Correct Way To Increase Your Google Ads Conversion Rate


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Are you getting a healthy amount of business from your ads? Great. It’s great. But, why aren’t there enough people signing up for your services or buying your products?

This is a problem that every PPC expert has faced at some point. Marketers are focused on increasing the conversion rate of Google Ads. Everything else is secondary.

Google is still the best platform for generating the highest ROI and conversion rates. However, it’s crucial to know how to increase your Google Ads conversion rate with the help of an agency or a skilled google Ads specialist.

There are many ways to increase your conversion rate. Here are some of the most important.

Conversion tracking is a great way to track your success

Before you make any major and significant changes to your Google Ads account it is important to evaluate where your business is in the current marketplace and how much revenue your ads generate.

Google will show you how many impressions and clicks your ads receive. However, Google Conversion Tracking allows you to highlight the conversions you are generating.

After you have set up Google Conversion Tracking, and embedded the technology in your PPC management structure you can see how your campaigns are performing when it comes to generating conversions.

Simply put, if your targeting metrics are adjusted and your conversion rate rises, you can apply that knowledge to improve your future campaigns.

For higher conversion rates, use specific keywords

Once you have set up Google Conversion Tracking you can now concentrate on increasing your conversion rate. This starts with specific keywords.

Specific keywords are more effective than using general keywords for conversion.

Specific keywords perform better than general keywords because people searching for specific models or unique product numbers have more likely already done extensive research and are ready and willing to buy the product.

Consult a Google Ads Expert about keyword research. However, it is important to remember that more niche keywords may result in fewer impressions or clicks, even though these search terms may be more popular than others.

Use Negative Keywords to your advantage

There are many ways to increase your conversion rate. One of the best is to use negative keywords in your favor.

Negative keywords will cause your ads to not show up in search results for those keywords.

Negative keywords are extremely useful in limiting your reach. 

The word “free” is one of the most common negative keywords. If you don’t offer a free service, it will be difficult for people who only want free products to see your ads.

For reaching the right customers, your search terms report is vital

While most Google Ads consultants will be able to show you how each keyword is performing, a Search Terms Report will show you exactly what phrases your customers searched for as your ads appeared in their feeds. A detailed report can provide a list of search terms and their relevance to your strategy.

You can add or remove keywords from your search terms list after reviewing the Search Terms Report.

This allows you to target your customers precisely by refining or expanding your audience and pinpointing the people who are most likely to be interested in your ads.

To attract potential customers, include prices in your ads

Including your prices in your ad copy is the best way to increase and increase your Google Ads conversion rate. If a customer clicks on your ad and sees the price of your product, it is almost certain that they are interested in purchasing from you at that price.

This knowledge is very useful in negotiating your prices.

Your Google Ads conversion rate can be significantly increased by including your prices in the headline or your ad copy.

Remarketing is key

One of the best ways you can increase your conversion rates is to remarket your ads. Remarketing is a method used by many PPC agencies to show ads to people who have viewed them before.

This allows you to reach your target market and guide them back to your landing page or website, increasing your chances of conversion.

Consistent remarketing increases your chances of converting potential customers. However, aggressive advertising is crucial to this technique as the people you target have already expressed interest in your ads. They just need to be pushed over the line to convert.

PPC Geeks can increase your Google Ads conversion rate

Google Ads can be a great way to drive more traffic to your site. The conversion rate is the most important aspect of any pay-per click campaign.

PPC Geeks can almost guarantee an increase in your Google Ads conversion rates if you use any of these techniques.

PPC Geeks is one of the most respected PPC agencies worldwide and prides itself on providing the best results.

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