7 Tips For Picking The Right Agency For Your Spotify Plus


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There are many Shopify Plus agencies that you can choose from, so it might seem daunting to find the right fit.

They all claim to be the best, and they will help you take your ecommerce business to where you want it. So how do you pick? How can you choose the right fit for your project and you?

There are some common themes and features that will help you find the perfect Shopify Plus agency. Let’s take a quick look at 7 factors to consider when choosing the right Shopify Plus agency. 

1. Shopify Plus Partner vs Shopify Expert

Shopify offers a base level of accreditation to agencies that work with the platform, called “Shopify experts”. Shopify experts are officially recognized but there are no strict requirements or tax requirements.

Shopify experts can be accredited by any agency that works with Shopify. However, one Los Angeles digital marketing agency could offer significantly inferior services than the other.

Shopify’s badge is “Shopify Plus Partner”. This agency must go through a rigorous screening process, which requires a proven track record on Shopify. Shopify Plus Partners are more than just talking the talk. They have a portfolio to back up their claims.

The Shopify Plus partners are our first recommendation.

2. Shopify Plus Partner for Your Company, Brand and Project

Shopify Plus partners can filter by location, industry, or services. The pandemic proved that location does not matter. We recommend that you focus your attention on the industry and service filters.


Each Shopify Plus partner has a portfolio that includes work in one or a few industries. Remember that two agencies in the same industry may have different approaches and styles to their work. Shopify Plus partners must be able to work in your industry and speak to your brand.

You should look for agencies that make designs that you like, who have developed processes that you enjoy and have worked with brands you trust. If you find one that meets these criteria, you will not only have a Miami website design agency on your side but also a proactive ecommerce partner.


You will need an agency that can accommodate both UI/UX design and fashion industry professionals. You can also search for services in addition to the industry.

Reach out to the top-performing agencies by visiting their websites. They will tell you if they are the right Shopify Plus partner for you, and be open with you about it.

You will need to pitch one or more of these agencies at some point. 

3. Do not limit yourself

Do not spread yourself too thin. You should choose an agency that offers you enough flexibility to carry on a partnership well into the future. You might require a new design today, but you may need it later on. You can avoid this by selecting an agency that covers a variety of bases. This will allow you to keep the partnership alive.

You will find that agencies are more familiar with your business and the goals of your company. The result is better work. We don’t recommend that you find a Miami digital marketing agency that offers every service. They will try to offer as many services and as little coherence as possible, but their approach is likely to be confusing.

4. Futureproof Yourself

Shopify Plus partners who are the best know that technology is constantly changing and it’s their job to keep up with the latest tools and techniques.

Shopify Plus’s worst partners are those who refuse to adapt to the times and stay true to their ways. These partners will stop you from moving forward.

Shopify Plus partners can help you future-proof your store and yourself by using the latest technologies.

5. Find the right partner for your budget

You must stick to your budget, even if it seems obvious. If they are too costly, even the most qualified agency will not be the best.

When choosing a Plus partner, keep in mind your budget limits. Shopify agencies should be consulted about pricing. You might find that some agencies have different pricing structures for different clients. They may be able to accommodate even the smallest budgets.

You will never know unless you ask.

6. Refer a friend

Portfolios of agencies show you the final result. The portfolio doesn’t tell you about the process. It is impossible to learn much about a company’s working methods by simply looking at the finished product.

You should also learn about their working methods. You embark on the journey to get the result you want when you work with an ecommerce agency. It is important to get a sense of the journey, to see if it will be smooth for everyone involved or if it will be difficult.

This information can be sourced from past clients. You’ll get an intimate understanding of how it feels to work with an agency. It’s a good idea to ask them about their work processes and customer service before making your final decision.

7. Select an Agency that Clicks

This is a crucial tip that many people overlook. Although it might not appear so, you must work with the agency to ensure a successful Shopify development project.

Your Shopify Plus partner and you will work closely together, hopefully for a longer time. It can be intense. Deadlines loom. There are many opinions and ideas in the room. These situations must be built on strong, positive relationships. The project could collapse and the website would suffer.

Do your research to discover what you and the agency you are considering working with have in common. Are you able to share similar beliefs and views? Are you aiming to achieve the same goals as your business counterparts, or do your ideas and philosophies conflict? When the pressure mounts, these small problems could quickly become big problems.

The Last Word

Take your time. Do not rush to make a decision. The right Shopify Plus partner could mean the difference between success and failure. Follow our steps and you will be on your way to success.

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