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A recent announcement by Google Merchant Centre – which has been welcomed by the marketing community greatly – has introduced short titles to product ads. This is a new tool that signals a departure from the current ‘Title’ tool and instead uses what is known simply as the ‘Short Title

Many Google Ads agencies and PPC specialists have welcomed this news. Marketers can now optimize product titles in the Google Merchant Centre to improve their rankings. This is great news for both the advertising community and the clients that follow.

With this in mind let PPC Geeks take an in-depth look into this new tool. We will also discuss what the introductions of product titles for product ads mean for B2B and B2C marketing.

What are short titles for product ads?

Short titles are best for identifying the product you wish to advertise. These titles will be displayed in contexts where someone is browsing the internet quickly. It’s crucial to grab your potential customer’s attention as soon as.

Google’s recent addition of this optional attribute to its Merchant Centre allows business owners and ad managers to be more concise when writing about products.

Although the idea of product ads with short titles has been well received, there are some important points that marketers should remember. One is that titles should not exceed 5-65 characters.

Although it is easier to write copy and frees up time, this tool does not make it any easier. It may be more difficult for those who aren’t skilled in the discipline to make it concise.

However, short titles for products, regardless of whether they are from a PPC company in London or Manchester, could improve the optimization of all ads on the Google Ads network. This is especially true for Google Display Ads which could see the greatest improvement of all ad types.

What will the Short Titles of Products Look Like?

These short titles will be displayed in areas where people spend most of their time surfing the internet. This includes shopping ads served up by the Google Shopping agency, Gmail campaign, and large portions of Google Discovery ads.

Short titles for products, in contrast to the more extensive ‘Title’ attribute that is required during the ad build process, are completely optional and should only ever be considered if they fit the purpose.

Although the main differences between the Title and Short Titles’ are fairly obvious, you must know how to use this tool correctly.

Because it is meant to match the product landing page to customers’ keyword searches, a basic title acts more as a vehicle to provide a concise and descriptive description of your product.

This new feature is optional. However, you should be aware that your products may not always appear across the entire Google network if ‘Short Titles’ have been used.

Product Ads: Short Titles: Best Practices

These best practices are a guide for all expert marketers and Google Ads specialists. These best practices will help you to transcend the basic advertising requirements and optimize product data and creative output for tangible performance.

  • Keep Your Short Titles to 65 Characters or Less – Customers primarily only see the first 65 characters of a brief title. It is important to limit the length of your short titles to 65 characters or less. Customers may see less text depending on the size of their screens, so it is important to be concise.
  • Prioritize The Most Important Points – In just a few short years, the average person’s attention span is now only eight seconds. This represents a drop of nearly 25%. This means that the chances of someone reading through your entire product title are very low. This means that it is important to keep your title as short as possible. People will be scrolling through your products quickly so you need to prioritize the most important points.
  • Add the Brand Name – If your brand name is significant, distinctive, or compelling, you should include it in all your product titles. Your brand name is important to help users understand the uniqueness of your product. People are loyal to brands so your brand name could make a difference in whether or not you sell products.

These best practices are crucial because short titles can be found in a culture that values quick turnaround. Users may skip your ads even if you’re an expert on Google Ads or have done a detailed PPC audit.

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