies, even in 2016.

Email push marketing can sometimes come across as spammy and low-quality.

If you want to be a long-term, legitimate business, it’s better to use email to pull traffic, such as via blog updates and newsletters.

Customers are more likely to respond positively to marketing that they desire than intrusive ads.

Get your email marketing going!

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right strategy for email marketing.

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