The Importance of Responsive Design


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Responsive web design “is the big thing” right now. Perhaps you are a beginner web designer who isn’t sure what responsive design is. You may not be sure if your website should be responsive.

Responsive website design can solve many problems. It will make your site mobile-friendly, increase its visibility on large and small screens, and improve your search engine rankings. 

Find out why responsive design is so important for your website. Before you decide to redesign your website, take a look at our list of pros & cons.

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What’s responsive design?

Let’s explain what responsive design means and how it works. To make it easy for mobile users to see your content,

Responsive This design reduces the need to scroll, zoom or pan when websites are not optimized for mobile devices. 

Responsive website design eliminates the need for multiple websites that can be scaled to suit different screen sizes. Create one website that adjusts to the screen size.

Why should responsive design be a priority?

Multiscreen society is common. It is impossible to predict what device someone will use to view your site.

Statistics from responsive websites suggest that mobile viewers are more likely to visit your website than desktop viewers. This will continue to increase.

Google announced in early 2015 that mobile-friendliness would be a ranking factor for search engines. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly could fall behind in search engine results. They won’t offer a great user experience for searchers and viewers on mobile devices.

Responsive design has many benefits:

  1. Cost effectiveness
  2. Flexibility
  3. Improved user experience
  4. Search engine optimization gains
  5. Management is simple

Let’s look at these five advantages to help you understand why a responsive website is important.

1. Cost-effectiveness

Having separate websites for mobile users can be expensive. One site design will appeal to all visitors, regardless of their device.

2. Flexibility

It is easy to make small changes to responsive websites. It only takes one time.

3. Improved user experience

Website owners need to ensure users have an enjoyable experience. A slow-loading website or poorly sized photos can cause problems.

Unprofessional businesses don’t make a good impression. Scrolling and zooming will be reduced and your visitors will feel more confident.

4. Search engine optimization gains

Search engine optimization is a strategy that many companies use in order to increase their Google search page rankings. Potential clients will be more likely to find you closer to the top.

Google favors mobile-friendly websites. Combined with other SEO factors, responsiveness can give you a significant boost in search engine results.

5. Management is easy

Smaller businesses often cannot make website changes, especially if they’re not financially able. Responsive web design allows you to quickly make changes without hiring a designer.

Manage other aspects of your marketing from one website. This makes it easier to decide whether the mobile or desktop site should be linked in social media updates. 

Is responsive design overrated?

There are no perfect designs or marketing strategies. Responsive Design has its flaws.

  1. Some sites look great on different devices.
  2. You can offer different services depending on the device of your users. This is possible with responsive websites.
  3. Resized banner advertisements or banner ads could lead to problems
  4. It may be difficult to create a responsive site that is both unique yet consistent with your brand.

Every design has its drawbacks. There is overwhelming evidence to support this design.

61% of mobile users are likely to abandon your website if your site doesn’t load or can’t be found. It makes mobile browsing much easier.

Embrace responsive design for your website

If responsive websites aren’t convincing you, let the cost savings and time saved convince you. It should be part of your web strategy.

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