How Much Does it Cost To Advertise on Amazon?


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In 2017, Amazon spent $3.4 Billion on advertising. Amazon is a great place for you to sell your products. Amazon’s advertising program will help you reach more people interested in your products. We will be discussing both the different types of Amazon ads and the average cost of ads. Continue reading for more information about Amazon ads. Contact us online Speak to a strategist about starting an Amazon advertising campaign.   

What types of Amazon ads are available?

Amazon offers many advertising options. There is one type of ad.

  1. These ads work in the same way as Google search ads. They will appear in search results that are related to products.
  2. Premium Ads: These ads look more like display advertisements. They appear in sidebar ads.

Now let’s look at the different types of ads that are included in these two categories.

1. Advertisement for Sponsored Products

Sponsored product ads are some of the most well-known ads on Amazon. They can be found either at the bottom or middle of product pages, depending on the product. 

This type of ad can be used to show your ad in relevant search queries. You want to reach as many leads as possible.

Sponsored content is marked with “sponsored” or an “ad” This distinguishes them from organic listings 

To get an ad spot, you must bid on keywords. You must choose the most relevant keywords for your campaign.

Two options for selecting keywords are available: manual targeting or automatic targeting. 

Automatic targeting is based on product content. Your ads will appear in search results based on your product listing.

Manual targeting lets you upload a list of keywords you want to target in your ads. Although it has a higher cost-per-click (CPC), it can lead to greater sales.

Sponsored advertising can help increase your business’s visibility. Only those who click on your ad are charged. This allows you to control how much and how often you spend money on your campaigns.

2. Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads).

Sponsored ads are different from sponsored ads because you can promote up to five products within your ad.

These will appear at the top of the page, above any organic listings or sponsored ads.

Sponsored brand keywords are used for keywords that are somewhere in between specific and general keywords. A person searching for “cast-iron dishes” might be looking for particular cast-iron dishes but don’t specify the type of dish.

One company might place a Sponsored Brands advertisement with photos of cast iron dishes such as pans or baking trays. 

If you have similar products, you can combine them into one ad. This will help to attract leads who are interested in your product but do not know the product.

It’s like shopping in a shop that has many options. Sponsored brands can help drive more traffic to your product pages. 

3. Display ads for products

Product advertising doesn’t target keywords. These ads instead target people according to their interests.

These ads appear at the top and bottom of pages, as well as in customer reviews pages and Amazon marketing emails. An advertisement for a product that someone might purchase or is considering buying

If your business has product detail pages, display ads can direct customers to them. Only leads who click on your ads will be charged.

Advertisers must choose from a variety of products to reach customers. You have the option to select the products you want to promote to your audience.

What’s the average CPC for Amazon advertisers?

Before you sign up, find out the cost of your advertising campaign. Amazon advertisers usually pay $0.81 per click for each advertisement they place.

Remember that advertising costs can change. Your budget and your competition will determine the cost of your campaign.

If you compete for highly-competitive keywords, expect to pay more. 

The budget can also affect where your CPC is placed 

You have $500 to spend on PPC campaigns. Get 500 clicks with only $1. Determine which CPC is the best to maximize your budget and drive more clicks to your products.

How do you lower your CPC?

More clicks are earned if the CPC is lower. What can you do to lower your CPC?

1. Choose the best keywords

Selecting the right keywords will help you lower your CPC. Keywords that drive leads with low CPC are key.

We can help you find the right keywords to target your product with more leads. 

2. Optimize product listings

Optimize product listings for more leads. More conversions will be achieved if product listings are more relevant. 

Our team can optimize your product listings. We’ll help you provide valuable information to your customers so they will choose you over other businesses.

We can help you optimize the title and incorporate keywords to make your product stand out. Our team will create product listings that drive more traffic to your website.

3. Monitoring your campaign’s performance

Keep track of your Amazon advertising campaigns to make sure they run smoothly. 

Our strong team will monitor your campaign and offer suggestions for improvement. 

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