Tips To Increase Your Woocommerce Store Sales With Customer Reviews


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Customer reviews can persuade people into buying. When used effectively, they can help you increase sales.

Hence, shoppers read reviews before making a purchase.

People don’t want to waste money on poor products and services. They want something that works and delivers on its promises, and that meets their needs and wants.

It is important to hear from someone trustworthy before you buy. Customers don’t buy based on emotions, but logic justifies their purchases. Reviews offer that logic.

Review science

57% of customers believe reviews play a significant role in their buying decision. Your customers won’t buy if you don’t display reviews at the right times in your sales funnel. Customers may be hesitant to try another competitor or wait.

Nine in ten consumers believe an online review is just as important as a personal recommendation. This is important. This shows how to trust customers have in customer reviews. Trust is earned when a friend or relative recommends something. 95% of customers trust customer reviews.

Businesses with excellent reviews have 31% higher customer spending. Trust equals more sales. It’s as simple as that.

Customers who left reviews alongside their products helped increase sales by 380% The same thing happened with testimonials. They increased conversions by 34%. This is because your most valuable items are often the ones that make you the most money. Any increase in conversions can help you to earn more.

Customer reviews are important — get lots of them and use them.

Anatomy of customer reviews

Specific reviews get the best reviews. Generic phrases like “The service was great” and “We love it!” are fine, but they won’t persuade people to buy.

A review is a great way to compare the lives of people before and after they have purchased your product or service. How did you solve the problem? Some reviews are negative and others may talk about how their experience was different.

You will need the content of your review as well as the name of the reviewer, the city or neighborhood, and the business name if any. Videos and photos are even better. Why? Reviews must be trusted and some businesses are known to fabricate them. Reviews are more credible when photos and identification information are included. Google and Yelp both prohibit anonymous reviews.

Six ways to increase customer reviews’ sales

It is important to get good reviews. But it is not enough. These are six ways customer reviews can be used to increase revenue and improve conversions.

1. Highlight reviews on product pages

Your product pages are your sales pages for online shops. This is where your customers will go if they are interested in purchasing your products.

It’s great to have separate pages with testimonials. However, it is important to also include customer reviews relevant to particular products.

2. Review of leverage in abandoned cart emails

You should explore abandoned cart emails if you haven’t done so before.

88% are abandoned. This means that more than two-thirds of people who go through the sales process do not send you money.

There’s good news: 63% of orders can be recovered with Abandoned Cart emails.

Add some of your best customer reviews to your cart abandonment emails. This will make them more effective. You can even link to another page that contains more.

You can use the Follow Ups extension to send abandonment emails for cart abandonment.

3. Spotlight reviews with customer photos

Some reviews may include photos depending on the product. As mentioned, testimonials with photos are more persuasive because they are more credible and trustworthy. Videos are even more persuasive if they can be gathered.

WooCommerce has an extension called Pro which makes this all possible. A customizable pop-up form allows you to collect text, photos, and video reviews directly on your website.

4. Rich snippets can be used to show customer reviews

Rich snippets are displayed above the usual information in search results. This is what you’ve seen with other businesses. Their star rating appears in search results. This is possible with the Product Reviews Pro extension.

5. Smart pop-ups are a smart way to collect reviews

You must first collect your reviews before you can post them. This is because people are busy. Pop-up reviews are the best way to collect them online. It can be done right from the page.

To ask for reviews, you can use the Extension. You can also ask directly for in-person sales. Customers who purchased higher-value items can be reached by phone and asked to leave reviews.

6. Use intelligent customer segmentation

Be attentive to the reviews you leave on third-party sites such as Yelp. You can always repurpose something someone has written if it is especially useful.

A review could mention a specific demographic you wish to target. You might mention a problem that you want to address in your marketing. You might mention a product or service.

These reviews should be placed on the relevant web page or marketing resource that relates to that topic. Include them in your emails. Place them on sales pages. Include them in marketing materials. They should be on the product page that was mentioned in the review. In targeted social media posts, include them.

Don’t treat every review the same. You’ll be able to make more sales if you take advantage of the unique power each review offers.

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