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One of the most common mistakes among web designers is trying to impress users who access the web page they are developing for the first time by abusing graphic resources.

There is a common tendency to overdo graphic web design resources that overwhelms the visitor and tells you: “what an impressive design”.

And a good web design is far from this. The design goal is to solve problems efficiently. Web design is based on understanding how users see the world, how they think and act. A designer’s tools go beyond just colors and fonts; they also include research, prototyping, usability testing, and more.

These are five tips that a web designer should follow when making a good website.

Your page should load fast.

It may seem silly, but it is proven that users do not wait more than three seconds for a web page to load. Therefore, if you do not put the means for this to happen, you will not even give the option that the visitor knows what you offer. Make sure you get graphically light pages. Optimize images and use strictly necessary resources.

You must gauge the interest of the user at first sight

The first impression is what counts is not only important when we want to flirt. Try to ensure that the home page captures the user’s interest, with texts and images that convey exactly what they are looking for. Otherwise, we will find fearsome bounces (users who leave our home page without visiting the rest of our website) . The most important content and images should be kept at the eye level of the visitors so that they can identify the most important message at first glance.

Use striking images

A picture is worth a thousand words. Images are very important when it comes to capturing the user’s attention and must convey at first glance what the purpose of our website is. Always use good resolution images. There is nothing that conveys more unprofessionalism than pixelated or low-resolution images. We also advise you to avoid the typical smiling and happy faces images, which have flooded web pages for years.

Use powerful titles

As we said before, images are very important when capturing the user’s attention, but they must be accompanied by powerful headlines that synthesize the purpose of our website. It is essential that the texts, especially on the home page, are very synthetic. You don’t have to write a novel trying to be understood. You can do that on the inner pages, which means that you have managed to attract the attention of the user of your web page.

Simple web design.

Mies Van Rohe, the father of modern design, famously used “less is more”. A simple web design doesn’t have to be cluttered to be attractive—quite the opposite. Site visitors tend to be overwhelmed if they are presented with an excessive amount of information and images. We must achieve with the minimum possible resources to make a web design that impacts our user and transmits the brand’s corporate image or the company.

Avoid using a wide range of colors and use white backgrounds, which help highlight the content and messages.

Six characteristics of a good web design 

Once the website is up and running, you will see little by little if the work they have done for you is of quality or not, and to know it, you have to look at these aspects:

  • Loading speed when we look for something, we want to find it immediately and, since the range of places where we can locate it is very wide, if we enter a site and it does not load immediately, we will exit. We can wait ten seconds, twenty at best, but no more. Therefore, a good web design offers a page that loads with great speed. For example, images must be optimized to display immediately.
  • Adaptation to different devices:  not all users use the same browser and / or gadget. That is why the websites have to be responsive , so that they can always be viewed regardless of the device or browser from which we access.
  • Simple navigation:  what we offer has to be in view to prevent the user from getting lost and ensure that they find what they have come to look for on our website in a very short time. Likewise, it is important to highlight what makes our service and/or product different at first glance. Of course, in a brief and summarized way, synthesized.
  • Call to action:  is related to the above. What do we want a user to do on the web once they reach it? Well, this action must be facilitated, whatever it may be. If the objective is to sell, we will avoid that a client who wants to buy has to make many clicks to achieve it. On the other hand, if we look for a subscription to the newsletter, for example, the same. Navigation has to be simple, and the steps to get the action we are looking for carried out.
  • Attractive and elegant website: sight is one of the five senses, and it is essential that what we see is attractive to our eyes. If the user reaches a website that is not at all special and/or flashy, they will leave. Having images or videos can be very positive. In addition, if it is designed in the company’s colors with a corporate design, it will allow the potential client to recognize where they are immediate.
  • SEO friendly:  the success of a website lies not only in that it is well designed but also in that it is well-positioned in search engines. SEO is an essential part of the success of a website as users click on those results that are shown first. The good design is also related to whether it allows Google and others to read the information easily or not.

So these are the five main characteristics of a good web design, but they are not the only ones. The page has to be attractive as a whole and that is why it may also be good that it has a “Frequently Asked Questions” section and a “Contact us” where the physical address is offered in if you have it or a contact phone or email.

At Kobe Digital we can assist you with all the related information for the web design by sending us a message.

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