Top 10 Instagram Shop Tips For Lead Conversion


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Instagram allows people to shop directly without having to visit your website.

You heard it correctly!

Instagram has merged its social media platform and E-commerce. Instagram Shop is similar to Facebook Shop. It allows you to add products to your Instagram Shop account so customers can purchase them directly from the platform.

Instagram Shop

Instagram is used by 80% of Instagram users to decide whether they want to purchase a product or service. They are driving sales for small and large brands via Instagram.

You are missing a great opportunity if you don’t yet sell on Instagram. These are the top tips to increase conversions via Instagram Shop. These tips will help you improve your marketing strategies, whether you’re a beginner or an expert using Instagram Shop to sell products.

Top 10 Instagram Shop Tips to Create a High Conversion Store

Optimize your Profile Bio

Optimizing your profile bio is the first step to increasing your sales on Instagram. You should choose a profile picture of your company – this will serve as your brand identity on Instagram. This is an important part. Your bio should include a description of your offerings. Your website URL must be included in your bio. This is the only part that Instagram can click. This URL will allow you to track the number of people visiting your site via Instagram.

Pura Vida shows how to create Instagram profiles that are professional and attractive for your business. Your Instagram profile is the first point customers will see when they contact you. A well-designed profile will turn visitors into real followers. They are only a few clicks away from purchasing your products.

Arrange Post with the Theme

Your posts should be consistent with the Instagram theme you have chosen. Your Instagram feed should reflect your aesthetic style. Your style, color, filter and edits must all be consistent in your post.

Visit Skincare is an excellent example of a consistent Instagram account. They use their brand colors in all of their posts. You can optimize your Instagram feed by following the lines theme, tiles theme, rows theme and line in the middle. This will allow you to use the same background, the same filter, puzzle and many other options.

With your carousel posts, you can create a lookbook. You can also add new product launches or product shoots to your carousel post. Your Instagram account can allow you to add up 10 photos to your carousel posts. Carousel posts are a great way to show off your products in a more detailed manner.

Golde is an excellent example of carousel posts. In their posts, they show the before-and-after effects of their products. Similar products can be shown with a carousel post. You can also use carousel posts to show similar products on Instagram.

Shop Tags

The Instagram Shopping Tags allow buyers to quickly buy without any hassle. If you don’t use shopping tags on Instagram for your products, it is a huge mistake. Buyers can easily check the product pages and see the prices. It is therefore important to carefully inspect the link.

Shopbop provides a great example for posts that include shopping tags. Shopping tags can improve your customer experience and increase sales.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags can be a powerful tool to increase your reach. Your followers will increase if you use relevant hashtags in your posts. Your products will be searchable if you use descriptive hashtags in your posts. Use hashtags in your posts to make your products more visible to people who follow them. You have more chances to reach the right people with hashtags. You will see an increase in followers and conversions when you use hashtags.

Use User-Generated Content to Your Advantage

You can use any posts that your followers have made featuring your products as user-generated shopping posts on your Instagram Profile. You can use user-generated content to show your products in action, and encourage people to purchase from you.

Starbucks is an excellent example of User-generated Content. They repost posts from users who feature them in their posts. Before reposting, ensure that you are legally reposting user content before you post them to your feed.

With Product Links, Create a Story

Businesses can use Instagram stories to connect with their customers on a deeper level. Instagram stories are used by brands to showcase their products and offers. Add a product link in your Instagram stories. A small button will be added at the bottom of the page “See More”. You can swipe up to be redirected directly to the product page.

Madewell shows great examples of stories that include product links. With catchy text, you can direct users to swipe up so that the See More button is not overlooked. Instagram Stories offer opportunities to engage, drive traffic, sell, and build relationships with your fans.

Use Reels, IGTV and Stories

Reels and videos allow you to show off your products in real time. Reels are the hottest Instagram trend. Reels is an engaging way to show off products. Instagram IGTV allows you to upload long product videos. These Instagram features are great for getting exposure to your products or services. Stories, Reels and IGTV videos allow customers to see products from different angles, showing them the profit after they buy them.

Instagram Ads

It is important to make use of the marketing tools offered by Instagram because of the increase in competition. There are many ways that Instagram can market your products. Paid ads can help you reach more people and get more attention. It is important to decide how long the ad will be displayed and where your product should appear. You can promote your posts, and see how they perform.

Promoting your products in this way is the best way to get people to buy them.

Partner with Influencers

Influencers on Instagram are an integral part of social media marketing strategies. Influencers can be partnered with businesses through sponsorships or collaboration. Influencer marketing is replacing traditional advertising. People trust recommendations from friends and family more than ads.

Brands can reach a wider audience through influencer marketing. You don’t need a large budget to work with influential people. Instead, you can start by collaborating with micro-influencers. Small businesses can benefit from micro-influence. The paid partnership should not be interpreted as advertising. To get real results, you should discuss everything with your influencers. You can use Influencer Marketing to dive into your niche and build brand awareness.


It takes some trial and error to find the best way to sell on Instagram. The following tips will make your job a lot easier. Instagram Shop can help you create a highly-converting store. 

Although selling via Instagram may seem daunting at first, once you get started you’ll notice that there are many people following you and interacting with you. These could be your next customers.

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