How TikTok Is Taking Sequential Marketing To The Next Level


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Intelligent tracking prevention (ITP) is now available but there are still ways for businesses to effectively target customers. Privacy advocates now focus on cookies and pixels.

Apple responded with the iOS 14 upgrade, which makes it more difficult to track websites across different sites. Facebook is following their lead and forcing advertisers to remove their Facebook pixel.

Marketers need to discover new ways to target future customers. The old strategy of following potential customers online will likely vanish.

TikTok advertising is another marketing option that uses observable signs to establish a direct connection with potential customers.

TikTok’s rapid rise

Marketers might be wondering “How can my customer know they are on TikTok?” It’s simple. Everyone is a customer of TikTok. TikTok was established in 2020 with 500,000,000 users. Around 40 million of these users reside in the U.S.

TikTok was number one in 2020. TikTok continues to grow at an incredible pace. The average TikTok user uses the app for 28 minutes each day, six minutes less than the average Facebook user.

Each ten years new, fast-growing advertising channels are introduced.

TikTok’s advantage

This is sequential marketing. How can TikTok turn these users into customers? This refers to the process of leading potential customers down the purchasing path before they reach your site.

TikTok leads the way in sequential marketing evolution. Video is the best medium to promote sequential marketing, and TikTok’s all-video format makes it the most popular.

TikTok allows you to advertise alongside organic TikTok content. TikTok ads can receive comments, likes, and shares at the same rate as organic TikTok.

After users have liked or watched 75%+ of your TikTok ads they can target them and guide them through the purchase journey. 

Marketers are known for creating ads that look natural to TikTok users. Once you have established that these users are potential customers, you can target them with sales-oriented ads.

Why TikTok works in all industries

You might be thinking that sequential marketing TikTok is not for you if you are the CMO of B2B businesses or target enterprise customers.

TikTok can be a great way for you to reach people similar to your target customers. If you have leads, you can upload your target list to TikTok. People will respond positively to your advertisement and express interest in your product.

TikTok’s cost-effectiveness is greater than Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn when it comes to finding new prospects. TikTok’s paid ads can be blended more organically into your brand’s story which leads to more connections.

You need to find potential customers hidden among billions of users. This is a challenging task for many brands.

Kobe Digital TikTok Marketing Agency can help you identify and convert TikTok users. This agency can help you implement a successful sequence marketing campaign.

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