How Much Does Web Design/Development Cost?


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The price of designing a website starts ranges from $500 to $50,000+. A very basic website for a self-employed or micro-company, between $1,500 and $3,000, in the case of a media web or a small online store for an SME, up to $7,500 and $10,000 in the case of a complex website or a large online store.

Having a presence on the Internet is always through a website, which has become a critical need in any marketing strategy. An urgent need arises from the desire to take advantage of all that target market ( potential customers ) that lives on the Internet and is willing to buy what you are selling.

No one is going to doubt that your business doesn’t exist if you don’t have a website, right? Nowadays, the website’s design is carried out in conjunction with the efforts of setting up the physical store. We can already see a trend towards the virtual and that little by little small businesses with physical stores are disappearing and opting for sales exclusively online.

The price for designing your website should be seen as an investment for your company.

Website design price vs. Costs of physical presence

Before talking about the price for designing your website, I want us to analyze a little what it costs to start a physical business, that is, in a more traditional way.

It turns out that even today, there are people and companies that, knowing the price of designing and making a web page, shout to heaven because it seems “expensive” to them. But that happens because they do not realize that the alternatives to designing a web page to start their online presence are much more expensive and risky.

You must understand that the dynamics of a business vary a lot on the Internet, compared to the more traditional market.

The online market tends to be more profitable. With a well-done commercial strategy, it tends to generate greater profits than in the traditional physical market.

While in a physical store you have to serve each customer individually, on the Internet, thanks to automated systems that will be installed when designing your website, hundreds of requests can be processed at the same time while each customer is bringing the same quality of information and attention from your business. 

As for the prices for the physical presence in the traditional market, the sum of the rent of premises, the payment of services, tools, and human resources can easily be around a minimum of $2,000 per month.

This monthly cost for a physical presence, compared to designing and programming a website, is usually around $1,500 or $50,000 (one-time payment) on average. The maintenance of the web, the cost of hiring the domain, and web hosting, represent a total of $150 or $200 per month, as you can see, is infinitely higher.

Setting up a physical store can cost, on average, a minimum of $2,000 per month, easily while in an online store, the price is around a single payment of $1,500 and a maintenance cost of $150 per month.

I know what you are thinking, “Being successful on the Internet is complicated and time-consuming!”, But the same happens in a physical business, right? So it is a question of initial investment and risk.

In conclusion, the price of designing a web page should be seen as an investment that returns benefits in the future, and that is in tune with new market trends. Surely you understand it that way, and we know how to make your website meet the objectives of your Internet strategy, shall we talk?

Price of the website = Economic cost + Time invested

There are thousands of ways to face the same problem and arrive at a practical solution. However, some solutions are probably more effective than others. Let’s then see the different ways in which you can design a web page and its prices.

Design the website yourself

When you design your website, the price you pay is not money but time. What is worth analyzing is whether the time invested is justified by the result that is obtained.

I will give you a straightforward example. Someone like myself, who has designed and developed many web pages, it is easier for me to dedicate time to my project. 

I do not have to pay anything to anyone, and I can have an acceptable result, all thanks to my accumulated experience.

Now, imagine that you decide to design your website independently and you do not have specialized knowledge in web design and programming. What will happen is that the majority of time will be spent learning with trial and error, and almost certainly, the result will not be as optimal as if you hired an expert.

How much is it going to cost you? In money, very little, what the web domain is worth, your hosting plan, and perhaps some other add-on or functionality that you should buy, maybe a WordPress template, if you do not want to use a basic one that is free.

When designing the web page yourself, you would only have to pay for some extra add-on or functionality, the web domain and the hosting service, which in total would be approximately $200 per year on average.

But the time to invest in that case is very high, depending on the complexity of the web project. You will probably not be able to have a solution as “tailored” as you hope and wish to offer to your potential clients.

That said, if the online market has very little weight in your marketing strategy in your company, it may be a good initial solution. But if your company has real and quantifiable commercial objectives, on rare occasions, a web page made by someone who is not an expert usually gives the expected results.

Outsource and hire professional web designer / s

Leaving your project in the hands of a web page design and development company, professionals with experience are usually the best investment. 

Although we have to pay the price of this service, the results will be more professional and more adjusted to what you are looking for. Of course, it depends on the professional you choose!

At Kobe Digital we provide web design services in Los Angeles with many video producers, and we’ll make sure to find the right web design project with the right pricing for your budget.

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