How To Remarket With Google Ads Effectively


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Remarketing is an excellent way to reach people who have previously visited your website or used your mobile app.

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If you are new to Remarketing Services, Google Ads is the best place to start. It can be used to run PPC campaigns. The next step would be to expand into Remarketing.

How can you leverage remarketing to your advantage?

There are many options for creating a strategy. This means that nearly every company can find the right remarketing strategy.

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This page will outline six ways you can make use of Google Ads to remarket your company online.

What’s remarketing?

Remarketing is the practice of only showing ads to people who have previously visited your website.

Google Ads lets you create ads and select the people to see them. You can even choose when they will see them.

These parameters are useful for creating multiple campaigns that target highly-targeted niches. Based on what they read, you can create a campaign to reach each person who reads about your product/service.

Remarketing can help you reach a larger audience. This could be people who visited your homepage, but they are still great for building brand awareness.

Awareness can make all the difference in who someone chooses to work with you or your competition.

Remarketing can be used in conjunction with other digital strategies such as Search engines optimization (SEO).

Remarketing can also be combined with other strategies to reach new heights without spending too much.

Six options to remarket

We will start with standard Remarketing via Google Ads. 

1. Remarketing standard

This is best for:

Standard remarketing lets you show ads for your company’s products to people who have visited your website before.

These cookies are used to track the activity of browsers. This information is used by Google to identify users who have previously visited your website.

The ads you have created to remarket your business will appear to a user who visits your website via Google’s search engine.

Remarketing is a paid promotional method. To gain traction, you will need to spend money.

Moving potential customers through the sales funnel is a worthwhile endeavor.

These targeted individuals will see your ads, remember your company and then go back to your site.

You have the chance to convert them into paying clients, similar to pay per Click advertising.

These basic concepts underpin standard remarketing, and are the basis for five additional remarketing options from Google Ads.

After you are comfortable with standard remarketing, you can consider other options to help you decide which option is best.   

2. Dynamic remarketing

This is an excellent way to promote certain products and/or service

Dynamic remarketing Scales products and/or services to target recipients so that they don’t see the same ads repeatedly.

Instead of looking for ads that appeal to your target audience, you’ll find them.

A visitor to your website might be a customer of your landscaping company and see your page about lawn mower services. 

Dynamic remarketing on Google uses this information to determine what they would like to view based upon your parameters.

They’d probably start with an advertisement for your lawn care services. Next, they might see an ad about garden care and prevention.

These topics may not all be related but they all have the same idea: If someone is passionate about one topic, they will likely be equally passionate about the other.

This is a way to ensure that your advertising dollars are spent on qualified prospects who can become clients but are not yet ready to convert.

Dynamic Remarketing offers these services. Potential customers can return to your website multiple times, and then become paying customers.

3. Mobile app remarketing

It is best for: Companies who emphasize mobile usage on their apps or websites

Mobile app marketing uses the same principles as standard remarketing, but is specifically tailored for mobile apps.

This approach targets users using two main criteria:

  1. They have visited your mobile site
  2. If they’ve used your mobile application

You can reach people who meet these criteria by placing ads for your company on other apps and mobile websites.

Google puts a lot emphasis on mobile usability. Responsive design has become a key ranking element in Google search results. 

It is logical that Google has a mobile-specific advertisement platform, as more people access the Internet through mobile devices every year.

This option is great if you’re looking to expand your app business or if you have a strong focus on that market.

4. Remarketing ads by searching

This works best for: Promoting your company to potential customers searching for similar keywords

Search Ad-Remarketing is a PPC strategy that targets people who have visited your website in the past.

Search ad-remarketing can be used to show ads for keywords only if Google knows someone has visited your site before.

Let’s go back to our lawn-care business. The searcher is not ready for a job.

A person who has been to your website before is familiar with your brand.

Add a PPC ad to your SEO Results to make them appear twice for people searching “how to maintain lawns”.

This lets you double-down on someone who already knows you and has expressed interest in your services.

Search can be used to bid higher on keywords you already target.

Targeting “how to care your lawn” regularly with PPC can increase your ad spend by 25% and make you stand out from the rest.

It will take some trial-and-error to find the right method. Search advertising remarketing can make an enormous difference in client conversion.

5. Video remarketing

This is best for: Companies with popular YouTube channels

Video Remarketing is based on videos you have uploaded to YouTube.

Video Remarketing lets you create lists of YouTube users who are likely to be interested.

The list will be added to a video that you have on YouTube and promoted by your viewers.

You videos could also be displayed in search engines and display networks Anyone can see your ad by searching Google, visiting an advertising partner or looking at YouTube videos

Video Remarketing is one the most flexible forms of advertising today.

Remarketing with YouTube can be initiated by linking your YouTube account to your Ads account. The campaign can then be launched from your Ads dashboard.

Video marketing can be used for product demonstrations or office tours.

6. Remarketing emails to existing subscribers

This is best for large email lists that have leads who need more encouragement to convert.

Remarketing email lists is a great opportunity for businesses who use email marketing.

Google’s Remarketing feature uses their Customers Match to add a complete list of email addresses to your ad campaigns.

This target is Gmail accounts, and any other email accounts that use Gmail for creation. 

After someone signs in, the ads will begin appearing. This applies to Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail.

This newest form of remarketing Google introduced for Ads. The best practices are still a bit fuzzy.

This allows you to reach customers and clients that may otherwise be missed

Email list marketing is a great option if you want to quickly convert leads into customers.

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