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Imagine if your business could double in just a few years. What are the most important aspects of your business? Your instinct might be to focus on revenue when you think about growing. You can change many aspects of your business when you grow.

According to the most recent data from the United States Small Business Administration profile, there are around 32.5 million small businesses in America. You are likely to have some competitors, no matter what industry. A holistic approach to your brand can help you not only grow faster but also make it stronger over the long term.

What is Agency Culture?

Agency culture is your company’s distinctive characteristic. It is how they influence employees at work and home. Your brand’s culture can have an impact on your business’ image among clients.

Experts agree that culture is the only way brands can be distinctive and attract more customers. Good company culture can help you attract and retain the best employees.

How can you make sure your agency culture is the best? These are our top tips for building your brand and growing your business.

How agency culture can help you grow your business tenfold

1. Keep your best staff

If there is a lot of employee turnover, it’s difficult to create a great agency culture. You must be able to spend time together and collaborate on many projects to build positive relationships.

Ask your employees what motivates them to stay. Recent surveys show that 50% of employees say they will not return to work that offers remote options. A hybrid approach can help you keep your top workers from leaving for a job with a competitor.

2. Conduct Culture Interviews

Understanding your current situation is key to improving your agency’s culture. Ask employees and clients to share their views about the company’s culture. You might be surprised at how different it may look.

It is also a good idea to talk with people who have been part of the company since the beginning. What has changed? What is the worst? What vision does the brand have?

Talk to the CEO about their vision of the company. What is their vision for employees? What is the unique aspect of the brand’s story?

3. Examine the Competition

What are your competitors doing? What can you learn from their success stories? Although you may not be able to understand everything about their internal operations, you can still read their press releases or company blog and gain some insight into their culture.

They are probably doing a lot of things well, no matter how high they rank. What can you learn?

However, you should also consider a company that is thriving in its field. What programs do they have that help them to work together as a team? Ask them if they would allow you to visit their workplace and observe the culture. They may be open to mentoring, even though you aren’t a competitor.

4. Learn how to work in a team 

Your entire company must learn how to work well together for your agency culture to thrive. The best team understands the company’s objectives and doesn’t care about who takes credit for their success.

You’re more likely to make your employees feel like they are the boss and not team members if you don’t recognize their ideas. When big goals are achieved, you should reward everyone in the company or team. Everyone had a role in the idea generation process, even the person who got the notepad pen.

5. Concentrate on your Strengths

Each employee has strengths and weaknesses. Your employees will excel if you help them to be focused on the things they are good at. While it is fine to try to improve in weaker areas, culture demands that everyone complete tasks in the areas where they excel.

Do not make any one type of strength more attractive than the other. Every employee can contribute something to the project. Graphic design skills can help you create posters. Numbers can help you calculate profit and loss. Each task is not meant to be more difficult than the others but should be considered a part.

6. Reward Differently

Employers often reward employees who bring in new customers or increase their revenue. Employers might reward someone who makes an impact. If you are looking to create a positive agency culture, think about your rewards in a different way.

Reward the coworker who helps a colleague even if they don’t have to. Reward group efforts by giving out gift cards or free lunches. When a large client signs up, let everyone attend the celebration event.

Realize that everyone can play a role, even though some people may speak out more frequently or have an impact on outcomes more clearly. Companies that fail to recognize the value of their employees may lose them to other companies.

7. Select the right office design 

Your office layout can inspire teamwork. Open concepts are great for starting conversations. However, some people require a more private space to think.

Research shows that clutter can increase stress, and decrease productivity. Get rid of all unnecessary items in your workplace. You must provide space for people to gather and brainstorm if you want to foster company culture.

It is also important to place the right departments close together. If sales and marketing teams are working side-by-side then their desks should be closed.

8. List Meaningful Values

You won’t be able to achieve much success if your primary focus is on revenue. Instead, look for meaningful values for your brand. Bombas socks are one example. They believe in the importance of providing warm socks to those who are in need. Their success is a testament to this. Toms’s shoes is another example of a shoe company that thrives in difficult economic times.

What is your brand’s focus? What is important to your employees? What can your employees do to make a difference through their work? Everyone will work harder if they have a higher purpose.

9. Look Outside Your Company 

Although your ultimate goal is to improve the culture of your agency, it’s important to seek out input from outside. You can bring in experts, work with nonprofits or find a mentor. Every person you meet can teach you something.

Sometimes the most unique ideas come from unexpected places. You don’t have to be afraid of collaborating with other brands or adopting causes that are passionate until you find your niche.

10. Coach One

Imagine how much knowledge you would gain if every employee in your company could coach one person. Everybody has something to offer, whether they are new to the job or have a little more experience.

Check-in Regularly

Every few months, take the time to review your company’s culture. Are things changing for the better? Is there anything that needs to be improved? You can make steady improvements to your business by keeping track of how your employees feel.

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