How Images can Improve Your Conversion Rates


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We live in a visual world. Everybody we know snaps selfies every day.

The statistics show that social media users have been increasing in number each year.

Why Images are Important?

This will take you where I want, right?

Images are vital for all living creatures. You may as well not exist if you don’t share images.

Because there are so many images every day, we have come to accept the existence of pixelated creatures.

No matter how cute the image on the street is, marketers must choose the right image to use in their landing pages and blog posts

Here’s an example.

I cringe at stock image usage.

I wrote this post to warn marketers that they don’t pay enough attention and can end up ruining their campaigns.

Why is there a rise in conversion rates?

I’m going to convince you guys. Images should not be the first thing that comes to mind when designing landing pages.

Let me show you an example of how images can be added to your website after the main points.

Images used for ornamental purposes only can cause more harm than good to your landing pages or homepage. 

Ms. Jones is their spokesperson, and her image adds glamor and style to the site. It doesn’t serve any purpose and does not help visitors make purchasing decisions.


Are you looking for relevant images? Let’s wait until you see these four reasons.

1. Engage Your Visitors Emotionally

Selling is about how you can instill positive emotions in customers and make them want to buy.

You can create this logic with only a few lines. But not everyone likes to read what you write.

One picture is worth a thousand people’s. A picture can be worth a thousand people when it is added to a landing page.

Isn’t it adorable?

It is important to remember that stock photos can make people feel uncomfortable. The Visual Website Optimizer showed that signups increased by 35% when a stock image was replaced with a photo of one of the founders.

2. Build Trust

Testimonials are a great way to build trust with your customers. 

Testimonials let potential customers see what other customers think about you and your services.

Anonymous testimonials don’t work as well. Including a testimonial from a customer on your landing pages will improve your conversion rates.

You can show customers who give positive feedback by including a photo in your testimonial. It can also increase your credibility.

3. Double up as Directional Cues

Marketers may use directional cues, such as an arrow or a path, to direct visitors toward your CTA button and toward your conversion goal.

A directional cue such as a human’s vision or pointing to your lead capture forms has a greater impact than a visual cue. Simmons points towards their lead capture forms.

4. Get Viral!

Memes are clever images that make people laugh and engage. They can go viral quickly and help increase conversion rates.

Images are the most important part of a campaign. Visitors can be impressed or disappointed by images. If you make sure your images count and you use them well, you will get many conversions.

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