Google Remarketing Costs: Your Pricing Guide


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One way to increase sales is through remarketing

Google Ads can be used to remarket. It gives you access to more Internet users than 90% and lets you create hyper-targeted ads to drive traffic to your website. They will be able to complete the purchase process.

What’s the cost of Google remarketing?

Companies spend an average of $0.66 to $1.23 per click on remarketing.

Understanding the cost of remarketing is one step to creating a successful campaign. It also explains why it’s worth the investment.

Continue reading for more information about Google’s Retargeting Cost. Get in touch with us online to discuss your remarketing campaign and strategy.

How much does Google remarketing cost?

Google Remarketing Costs range from $0.66 to 1.23 Per Click. In comparison, the average cost for click (CPC), on Google for search or display ads is between $1 and $2 for search ads and less than $1 for display ads.

These are only averages.

Targeting ads for your company won’t cost you $0.66 – $1.23 per click. These average Google remarketing costs are a guideline and not a standard.

What’s the cost of Google remarketing?

Many variables affect the cost of Google Remarketing.

  • Your bid is the amount you are willing to pay per click, action, or for one thousand impressions
  • Your bid strategy: What actions would you be willing to pay (e.g. Clicks or transactions )?
  • How to target your remarketing audience
  • When you deliver your ads directly to your remarketing audience, your ad schedule is called 
  • How does your landing page experience meet users’ expectations?
  • The percentage of people who click through your advertisement is called the click-through rate. This number is divided into the percentage of people who saw your advertisement.
  • Frequency limit settings: Limit the number of people who can view your ads within a certain period
  • How long are your audience members?

While Google Ads doesn’t provide an analysis of how each factor affects your Google Retargeting Costs costs, it does highlight some important factors.

Your CTR is an important factor. 

A landing page that provides a great experience can help lower the cost per action or click. This means your copy and expectations should be consistent with your landing pages

Remarketing can be improved by considering other factors, such as frequency and targeting. Identifying users who matter the most will help you convert more.

Remarketing campaigns that target local users might need to be updated. Your ads will now only reach people in your area, such as your state or county.

A targeted campaign can help increase your CTR. This will allow you to lower your costs.

6 reasons Google remarketing is worth the effort

Google Remarketing can be a great investment in businesses of all sizes, from manufacturing to eCommerce.

These six top reasons why remarketing on Google makes sense are

1. A large number of users can be accessed 

Google not only owns the largest search engine worldwide but also manages one of the most powerful advertising networks, Google Ads.

Google Ads allows you to market your business and reach 92% of Internet users.

While your company won’t create remarketing campaigns that target all Internet users, it can make sure that they reach at least some. With Google’s vast ad network, it’s easy to reach them.

Other ad networks can’t offer the same access because they are smaller.

2. Hyper-targeted Remarketing Campaigns

You can use a remarketing campaign to build a hyper-targeted advertising campaign.

Targeting users by demographics can be done using Specific criteria such as page time, page visited, or other details can also be used.

A hyper-targeted advertising strategy will bring many benefits to your business.

Make relevant ads to appeal to your audiences. Use location targeting to limit your audience to the most valuable users.

A focused approach will lead to clicks and conversions that work for you.

3. Create text, images, and video ads 

Google Ads has many options to build remarketing ads.

You can have many ads created by your business, including text, video, and pictures. 

For instance, a video can help to build on your ad title and description by showing what your product or service can do for them. 

4. Multiple opportunities to drive a sales

Remarketing allows companies to have a second chance at making a sale.

Digital marketing campaigns have the potential to impact metrics that can improve your bottom line.


Remarketing helps users to repurchase. A call from you may have interrupted their purchase and stopped them from paying.

Remarketing ads are a great way to help people get back on the right track.

Remarketing is possible even if your business sells products. 

5. Make your brand memorable

Remarketing is a great way for brand awareness.

Buyers will visit your website in the initial stages of buying. These buyers are not yet ready to buy.

Remarketing campaigns can help you highlight your strengths and increase brand awareness.

Instead of promoting your satisfaction guarantee through all advertisements, you might consider creating other ads that highlight additional perks. These benefits can be used to increase trust and awareness.

6. Low remarketing costs

Remarketing also has another benefit: It is very affordable.

Google Remarketing is a cost-effective solution. The average CPC ranges between $0.66 to $1.23. This is especially true when you consider all the other benefits of Google remarketing. The average CPC is between $0.66 and $1.23.

Google retargeting is a great way to invest in your business.

Your company may not be able to make a profit from Google remarketing. High costs may also be a problem. A professional PPC agency, such as Kobe Digital can perform a free audit of your account.

FAQs regarding Google remarketing prices

Looking for answers beyond Google remarketing costs? Check out our FAQ

What’s remarketing?

Remarketing is a paid advertising strategy that targets previous website visitors. Companies can build remarketing audiences to target ads on the Internet.

How can you remarket on Google the best?

Remarketing Ads via Google Target users who meet certain criteria.

These requirements can be set in Google Analytics for remarketing audiences.

Users must be able to access your website via their browsers

A cookie is almost like a bookmark. It reminds your browser (and Google!) that you have visited the site before. It reminds the browser (and Google!) that this person has previously visited your website.

Once you have created your remarketing audience, you must wait until it reaches these sizes:

  • To be eligible for the display campaign, you must have at least 100 active users logged in within the past 30 days.
  • Search campaigns need at least 1000 active users in the last 30 days

It is possible to launch campaigns in Google Ads once you have enough people following you.

What types of remarketing ads can you create?

You can create many different types of remarketing ads, including

  • Text
  • Video
  • Image

Responsive ads are created when you create a Google Remarketing Campaign. Images and videos will automatically adapt to any place they are displayed such as YouTube or an affiliate website.

Find out more about remarketing that converts. These cases show remarketing in action

What’s the value of remarketing on Google?

Google Remarketing allows you to:

  • Access to a specific or wide audience of Internet users
  • Create large audiences for ultra-specific campaigns
  • Create hyper-targeted advertisements for different audiences and purposes
  • Remarketing expenses should be kept to a reasonable level
  • Advertising can be used to achieve many different goals. These goals could include brand awareness or sales.

Remarketing is crucial if you are interested in investing in digital advertising.

This offers your company an alternative to traditional advertising. It allows you to connect online with your audience.   

Get more from your Google remarketing campaigns

Do you want to remarket with Google?

Remarketing can be a great way to increase awareness and sales. Because it’s low-cost and has a wide range of applications in multiple markets, it’s worth looking into.

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