Website Copywriter Pricing: What’s The Cost?


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Website copywriting is often the first impression potential customers get of your company. How much does it cost? It can range from $25 to $25,000 per website. We have put together this detailed guide to website copywriter pricing.

How much does copywriting cost?

Website copywriting costs between $25 and $25,000 a page. It also depends on the skill and experience of the copywriter.

What should your company spend on professional website copywriting

This comprehensive guide will help you determine the cost of copywriting. The guide also provides tips for how to find an agency or copywriter that is affordable.

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Why does professional copywriting matter?

This video will make it easier to hire professional copywriting services. The video also highlights search engine optimization (SEO), an important aspect of reaching new customers online.

What’s website copywriting?

Website copywriting represents a new type of copywriting. It is not the same as copywriting for company manuals or marketing literature. It creates content that considers search engines and readers.

What’s SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a set of strategies that will improve your online visibility. A list of search results can be generated for you.

Your website should be on the first page of search results. This is particularly important as only 25% of search results go to the second page.

Copywriting should be a priority in your business.

To reach your target audience, you must appear on the first page of search results pages. 

What’s website copywriting?

There are many choices when it comes to website copywriting. A company can offer a variety of services, including product descriptions and blog posts.

SEO Copywriting (Price: $50 – $25,000 per Page)

SEO Copywriting is a popular service for website copywriting. Your company should consider this service. SEO Copywriting is site copy that is optimized for search engines and your target audiences. The cost per page is between $50 and $25,000

SEO copywriting applies to any page of your website.

  1. Blog posts
  2. Press releases
  3. Guides
  4. Sales copy
  5. Copy of the product

An agency does more than design a website

  1. Keyword research: Your agency will need to search for keywords that are relevant to your target audience. Keyword research tools such as keywordtool.io and manually searching Google are both options.
  2. Optimize the page for search: Once they have a list of keywords and ideas, the agency can begin optimizing pages. These ensure that your website meets technical standards.
  3. The page can also be published: Sometimes your agency will even publish it for you. 

SEO copywriting can be more expensive than traditional copywriting, as it requires additional skills.

SEO copywriting can be a learning process. SEO copywriting is a learning process.

Copywriting that is too cheap can lead to big problems. 

Copywriting for Pay Per Click (Price: $25-350/ad).

Many businesses purchase advertising services, including pay-per-click (PPC) and ad text. Some businesses decide to outsource their ad copy and manage their campaigns themselves, while others partner with agencies to get it done.

PPC allows you to create copy that can be used for various channels.

  1. Search
  2. Social media
  3. Websites
  4. More

Website copywriting services like SEO copywriting require more than just writing. 

  1. Research: PPC copywriters spend a lot of time researching the products, services, and sales that you are trying to promote. These allow them to write compelling copy with your keyword and unique selling points.
  2. Optimization: If you’re managing your PPC campaign in-house, it is a good idea to have a list of keywords. It should be simple to read.
  3. Testing

Although ad copy can be shorter than website copy, it can also be more costly. But with PPC copywriting, you get what you pay for. This can have an impact on the performance of your PPC campaigns.

You must understand that not all agencies offer PPC Copywriting as a separate service. Kobe Digital is one of these agencies. This allows us to provide the best results.

Email copywriting (Price: $35-$2000 per email).

Many companies are now investing in email marketing due to the amazing return on investment (ROI) of $44 for every $1. The average cost of copywriting services is between $100 and $2000.

A copywriter or agency can create many different types of emails, including

  1. Welcoming
  2. Offer
  3. Survey
  4. Newsletter

An agency that specializes in email copywriting can provide the following:

  1. In-depth research: Email copywriters must do extensive research about your industry, products, or business. This will allow them to create relevant copy for your subscribers and their position in your buying funnel.
  2. Optimizing emails for readers:
  3. Email testing. Most agencies and copywriters will test your email before you send it. 

It is a smart idea to partner with a copywriter agency. A consistent writer will understand your business better and be able to write better copy.

Your email copywriting quality will often be comparable to SEO copywriting and PPC copywriting. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean your company should spend $2000 for each email. There is a significant difference in quality if you buy copywriting services for $35 or $115.

PPC copywriting pricing

HTMLPC copywriting costs tend to be lower than SEO copywriting.

Quick reminder: The average cost for PPC copywriter pricing is between $25 and $350.

Email copywriting pricing

If you hire email copywriting services, there are many email types that you can choose from. These services cost between $35 and $2000. To determine the budget for professional email copywriting, you can consult our website copywriting pricing table below.

Email copywritingPrice
ArticleEmails start at $75 to $300
NewsletterEmails: $150 – $750
Offer, Sales, Survey    Emails start at $35 to $2000    

5 factors that will affect copywriting rates

Many questions are raised about the website copywriting cost. These costs range from $25 to $25,000 and can include a variety of rates. However, only those features that you or your agency have exclusive access to will have the greatest impact. 

