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Amazon offers many ways to increase sales. Companies can increase their conversions by using lightning deals and promotions. We will be discussing each type of coupon as well as their differences. Contact us today to speak with a strategist about setting discounts on Amazon products

What’s an Amazon Lightning Deal?

Amazon Lightning Deals offer promotional deals that are only good for a short time. These lightning deals last anywhere from four to six hours.

Amazon customers love returning to the Lightning Deals section as the products change constantly. 

Lightning Deals are a great way for you to increase sales. This can help you quickly reduce your inventory.

To access Amazon Lightning Deals, you must have a Professional Seller plan. To view which products are eligible for Lightning Deals, log in to your seller account and visit the Lightning Deals Dashboard.

How do I determine if a product qualifies for the program? 

First, determine if your product can be listed in Amazon Lightning Deals Section. Amazon changes its eligibility criteria frequently.

  • Amazon won’t allow products with less than 3 stars in its Lightning Deals Section. Any negative reviews will be outweighed by positive ones, and your products will be eligible for Lightning Deals. 
  • Fulfillment Method. Products must be eligible to receive Prime via Fulfillment by Amazon or Merchant-Fulfilled Amazon. 
  • Category – Lightning Deals won’t consider products that aren’t appropriate. These products are alcohol, cigarettes and inappropriate themes.

These factors are some of the things Amazon considers when deciding whether your product is eligible for Lightning Deals.

Hosting products in Lightning Deals is expensive. You need to consider the costs.

Sellers pay an average $150 Amazon Lightning Deal Fee. Holiday shopping can make it more expensive in December.

How do I create a Lightning Deal on Amazon?

First, you must determine which products can be listed in Lightning Deals. The dashboard will tell you which products can be included in Lightning Deals.

After you’ve determined which products are eligible for submission, click on the “Create tab”. Then, select the product you want to submit 

After you’ve selected your product, you can modify its price, quantity, and schedule. 

Search for products in the “See All Recommended” section. This guide will walk you through creating a deal.

Consider features like price, product variation, quantity, frequency and fee, as well as frequency, frequency and fee. 

Lightning Deals lets you view the status of your application, make any changes to your product listing, and even delete it once you’ve submitted it.

What’s an Amazon promotion?

Amazon promotional offers are another way to get products to more interested leads. They can also offer products at a discount to encourage customers to share their information with friends and family .

Promotions can be used to encourage people to buy your products. Amazon customers love discounts so promotions are a great method to grab their attention.

What kind of promotions are you able to offer?

There are three main promotions you can offer to your audience:

  • A percentage off: This promotion is most popular and can help your audience save money. 
  • To be eligible for free shipping, order minimum quantities or spend a certain amount. You also have the option to choose from a variety of shipping options.
  • BOGO (Buy 1 Get One): This is an effective way to get people to buy. Also, you can use sales such as “Buy 2 get 1” or “Spend $75 to Get 1 Eyeglasses Set. Get another pair for free!”

These are the best promotional methods you can use to get your customers to purchase your products.

How do I promote Amazon?

Log in to Amazon and navigate to “Advertising”. Next, click on “Advertising”. Finally, select “Promotions.” “

Choose the type of promotion you want and then create it for products 

The promotion will not be accepted if it starts within an hour of being created 

What’s an Amazon coupon?

These coupons can be used to convert your business through Amazon. 

Anyone can see Amazon coupons. You can “clip” these coupons just like the ones in the circular. 

Coupons cannot be saved for future use. If you do not use the coupons immediately, you will need them to be clipped again.

Coupons are expensive for businesses. You should consider this cost when selling products.

What coupons do you have?

Two types of coupons can be offered to your audience.

  • Coupons Link

Link coupons are required to get a discount. The discount is added in your shopping cart when you click the link.

These coupons can be used for all products in your store. They include a $10 discount on your order and a $5 off your purchase of $30. The coupon allows customers to purchase any product they wish, as long as it conforms to the requirements.

  • Use coupons

Coupons can be clipped to be used on specific products. 

Amazon offers thousands of digital coupons. Your audience must have the eligible products in their shopping cart. Coupons won’t work if they aren’t.

Be aware that Prime-only coupons, saver coupons, and coupons for subscribers are all available. 

These coupons can be used for a limited time. 

How do I create Amazon coupons

Log in to your Seller account and click on the advertising tab. Once you have chosen the product, you will be able to set the product group or subcategory.

You have the option to choose the discount you want to offer with your product purchase. It is important to set a budget limit to ensure you don’t lose money even if you use coupons.

Your coupon will be live three days after it is created. This will increase the number of people who use your coupon which will in turn help you convert more.

If your competitors aren’t using coupons, this is a great opportunity to grab a coupon. This can be a great way to get new customers, raise brand awareness, and increase conversions.

What’s the difference between these Amazon Deals and other deals?

Amazon offers many ways to offer discounts and deals to customers. What are the differences between these deals?

Lightning Deals allow you to market your product within a specific category. 

Lightning Deals will automatically mark the price discount. Your audience doesn’t need to use any codes to get the discount.

Promo codes and coupons require that you enter a code to get the discount. 

The most important difference between coupons or promotions is the audience. Coupons are only valid for a certain amount of products and must be entered into codes to get the discount.

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