Why Multi-Cloud Hosting Is The Future?


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In July 2018, Amazon lost approximately US$100,000,000 due to a one-hour downtime during Prime Day Sales. Server outages also caused Google in August 2020. The company was not only affected, but many other businesses were also negatively affected by the outage. This outage affected eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay.

Cloud hosting has evolved to address these potentially hazardous issues over time. All businesses rely on a global web infrastructure for reliability and site security . 

Multi Cloud hosting is a reliable choice for those who are interested in building a website or starting a business.

Uncertain what tech-forward is? In this article, we’ll discuss multi-cloud hosting and how it can be used to meet all business hosting needs.

Understanding your web hosting needs

It is important to understand the differences between various types of web hosting before you make a decision. 

Shared hosting is popular among first-time website owners. This hosting option allows multiple websites to be hosted on one server. It is ideal for small websites with low traffic.

VPS hosting can be a good option for medium-sized businesses after their site has grown. VPS hosting is not as secure and reliable as dedicated servers.

Cloud hosting was designed to support all sizes of websites. It can handle unexpected traffic spikes and offer 99.9% uptime. It scales easily with your website and is also free for Kobe Digital website creators.

What’s cloud hosting?

Web Hosting allows you to store your website on a server and then deliver it to your browser.

Microsoft Azure and IBM Blue Cloud are some examples of web hosting providers. Your website can be hosted on any one of these cloud services, though reliability and cost may vary.

Cloud web hosting is more popular than non-cloud hosting. A website can be increased in storage or bandwidth to meet immediate needs, such as an eCommerce website anticipating spikes in traffic during Black Friday.

What’s multi-cloud hosting?

Multi-cloud Hosting is a way of improving cloud hosting and providing enterprise-grade performance for all users, regardless their location or size.

Multi-cloud hosting is a great option for websites that are not only reliable but also highly reliable. It utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Kobe Digital’s own servers.

AWS temporarily goes offline when the unthinkable occurs. Kobe Digital, or another multi-cloud provider such as Google Cloud or AWS, can host your website to continue your business. 

Multi-cloud hosting: Key features

  • Multiple servers available: internal, public, and private
  • There are multiple content delivery networks (CDNs), located around the world
  • This service provider offers 24/7 maintenance and management
  • Unlimited bandwidth, storage and adaptability to users’ needs
  • Maximum 99.9% uptime
  • Remote management
  • Free or on an ‘as used’ basis

Multi-cloud Hosting has many benefits

Multi Cloud web hosting is great for those just starting to build websites. 

1. Scalability, reliability

2. Hands-off

3. Performance of websites improved

01. Scalability, reliability

Cloud hosting is reliable. Kobe Digital, a cloud hosting provider, can guarantee 99.99% uptime. This guarantees your company’s stability.

Cloud hosting comes with site backup. This ensures that your website is available in case of an outage. Brand image can also be maintained through traffic surges.

This also offers scaling. Multi Cloud hosting allows you to adapt to the site’s growth as well as changes in business needs.

02. Hands-off

Multi-cloud web hosting requires expert management.

Tip Kobe Digital offers fully managed multi-cloud hosting. This means that you don’t have to do anything. AWS and Google also offer additional support.

03. Performance of websites improved

Users and search engines demand that your website loads quickly. You will see a faster page load time and more customer engagement.

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