These five factors influence the pricing of website copywriters today:

1. Experience

Experience is key in copywriting. Experienced web copywriters charge higher rates than those with less. Because experienced copywriters produce better copy, this is a reasonable pricing strategy.

Many companies neglect the pricing factor.

While price is important, it can also be dangerous to make it the deciding element. They don’t save money by doing this.

Avoid this by considering the experience of the agencies and copywriters that you are interviewing. Limit your search to agencies and copywriters with at most five years of experience.

Most likely, you’ll notice a price difference between the following experience levels.

  • Five years or less
  • Five years or more 
  • More than 10 years 

Kobe Digital is a company with more than 25 years of experience. Kobe Digital’s client retention rate is also high at over 90%.

2. Background

Your background may impact the cost of copywriting.

It’s important to find a copywriter who is familiar with technical industries such as medical or manufacturing.

It is important to find a copywriter who “gets” your market, even if you are not in a technical field like retail.

The background and experience of a copywriter can make a huge difference in the price of website copywriting. Companies in technical markets often pay more for copywriting services than those in non-technical areas.

Without a copywriter who is familiar with your industry and business, it’s difficult to create content that resonates. 

Let’s take, for instance, that you own a paving business. To advertise your residential paving company, you create a page. But, this content can seem amateurish.

Content that inspires trust in your readers and builds confidence is key. Many companies face this problem because of the market they are in.

You can solve this problem by partnering with Kobe Digital and other copywriting agencies. This will result in better copy, traffic, sales, and more. 

3. Freelancer vs. agency

There are often price differences between agencies and freelance copywriters Many businesses begin by hiring freelance writers 

While this decision will save you money in the long term, it could also increase your workload. The entire process must be repeated if they decide not to repeat it.

Other problems freelance copywriters might face are:

  • They won’t deliver your content on time
  • They stop responding to emails
  • It takes time to complete projects
  • They return projects with many errors or problems

It is a smart idea to partner with a copywriting agency if you want to create routine content for your website and update your web pages regularly. This eliminates the problems that freelance writers have.

Copywriting agencies cost about 100 dollars more than freelancers but it is worth it.

4. Word count

The word count of your copywriting tasks will impact the price. Copywriters and agencies often adjust their pricing to reflect word count.

Your website copywriter’s pricing is affected by word count. A 60-word article about residential pavement services will not give readers the information they need.

You and your team need to provide rich content for search engines as well as readers. This type of copy can increase conversion rates and sales.

However, it is important to remember that a higher word count doesn’t necessarily mean more content.

Any agency can give a 500-word to 3000-word article to clients. However, not all agencies can optimize the content for search engines or readers. Your company will not get more traffic, new leads, or any other results.

Partnering with trusted agencies such as Kobe Digital can help you get the best results.

While your company may not be able to control pricing factors like others, you must be aware of them. Understanding how word count impacts website copywriting rates can help you explain why content is more costly.

5. Deadline

There are times when your company might need new or updated content. While rates for an expedited copy may vary, they could still cost hundreds.

If you have a tight deadline, don’t rush to find the best website copywriter rates. Hire a copywriter to complete the final draft.

Kobe Digital offers website copywriting rates

Kobe Digital is a reliable and trusted provider of website copywriting services. We have more than 25 years of experience in digital marketing, and we have a dedicated team of copywriters. We can produce engaging content that ranks highly in search results.

We offer five different website copywriting options.

Copywriting for website articles and blog posts

Our website copywriting services can help you create a blog article or post of 500 words.

Our team does extensive research on your topic and your company. Our team also optimizes the content for search. This will allow you to rank higher in search results, and receive valuable traffic from your target market.

Technical copy and website sales 

A page of 500 words can be created for your website by using our technical copy and web sales services. This website will be optimized for SEO just like our copywriting services for blog posts.

Ecommerce product descriptions

Our ecommerce product descriptions services create a 250-word description of your products. SEO optimization can also help you increase sales.

Long-form content

We can create an article of 2100 to 5300 words on your website using our long-form content service.

Our copywriters will optimize your content for search. After your article has been published, our designers will create custom graphics and images to promote your content online.

Online guides

We can help you create a guide for your website that is between 6000 and 17,000 words. Custom images or custom text are included in our online guides.

FAQ regarding Kobe Digital Copywriter Services

You might be new to website copywriting, or an expert.

  1. Which copywriting services should I choose? It all depends on your business goals. Your website can bring in valuable traffic by optimizing its content for search engines and customizing it for users.
  2. Can I mix and match services? Yes, Your business will be more visible online, which can help you convert more people to your target market.
  3. Which combination of services is best? Our team can help you choose the right combination by recommending a guide that lasts for one month, and three blog posts the next. 

For more information about our copywriting services, please contact us online

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