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Instagram is more than a way to keep up with celebrities or your cousin who’s traveling around the world. Instagram is now a great advertising platform that can be used by a variety of businesses.

You must, however, follow the Instagram ad specifications closely if you want to make the most of your Instagram Marketing Campaign.

This page will discuss the various types of Instagram ads and the Instagram ad specifications for each. We will cover Instagram story ad specs and Instagram carousel specs.

Reach out today to talk to a specialist on Instagram marketing and to learn more about how it can help your business.

Different types of Instagram ads

Before we dive into Instagram advertising specs, let us first discuss the various types of Instagram ads that you can use.

Ads for Instagram images

You are likely to be familiar with an Instagram image ad. These ads appear in the form, well, of an image. They usually include a call-to-action (CTA) such as “shop now” and “learn more.”

Instagram image ads can be used if you want to promote your products without being intrusive or if you are just starting with Instagram ads.

Ads for Instagram Story Images

Instagram Story Image Ads are displayed in a company’s Instagram Story. These ads are usually a static images with text overlays and the option to “swipe up”, to learn more about the product or to purchase it.

If you are looking to increase the reach of your original photo ad or want to appear in more places, Instagram story image ads can be used. (Assume you also have an in-feed photo ad.   

Video ads on Instagram

You can show how a product fits or works. Videos are a great way to grab people’s attention and include a CTA that encourages clicks.

If you are looking to share something unique about your product with your followers, or if your goal is to get more people to take an interest in your product, you should use Instagram video ads.

Instagram story video ads

Stories are Instagram video ads that appear in the user’s feeds but not in regular video ads. They also have a CTA!

If you want to engage your users in their stories, use Instagram story video ads.

You can advertise multiple products in one Instagram carousel ad. To skip between products, users can use an arrow. Each card also has a CTA.

If you wish to promote more than one product or make it easier for customers to search for related products on Instagram, then use Instagram carousel ads.

Slideshow ads for Instagram

Slideshow ads on Instagram create an engaging experience. Users will see slideshow ads when they scroll past them. They’ll be able to select from a variety of pictures that they can view that play automatically like a video.

If you want the look and feel of a video but don’t have the time or desire to make it, Instagram slideshow ads are the best option.

Instagram Ad specs [stats current year] for every Insta format

It’s the new year, so keep up with Instagram ad specifications in 2021.

Below is our guide to Instagram ad sizes

Instagram image ads

Square Ad Resolution:600×500 pixels (min), 1936×1936 pixels (max)
Landscape ad resolution:600×315 pixels (min), 1936×1936 pixels (max)
Vertical Ad Resolution:600×750 pixels (min), 1936×1936 pixels (max)
Image format:PNG or JPG
Maximum file size:30MB
Caption limit:2200 characters

Instagram Story Image Ad Specifications

Recommendation:     1080×1920 pixels     
Image format:JPG or PNG
Maximum file size:     30MB
Ad duration:5 seconds

Video ads on Instagram

Maximum file size:4GB
The maximum length of video:120 seconds
Video formatMP4, H.264 and GIF
Caption limit:2200 characters
Square video ads have a high aspect ratio:1:1
The aspect ratio for landscape video ads:1.9:1
Vertical video ads: Aspect ratio4:5

Instagram story video ad specs

Recommended video size     1080×1920 pixels     
Video formatMP4, MOV
Maximum file size:4GB
Video length:15 seconds
Recommendation:1080×1080 pixels
Video formatPNG, JPG
Maximum file size:30MB per image card
There are many cards     2-10 image cards per ad     

Slideshow ad specifications for Instagram

Image size:600×600 pixels (minimum) 1080×1080 pixels (maximum)
Format:Images: JPG, PNG or WAV (images), MP3, WAV (video), M4A (video).
Image duration:50 seconds per image
Text limit125 characters

Follow Instagram Ad specs to Get the Best Results

What does it matter if your ad is too long or off by a few pixels?

We wrote a whole page about Instagram ad specs. Let us help you.

These are the potential pitfalls of not following Instagram’s ad specifications:

  • Facebook will deny your ads. Facebook is the owner of Instagram. You will create your Instagram ads through Facebook. Facebook may deny you ads if you don’t comply with Instagram advertising specifications. While you can fix the ad and make another attempt, it is best to get your Instagram advertising specs right on the first go.
  • Your ads may appear grainy or skewed. You could see your videos or photos appear grainy or skewed if you don’t comply with Instagram’s ad specifications. Instagram has a purpose. If you want to create beautiful and effective ads, it is in your best interests to follow their ad specifications.
  • They won’t work. A product that looks grainy will not be trusted by users. You should ensure that images and videos are at least 10x the recommended resolution and image size for Instagram.

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